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    I think they should ban yorikiri. Rikishi rely on it way too much and it's a boring win.
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    ex-Wakanosato denies allegations that he might switch to martial arts like Baruto he simply visited a boxing gym, got told he has a good punch, and taught to the 2 world champions shiko stamping in return. http://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/1642387.html Poor Furiwake - Nishiiwa tries to get in form for this last bout with this. Hopefully they don't make it a shokkiri performance of hansoku with punches - I think they don't regularly show that variety at a jungyo.
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    Hello! I'm a Brazilian woman (age 33), Japanese descendant (3rd generation), born and raised in the Center-Western region of the country. My first contact with Ozumo was in 1998, I just enjoyed watching the torikumi when our first cable TV plan had NHK and I used to watch the bouts of the day. When I first followed, I knew some terms like "Yokozuna", "Ozeki", "Makuuchi", "Juryo", that I learned from the Portuguese language version of the book "A Look Into Japan". But some years later NHK was cancelled and I started to enjoy Ozumo again in 2013, following closer now (with a new cable plan that includes NHK, again, and also from the marvelous Kintamayama's channel, and more recently, John Gunning's). My nickname is a portmanteau of parts of my grandmothers' names (Misao and Hiroko), who helped me greatly in improving my Japanese skills and my interests on Japanese culture, which I enjoy a lot. I'm looking forward to learn more in this forum, which has been very helpful in learning a lot about Sumo (classic history of "then lurker, now member..." *blushing*). Thank you all in advance m(_ _)m, sorry for my English! Cheers!
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    I have this fantasy that the crowd will fill it in for him...
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    And the rest of us are busy coordinating a series of bribes and blackmails that will predetermine the outcome of the basho.
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    the pattern is basho (high) - yaocho talk (very high) - jungyo starts (medium) - before basho (low)
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    Olá, seja bem vinda. Espero que você goste do fórum :)
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    Thank you so much! (still learning how to quote here (Blushing...) ... lol)
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    As Hakkaku Rijichao had said, what Hakuho did was more of a natural reaction than of a henka, i.e., it was not a real henka. The Osaka audiences were angry because Hakuho denied Kisenosato a play-off chance. If Harumafuji had henka-ed Hakuho to win, I don't think those audiences would say a thing.
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    One of the things I really love about Sumo is there's so little that is not allowed. No hair-pulling, no eye-gouging, no punching, no direct kicking and no messin' with the meat and two veg - after that it's all good! Hakuho's henka didn't bother me in the slightest. Perfecty legit win as far as I'm concerned, and they're also expected to win, remember. The notion that a Yokozuna should be above such a move is just an idealist fantasy; they all do it from time to time, and they have as long as I've been watching. Hakuho's ring-edge shenanigans do concern me, though. Those dame-oshis are bang out of order (a dame-nage in the Yoshikaze bout, if there is such a thing), and he really does bring his rank into disrepute when he does that. Never mind warning him after the Basho, Hakuho should have been suspended when he broke Izutsu's leg.
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    Come on, gamers...give it a go! This is a very underrated game! :)
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    I'm fairly new myself, but welcome!! :-)
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    A henka might not be "Yokozuna behavior", but banning the henka seems extreme. Are you suggesting it should be banned at all levels? It's a wrestling move - it might be a confrontation-avoiding move, but it still requires some wits and talent to pull it off with consistency. That being said, I'm a bit of an Aminishiki fan, so feel free to totally disregard anything I say.
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    What the heck, I guess I'll throw my hat in the ring! 15 * Daishomaru 13 * Daieisho 11 * Sadanoumi 10 * Amuru 9 * Tokushoryu 8 * Gagamaru 7 * Hidenoumi 6 * Mitakeumi 5 * Aminishiki Motemakuru
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    Betting on the outcome of the bouts, obviously. Come on, you gotta keep up here.
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    Main news yesterday: Kotoyuki declared he'll refrain from doing the "huh" - the shimpan put a lid on it. http://www.daily.co.jp/general/2016/05/05/0009051953.shtml bye-bye to this Edit: here in the vicinity of Tokyo I won't be posting much this basho, but at least I got my news collector working this year
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    Thank you all very much for the warm welcome! :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D @Swami: Thank you very much! @Kuroimori: It's such a honor to receive such a welcoming message as yours! @orandashoho: Thank you very much! Yes, indeed it is great to meet fans from everywhere. In fact, I live in a city that is far from almost everything and the second hottest in the country (up to 47 degrees and nearly half of the year without a single drop of rain...) @egparis18: Thank you very much! It's great to meet fans from all around the world! @wuli: Thank you so much! @hamcornheinz: Thank you very much, I used to attend language schools, now I'm brushing up my skills "informally" (internet, forums and social media). There's much room for improvement still indeed (Blushing...) @torquato: Thank you so much! There are a few Brazilian fans and I also support Kaisei! :-D
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    either henka is allowed, or it is not until it is banned, it is wrestling
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    It's taking a lot of money to put Kaisei as Sekiwake in Nagoya. I don't know how the Mongolians get the money to go to Ozeki (and above) :-|
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    A 19940-worm, riding the No. 1 spot for about 10 minutes! Dang, I should rather be preparing for the SG Natsu basho right now...
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    3 entries received so far: Gurowake Motemakuru (welcome and good luck!) Tenshinhan
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    Sounds like Popeye had been a very bad boy indeed.