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    I predict: - The usual yaocho discussion will start on day 12 - The usual Ozeki help themselves out from not getting kadoban discussion will not start befor day 13 this tournament - Gagamaru will remain staying on his neverending Ozeki run - Osunaarashi and Endo will fight against each other on nakabi - Font day will be the nicest day on Youtube, Kimono day in Kokugikan - One act of behaviour of Hakuho on the dohyo will lead to much discussion - We will see a perfectly executed Kotobauer - Ikioi will be the best singer on a post basho party - Asashosakari will start his 'promotion/ demotion thread' on day 10 - Fay will attend the yusho party - Akinomaki will tell us all about the silly stuff you can buy at fan shops in Kokugikan :-)
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    To avoid confusion, could someone rename this thread "Bamduke Natu 2016" please. :-)
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    A new juryo from only high school - and one that produced many before: no hope for something new: Sato got the standard one from Saitama Sakae high http://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/1642945.html
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    Takayasu got a new light and shiny blue shimekomi
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    A zensho or a 14 win yusho where he will beat all 3 Yokozuna will be enough for a Kisenosato Yokozuna promotion, my sources say. (OK, Nishonoseki Oyakata say..). "But I fear he hasn't trained enough.." he added quietly. So far during training; Hakuhou injured his left knee-OK now presumably. Kisenosato injured his right leg, missing three days of training- says he's fine now. Terunofuji- not ready. "I'm all over the place.." Goueidou- pulled muscle in his right thigh from last basho: "I'm doing better than I thought.. It's the quality of bouts, not the quantity," he said. He was 16-1 against Myougiryuu, Sadanoumi and 4 other sekitori two days ago. Hakuhou admitted he is afraid of cats.
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    I predict Kotoyuki will henka the new restrictions upon him by wrestling with hooting Japanese women strapped to his arms, thus preventing him from physically touching the dohyo during his tachi-ai, and he will steam-roll his way to a 13-2 finish.
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    Hhhhuuuuuu!!! Kotoyuki and me are inviting you to play Makushita Game. We are even inviting you in time, aren't we just spectacular? How to play? 1) Go to http://makushita.sumogames.de/ 2) Read the rules (but only if you must) 3) Register for this exciting basho 4) Select 15 rikishi from 15 awesomely different brackets 5) Enjoy semi-frequent updates in this thread. Here are some Makushita Game testimonials from important sumo people: Kintamayama's testiclomonial: "When Asashoryu was in Makushita, I personally told him that he will be Yokozuna one day. I was right. If only we would have had Makushita Game back then. What a triumph this would have been..." Nishinoshima's testimonial: "When Hakuho was in Makushita, I knew that he will be Yokozuna one day. I was right. If only I would play sumo games. What a triumph this would have been..." Randomitsuki's testimonial: "My algorithms predicted in 2007 that Mankajo will make sanyaku one day. I was wrong. If only I hadn't picked him in Makushita Game in those days. What a disaster I could have avoided..." Mike Wesemann's testimonial: "I don't play that game, as there is too much yaocho going on in Makushita. But enjoy that friggin game nonetheless."
