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    I found this short news video on YouTube.
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    Yokkaichi, Mie on the 19th then Kyoto for the 20th. Hakuho has a night out with Oshima before he joins in and participates in the former ancient capital of Kyoto
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    Leave it to Aminishiki then... Seriously though - yes, that lack of other candidates is another reason why any comment along the lines of "Nakagawa might do it" is pretty meaningless if it comes from people who aren't Nakagawa himself. What else could they say if they want to reassure people that Kasugayama-beya isn't fully dead now? IMHO, unless Hamanishiki manages to clear up his issues and gets reinstated, we've likely seen the last of the entity known as Kasugayama-beya.
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    Yes I remember it. It was one of the documentaries I watched before starting to watch every basho. I've mentioned in other posts and when talking to other members that there was a bullying scene in a documentary that almost stopped me from watching sumo. It was in the former version.
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    The "new" Oitekaze subbranch Kasugayama-beya started operation today at the old Kasugayama-beya location by cleaning the old place and with preparations to move to Kyushu: with just 6 rikishi - 2 more have gone to the jungyo as tsukebito of Hakuho, who joined the jungyo today in Kyoto. Coach Nakagawa first of all wants to give the rikishi emotional support and will stay there together with the rikishi. http://www.hochi.co.jp/sports/sumo/20161020-OHT1T50208.html So it already is like the future heya from the start - why didn't they just swap shisho at once and have the heya go on like before? The heya will stay at the same location for Kyushu as each year since 2012, the Saga shrine in Saga city (apparently also for that prefecture they were the only heya - with lodgings there), but as Oitekaze-beya II - so the announcements, the letter of invitation etc. had to be changed in a hurry - and Oitekaze-beya nobori have to be obtained. Of course also the Oitekaze Fukuoka location wasn't prepared for that may additional persons. http://www.nishinippon.co.jp/nnp/saga/article/283059 Kasugayama-oyakata apparently has been exiled - no word about where he's gone
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    Apparently the NSK top after all cares a tiny bit about becoming that extremely unpopular and looks for excuses: Kasugano PR top announced that the NSK wanted to explain it all to each of the 12 rikishi before accepting the retirements, but could not reach anybody today. "There are some who haven't understood the case" and some even think the oyakata has been expelled from the kyokai (already). "I don't want them to cut the hair prematurely." http://www.asahi.com/articles/ASJBN630QJBNUTQP03J.html The heya koenkai top indicated that more retirements are to be expected (maybe among the 4 who are at the jungyo and hadn't talked to Oitekaze). http://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2016/10/20/kiji/K20161020013570990.html
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    Kasugayama had asked Hakkaku to postpone his stepping down as shisho till the rikishi's intai procedures are concluded, but his request was rejected. The retirement papers of the 12 have been accepted by the NSK, they are officially retired now, an unprecedented mass intai in one heya. The heya might be revived with Nakagawa as new shisho after the Hatsu basho.http://www.sanspo.com/sports/news/20161020/sum16102005020002-n1.html 8 (of 19 in Kawasaki - 4 are at the jungyo) rikishi were present as Oitekaze-oyakata came to talk to them and other heya members in Kawasaki. http://www.hochi.co.jp/sports/sumo/20161020-OHT1T50014.html The extra one to resign likely is one of the 4 at the jungyo - but the other 3 may think about intai as well
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    Takanohana jungyo boss has been making his presence evident. Yesterday, he gave some "advice" to Goueidou. While the latter was training with Tochinoshin,Takanohana told him that in order to get stronger, he must firmly get a good hold on his opponent. Goueidou was leaning with his head against the very powerful Tochinoshin as a lot of opponents do, keeping him at bay. After that, Goueidou started getting close inside and getting a hold on Tochinoshin. "It's important to be able to counterattack from a disadvantageous position, so.. He gave me some good advice during the Natsu jungyo as well, so I am very grateful.." said Goueidou. Then he turned to Kisenosato, who was facing Tochiouzan (9-1) and gave him a lot of loud "advice" as well. "That's the way he criticizes. We really don't have many opportunities to talk, so.." explained Kisenosato.
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    I saw this docu before with French subtitles. Now that I see it again, knowing a lot more about heyas compensates somewhat for my language deficiency, and I noticed other things I didn't remember from before. I wonder what Kyokutaisei makes of this portrait of his struggling younger self today. I am so glad he made it and has more than vindicated himself. Happy birthday!! edit: I seem to remember another cut, with more desparate phonecalls to his sister, scenes about the chores and shopping and running away, and a different ending. Does anyone remember this?
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    For those who don't get the newsletter: Very funny. And as former competitive swimmer i am impressed by Yoshikaze. Didn't expect that.