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    Just posted on the NSK homepage (japanese version): Makuuchi division : Hakuho Y1 Kakuryu Harumafuji Y2 Kisenosato O1 Kotoshogiku Goeido O2 Terunofuji Kaisei S Tochinoshin Kotoyuki K Takayasu Mitakeumi M1 Tochiozan Okinoumi M2 Takarafuji Osunaarashi M3 Myogiryu Shohozan M4 Ikioi Shodai M5 Yoshikaze Aoiyama M6 Endo Ichinojo M7 Daishomaru Chiyoootori M8 Takekaze Chiyonokuni M9 Sokokurai Takanoiwa M10 Sadanoumi Toyonoshima M11 Daieisho Tamawashi M12 Tokushoryu Toyohibiki M13 Aminishiki Kagayaki M14 Nishikigi Kitaharima M15 Sadanofuji Arawashi M16
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    Not so sure about that. Takayasu may take the 2nd Komusubi spot even with his 9-6 Told ya! (Sigh...)
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    Incidentally, the NSK's banzuke topics update (not yet available in English) points out that the Kaisei/Tochinoshin sekiwake debuts are coming on the heels of those by Kotoyuki and Ikioi two months ago. It's the first time since 1944 (!) that there are back-to-back double debuts at the rank. Also, Tochinoshin is the first rikishi ever to go komusubi -> makushita -> sekiwake.
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    Juryo division : Gagamaru J1 Azumaryu Hidenoumi J2 Chiyotairyu Seiro J3 Chiyoshoma Homarefuji J4 Satoyama Ishiura J5 Amuru Kyokushuho J6 Sato Chiyoo J7 Asabenkei Fujiazuma J8 Ura Chiyomaru J9 Asahisho Tsurugisho J10 Asasekiryu Dewahayate J11 Amakaze Onosho J12 Kitataiki Kyokutaisei J13 Daiki Kotoeko J14 Shimanoumi
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    One more post for this thread before we get into with the new banzuke and build-up for the Nagoya basho. The 1984 Aki basho was always going to be memorable, being the last basho to be held in the Kuramae Kokugikan. It would also be remembered for the Makuuchi yusho race, which saw two Maegashira battle it out for the title. The two bouts we'll see here took place on Day 14. Maegashira 12 Tagaryu had never previously won more than nine bouts in a basho, but on Day 14 he was the sole leader of the yusho race and faced Ozeki Wakashimazu, who was fighting for promotion to Yokozuna following a superb zensho yusho in the previous basho. In the form of his life, Tagaryu kept his head glued to Wakashimazu's chest and controlled the bout. Wakashimazu tried a last-ditch throw at the edge but the momentum carried him out, and the well-earned victory meant that Tagaryu maintained his lead in the yusho race. For Wakashimazu the third loss effectively ended his promotion hopes, and he never seriously challenged for promotion again. After a quiet Makuuchi debut in the previous basho, Maegashira 6 Konishiki burst into life in this one, winning his first kinboshi on Day 11 against Takanosato. On Day 14 he faced Yokozuna Chiyonofuji, needing to win in order to stay one behind Tagaryu in the yusho race. Chiyonofuji was overwhelmed by the raw power of Konishiki's pushing attack, and the oshidashi win kept the yusho race alive for the final day. As it turned out, neither Maegashira would win their final bout. Konishiki was thrown down by Ozeki Kotokaze, handing the yusho to Tagaryu before he also lost against Ozeki Asashio. Following his shock win, Tagaryu returned to being an elevator rikishi, traversing the Maegashira ranks for the next five years before finally retiring in 1991. The final picture shows Konishiki in the 1986 Natsu basho, grimacing in pain as his right knee gives way at the end of an epic bout against then-Ozeki Kitao (later the 59th Yokozuna Futahaguro). Konishiki was dogged by further knee problems combined with (and probably caused by) his increasing weight, although he would claim three Makuuchi yusho in the early part of the Heisei era.
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    Wimoweh wimowehIn the Iceland jungle... The (three) lion(s) sleeps tonight
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    Former ozeki and college standout Miyabiyama started his career with the same combo---2 in makushita then 2 in juryo.