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    The new banzuke is out, so I'm posting the lineups for the 9th edition of SHG, the least popular sumo game :) BANZUKE TOPICS: The same 8 teams as two months before. Two 6-sekitori teams this time: Kokonoe and Kise (thanks to Ura's promotion) Tomozuna is down to 3 sekitori due to Kyokutaisei's demotion. Click here to fill in the entry form. Rules: The player's task is to sort the sekitori within their respective heyas by how many wins he/she thinks those sekitori will get during the upcoming basho. TOP - most wins, BOTTOM - least wins. In case of two rikishi with identical number of wins, the score of the one with a higher rank will be considered better. Scoring: After the basho, 1 point will be awarded for every correctly guessed A>B-type (A has more wins than B) relation between every two members of a "team". Bull’s-eye points will be awarded for getting the order of the whole "team" right (a bull's-eye) (the more sekitori in a heya, the higher the bonus): +3 for a 3-sekitori heya, +5 for a 4-sekitori heya +8 for a 5-sekitori heya +12 for a 6-sekitori heya +17 for a 7-sekitori heya etc. There are also 2 bonus question for 4 points each: 1. Which of the featured teams do you think will have the highest average number of wins? 2. Which of the featured teams do you think will have the lowest average number of wins? (1. in case of an identical average number of wins, the scores of bigger teams will be treated as better. In case of two or more equally big teams getting the same best average number of wins, all of them will be considered "winners". And vice versa for 2. - in case of two or more identical lowest averages, the biggest team is considered worse) Highest possible score for Natsu 2016: 119 + 8 = 127 pts TIE-BREAKERS: 1. Most "base" points (that is, excluding bull's-eye bonuses and bonus question bonuses) 2. Base points for 7-sekitori heya 3. Base points for 6-sekitori heya 4. Base points for 5-sekitori heya etc Click here to fill in the entry form. DEADLINE: beginning of the first sekitori bout on Day 1 (hopefully someone will be able to provide this information if needed)
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    As expected, the new judging department has made it abundantly clear that they will be looking closely at the tachiai this basho. A flyer was circulated stating the obvious again and will be posted in both dressing rooms prominently. I can think of a few rikishi who are probably in panic mode <cough>hoot</cough>.. Additionally, they ask all rikishi not to get up ringside before their names are called.
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    Day 1 - 6 default - 5 Profomisakari
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    I spell it Satoyama, like it should be. I of course disagree with everyone all the time regarding the spelling of shikona. I don't do this to annoy anyone, although it probably does and good for me. It should be the way I do it-simply reproducing the kana, but in English. We can all spell climb as klime and say who cares, but some do. Here in the Ozarks we do pronounce the b in Climb :-D
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    Thank you both Not a problem the times post because I can only calculate the results generally around 1:00 - 3:00 a.m. here in Portugal (9:00 - 11:00 a.m Japan) day after. chishafuwaku
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    This basho Misahiro offered to do the task - I will be able to fill in if that should be needed, but then it will be much later than usual. Unless Nikkan is letting us down for the day ...
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    But for the sole benefit of non-Japanese people, who don't. That's one reason wapuro is fairly opaque, unless you already know what you're looking at. Or as in "you", which is just as wrong. True that. I never would have gotten it right without listening to the ringside announcements from the old stream, myself. It doesn't help that what's called a "long vowel" according to grammar school English isn't a long vowel at all but a diphthong. (Except for "E") We don't really distinguish vowel length in English any more than we do tones. There a manga/anime about boxing called Hajime no Ippo where the main character's name is identical to that of the top division in Ozumo, only written a little differently. (幕之内 vs. 幕の内) At one time Wikipedia had that romanized as "Makunōchi". Same error, different direction. (Applauding...)
