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    I'm usually not one to forward powerpoints with interesting or inspiring photos, but the history buff in me couldn't resist this one. Some Japan-related photos, some WW2, some US... Some are simply excellent photos. Link to the thing. If I had to choose a favorite, it's a surreal group (family?) photo of 9 European kings in 1910. I can ID poor Nicolas II (sitting in the middle) and I guess Edward VII who was the host (standing second from the left). Since I'm too lazy to do the research for the others, that's all you get. ;-)
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    Itadaki of Isenoumi beya shows his followers how sagari for mawashi are made.
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    I humbly agree with your assessment. They took his graceful bow away. He got a Kinboshi. They took his bark away. He got a Sansho. They took his Sekiwake away. He got Komusubi in return. I believe were looking at a future Ozeki. Someone has to take Kisenosato's place, Terunofuji's as well if he can heal enough. 24 years of age is prime time.
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    Of course, because you have to have a mental injury of some sort to want to actually participate in that sport.
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    Or pees hot, thanks Jon Jones. edit: To stay on topic, I hope Toyonoshima recovers and comes back but I am not optimistic, just as I am not optimistic about Aminishiki. That said, I would still be a fan of both even if they dropped to Makushita or lower.
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    Kotoyuki has shown that, whatever else one might say about the material aspects of his sumo, his mental game is high-tier stuff. If you can intimidate or otherwise unnerve your opponent, your odds of winning take a steep upward spike. I don't feel comfortable to say whether he's ozeki material or not, but if not, then I think it's at least safe to say that he's going to be a fixture of the upper portion of the banzuke for years to come. And I do not believe he has peaked yet. (I do regret that the NHK's new service will not edit in any owl footage.) Of course, my main man is Osunaarashi. And I adore him, but I'm anticipating a tough tournament for him. He's surrounded by very game opponents who are assuredly not going to make his life easy. Still, he's my guy, so I'll be cheering no matter what. Who knows? Maybe this'll be the tournament where he finally gets a title! Wishing the best of luck to him.
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    I admit, the Tesla/Twain pic was one of them. And I admit I didn't bother to look elsewhere, or I might have found the Wright Bros. photo, too... Can't blame you for being sceptical. This iconic one by Robert Capa, for example, was faked.http://www.oddee.com/item_96803.aspx
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    I haven't watched for around 3 years but the UFC has to replace every other headline fight because someone gets injured.
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    Any chance to have the Countdown for 2016 Nagoya Basho rebooted? This webpage is very valuable to me, otherwise there is a great possibility to miss some of the deadlines. Thanks
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    I just had a brief meeting with the survey monkey... I'm in! :-)
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    Although the next episode has not yet been published, it is confirmed that the club's ace, Kanazawa Sorato (金澤 空大), has qualified for this year's 32nd Wanpaku Tournament, which takes place at the Kokugikan Stadium on Sunday 31st July (free entry). He did so by first winning the Kashiwa City qualifiers, and then winning the Chiba prefectural qualifiers with Team Kashiwa: Sorato (middle) won 6 of his 7 bouts, which is the joint best score of anyone in his year group (Grade 5). The kid left in the photo is Nishijima Yurai (西島 悠来), he is the hot favourite to become the Grade 4 Wanpaku Yokozuna this year, as he won the Hakuho Cup in Grade 1, Grade 2 AND Grade 3. Yurai's biggest threat is Wakayama's Nakanishi Kaishin (中西 海心, from 1:50), whom he defeated in the final of all 3 Hakuho Cups:
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    How so? If Germany wins the 1st half and loses in extra-time...
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    By rule and as explained in the intro, for a match in which one of the participants is kyujo for the entire basho, all responses (A, B and X) are counted as correct for that match. This eliminates the need for entrants to do last minute changes for late announcements. Once the matches are set up on banzuke day, they are locked in.
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    What's the point of this rather unpleasant debate if there isn't even word out what exactly happened and what the consequences of these events are? I'm sorry, but I think it's not right to judge a man who most of us don't know personally and who had the guts to do what he did - go to a country radically different from his home, not speaking the language beforehand and subjecting himself to a harsh and rigorous training, getting injured as well not too long ago iirc. It was way to early for me to say if I'd be a fan of his or not, but I definitely take my hat off to him. I'm sure I wouldn't have lasted a single week - not even training, simply living - in Japan. The cultural shock would have been too great. This is just my humble opinion, no offence meant whatsoever. May I suggest we wait until we find out more about the situation?
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    33 years old and with a vacant kabu... he'll be ranked around J6-J7 in Aki but if he misses that basho too then I'm afraid it's curtains on a career he should be proud of. 5 jun-yusho incuding a 14-1D, 10 sansho including 4 gino- and 3 shukun-sho, 4 kinboshi, 13 san'yaku appearances with a few KKs. Not far off from a 50% makuuchi career percentage, quite a feat for someone who went in and out of the jo'i for about 300 years of his career. Even if you get well, and I hope you will, thanks for the memories. Please gambarize.
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    the pics as overview fit in here - nothing new for him, but he's in the focus o o o o o o o oo the new sekiwake - the sekiwake rank all in the hands of foreigners Kaisei, with Tomozuna-oyakata oo oo Tochinoshin, with Kasugano-oyakata oo new makuuchi Kitaharima, with Yamahibiki-oyakata o o o