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    The next heya that plans to move is Yamahibiki-beya - next year, away from the old Kitanoumi-beya location, a move inside Koto ward. http://www.jiji.com/jc/article?k=2016062700788&g=spo
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    the pics as overview fit in here - nothing new for him, but he's in the focus o o o o o o o oo the new sekiwake - the sekiwake rank all in the hands of foreigners Kaisei, with Tomozuna-oyakata oo oo Tochinoshin, with Kasugano-oyakata oo new makuuchi Kitaharima, with Yamahibiki-oyakata o o o
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    Great responses all around! It's indeed a share of the population, but it's not percentage, but actually people per million... And indeed it's related to Football.
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    Musashikuni makes his Makushita division debut at ms54w.
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    The number of People who believe that Iceland will eliminate England today.
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    Percent of people who can name 2 or more soccer players.
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    Makushita upper division: Kizenryu ms1 Sakigake Jokoryu ms2 Akiseyama Tamaasuka ms3 Wakanoshima Daishoho ms4 Abi Meisei ms5 Kansei Sakamoto ms6 Tenkaiho Ryuden ms7 Oyanagi Rikishin ms8 Yamaguchi Kagamio ms9 Hakuyozan Aozora ms10 Iwasaki Akinokawa ms11 Kotomisen Goryu ms12 Hishofuji Tokushinho ms13 Mugendai Shosei ms14 Onami Okinofuji ms15 Tochihiryu
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    About 200 lower ranked rikishi arrived in Nagoya by sumo train - they'll collect the new banzuke tomorrow morning http://mainichi.jp/articles/20160627/k00/00m/050/017000c http://www.asahi.com/articles/ASJ6V415PJ6VOIPE003.html
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    Too bad this is entirely in Japanese. This video seems to be about that other younger girl in Miku's sumo club. I wish I can understand a bit of what theyre saying. Edit: Just watched the whole thing. Is it right to assume that the documentary is about her not being able to beat her senpai Miku in a tournament for 2 straight years?
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    That is/was actually pretty controversial, see here. Was there ever reliable confirmation? The site that was given as reference seems to be one where anyone can submit death dates. Edit: The reference to Sumo magazine is still the source in the Japanese version, and the content has slightly expanded, but I can't tell if the people who added to the death section actually confirmed it with the claimed source themselves or if it's just a game of telephone.
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    All we need is a Mark Buckton article calling on Kise to retire to cement the tsuna.
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    Wakakoyu in 2011: http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Query.aspx?show_form=0&form1_rank=M10&form1_wins=8&form2_rank=m3 Bear in mind that 6 makuuchi rikishi that were on the Natsu banzuke were forced to retire, which caused huge banzuke movements for Nagoya. The 14-1 was Toyonoshima after Kyushu 2010, not Kyokutenho: http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Query.aspx?show_form=0&form1_rank=M9&form1_wins=14&form2_rank=M1
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    There is more about Kisenosato. "He's a strong Ozeki. But he has shortcomings.. his habitual behavior, his way of thinking.." added Hakuhou. Hakuhou holds his annual international "Hakuhou Cup" tournament for youngsters. Some rikishi co-operate. Kisenosato never shows up. "He should show his face at the tournament. He can give some advice to the kids and stuff, " said Hakuhou. The rikishi-kai (rikishi's association) shot a fan-service video of all the guys singing the "Hiyonoyama (that sumo mascot yellow doll) Counting Song" for the benefit of the fans before the January Basho. Kisenosato looks like someone put a gun to his head and when everyone is waving he is clearly very much not into it. "What's that all about? It's important to go after your one goal in life but if that is all he has he will never become number one. There are so many things to do outside of the training room that can help him achieve his goal as well.." said Hakuhou. Wow, I don't remember ever reading something remotely like this..
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    Hak's just a pretender. 40 yushos is the benchmark of a real yokozuna.
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    Actually, that's how it usually works. You admit your injuries after the basho is over. Not the first time Hakuhou talks extensively about his injuries after a basho. You don't admit it during the basho to prevent your opponent from making use of this information, and say, step on your toes. Terunofuji talked about his injuries yesterday as well. During the basho he just nodded sadly.
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    Sumo fans should be given more information about Homarenishiki. If conclusions are being drawn, it's because no one is saying anything. He returned home to Canada last month and is thinking about quitting sumo because he was treated so poorly at Nishikido. Poorly, meaning far worse than the typical bullying of a newcomer. There could be legal action involved. I have nothing 'legally' prohibiting me from saying this. How do I know? I'm in Victoria and friend of the family said as much.
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