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    After Hatsu http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=35028&p=298714 and Haru http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=35221&p=303357 RK Last SCORE HATSU HARU SHIKONA 1 5 135,47 47,61 87,86 Tenshinhan 2 1 128,44 83,49 44,95 Profomisakari 3 2 127,16 62,13 65,03 chishafuwaku 4 6 125,44 44,75 80,69 kuroimori 5 16 113,82 26,88 86,94 Gurowake 6 14 110,75 31,25 79,5 Flohru 7 24 88,78 18,25 70,53 Achiyama 8 4 81,79 50,93 30,86 Wamahada 9 11 74,08 34,75 39,33 Randomitsuki 10 12 70,5 33,5 37 Torafujii 11 21 68,95 23,75 45,2 Andonishiki 12 10 59,36 37 22,36 Pandaazuma 13 3 57,75 55,75 2 Jejima 14 7 56,28 43,75 12,53 Mmikasazuma 15 20 55,17 24,5 30,67 Itachi 16 9 52,97 41,36 11,61 Ganzohnesushi 17 8 49,75 42,25 7,5 Susanoo 18 13 40,75 31,75 9 Terarno 19 15 39,11 29,75 9,36 Ryoshishokunin 20 40 36,38 9,38 27 Suwihuto 21 18 36,08 25 11,08 Pitinosato 22 29 33,25 14,5 18,75 Senkoho 23 23 28 21 7 Gernobono 24 41 27,47 9,35 18,12 ayagawa 25 56 25,75 5,75 20 Konosato 26 17 25,24 25,24 Holleshoryu 27 19 24,93 24,6 0,33 Tikozan 28 39 24,83 9,83 15 Arasan 29 22 24,6 21,6 3 Tsubame 30 25 23 15 8 Andrasoyamawaka 30 25 23 15 8 Kyodaitimu 32 51 21 6 15 Damimonay 32 84 21 1 20 ScreechingOwl 34 32 20 12 8 Gaijingai 34 25 20 15 5 Oo 34 42 20 8 12 Tokeraki 37 50 19,25 6,25 13 Neko 38 49 18,33 6,33 12 Fetmen 39 48 16,5 6,5 10 Fujisan 40 31 16,36 12,75 3,61 PhorCillic 41 83 16 1,5 14,5 Kaiomitsuki 42 25 15 15 Doitsuyama 42 30 15 14 1 orandashoho 44 42 14,86 8 6,86 Asashosakari 45 47 14,8 6,6 8,2 Cayman 46 70 12,86 2,75 10,11 Jakusotsu 47 32 12,75 12 0,75 Kasamatsuri 48 NR 12 12 Barat 48 32 12 12 Gibuten 48 NR 12 12 Nandoula 48 42 12 8 4 Ruziklao 52 51 11,75 6 5,75 Kotoshikona 53 67 11 3 8 Bolo 53 35 11 11 Peeter 55 NR 10,5 10,5 Dozoo 56 NR 10 10 Emiroo chishafuwaku
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    In addition to the already-covered Tokuda, Musashigawa-beya has also recruited 15-year-old Seiya Nishimura (西村 晟哉) from Tokorozawa, Saitama prefecture. 175cm, 120kg. No prior sports experience. Tokuda and Nishimura no-flagging beneath a yusho portrait of their shisho:
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    Postscript to this - someone on 2ch noticed during the Hatsu basho that Tokotaka's profile had been removed from Takanohana-beya's website, so it looked like an unexpected end to 35 years of service. However, he remained on the Kyokai's website all along, so evidently it was being resolved behind the scenes. It was announced today that he's moved to Onomatsu-beya. Another unexpected postscript - Tokotaka is now listed as a 5th-rank tokoyama, among men some 30 years younger than him. (I dunno...) Also, I can't remember if I mentioned it already somewhere, but Kise-beya's young tokoyama Tokose didn't stick around long, already retired.
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    Had surgery on his right knee in early April and didn't recover in time. Possibility of a late entry, as a full kyujo would drop him to Juryo.
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    Well......even if the owl is gone, I'M SURE that the audience will VERY STRONGLY remind us Evrytime he is on the Dohyo. I know I will in the comfort of my own apartment. Let the Ozeki run continue!!!! HHHHUUUU!!!!
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    Don't know if this was mentioned as I was away at play for a while, but new Sekiwake Kotoyuuki's owl has died. "I want to concentrate on my sumo!" he said. No more hooting. Probably was warned by the new management.
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    I spell it Satoyama, like it should be. I of course disagree with everyone all the time regarding the spelling of shikona. I don't do this to annoy anyone, although it probably does and good for me. It should be the way I do it-simply reproducing the kana, but in English. We can all spell climb as klime and say who cares, but some do.
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    NC began! I thank all of you who looked at this topic carefully. Particularly, thank you for careful advice until just before starting the game, Gurowake-san and Pandaazuma-san. Without your help, not less than several questions will be exactly canceled after a start of this game. Susanoo
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    The henka will never be banned. It's up to the aite to be aware of the possibility and react to it. Moreover, so many bouts contain semi-henka or quasi-henka or at least not totally straight forward tachi-ai that it would be almost impractical to regulate. Yes, Hakuho employed a henka. Yes, he apologized for it. And yes, he's still the greatest ever. Time for us to let it go and move on.