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    On the 24th of August, Hakuho gave a one and a half hour lecture in front of about 600 Nagoya City high school students at Nagoya Noh Theater. The event was organized by local social service organizations. He spoke of hardships when he came the first time to Japan, even crying three times on his first day there, but knew he's going to get stronger through keiko and thus persevered. He also mentioned his father's role in winning the olympic, and his failures to be yokozuna in 2006, and how grateful he was to have so many supported him when he was injured. His current goal is to still be a yokozuna in 2020, so he's able to do a ring entering ceremony at Tokyo Olympics. It is so he's able to stand together with his father's record. (From Mainichi)
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    You can see Olovia's new morphs for Nagoya Basho here: Morphs Nagoya Basho
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    According to the Japanese wiki the three are brothers. Besides, Tsurunoumi is their older brother and moto-Asahitsuru is the father. https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E6%B0%B4%E6%88%B8%E8%B1%8A%E5%B9%B8%E6%A8%B9
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    At the end of jungyo, Hakuho summed it up with praises for Onosho and Terunofuji, who have according to him, worked very hard the entire duration of jungyo. He was relieved that he finished it without any major injuries, even though he was only satisfied to one day practice from the jungyo's 23 days. It was good to see many places, and he had made good memories, but was looking forward to rest. (From Nikkan Sports)
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    Day 2 Ichinojo and Takarafuji Gagachan chats with some fans. Frequent blogger, Aminishiki, reviews some comments. Shokkiri Kyokutaisei Pleased with his son's overall increase in physical size, Kyokutaisei's father says, "...most importantly, his heart has grown stronger." Not only Harumafuji, but his heyamates Takarafuji and Terunofuji wear support bandages on an elbow. Okinoumi Amuru Aminishiki getting ready Onosho, Seiro Goeido, Terunofuji, Ichinojo Terunofuji with a new mawashi. butsukari with Kotoshogiku Takayasu vs Onosho Kakuryu holds a mysterious pose (Eh?) Takayasu Aoiyama Japanese are serious about their privacy. Toyonoshima Homarefuji... another elbow bandage. What are the guys of Isegahama doing to their elbows? Osunaarashi expressing his affections. Tochiozan... ... vs Sadanoumi Kisenosato ! ! ! Pocket size Toyonoshima ousts the cute 'n burly Toyohibiki. Harumafuji Hakuho Kakuryu Tamawashi and Tokitenku Yumitori shiki performed by Isegahama beya's Satonofuji. The tour is over and everyone gets to head back to the comforts of home \(^o^)/ Source Twitter
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    Drring drring.. Hakuhou: "Da?" Wakanosato: "Hello, Yokozuna.." H: "And you are.." W: "Wakanosato, sir." H: "Didn't you just die?" W: "No, that was Takanonami. We don't look at all ali-." H: "OK, OK, you're the guy that won't leave.. So? Are you finally quitting?" W: "As I told you this morning at the jungyo morning keiko.." H: "I probably wasn't listening. I have many duties you know, and my toe is still killing me." W: "I was wondering if you could say a few words to the press about how great a rikishi I was like you did for Kyokutenhou.." H: "Why on earth should I do that? Are you a closet Mongolian??" W: "No, but I was a great sekiwake and for a while I was a worthy opponent for everyone. I think you were still in Sandanme then.. You were actually in Sandanme for six long bash-" H: "OK, OK, I'll say a few words. But you are definitely leaving, yes? No surprise Makushita last basho for the fans who come early or some such thing??" W: "No sir, I am definitely leaving. I even bought scissors." H: "For your nose hair, no doubt.. OK, be gone now-you will be in the headlines tomorrow!!" W: "Thank you sir. I will try never to call a matta on you when I become shinpan!" H: "I probably won't be around by then.." 3 days to go. Press enter and enter!!
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    First of all, I highly appreaciate Randomitsuki for sharing the results of his ELO ranking system. Fixing the average at 1500 seems appropriate to me to counter inflation/deflation issues. I did an brief attempt to implement a system myself, and took the opposite path. I modified the update function, with some special cases, and had a complicated starting Elo value function. Finally, the ELO average was stable over time. I confess, it is no less artifical. In my opinion, historical ELO comparisons show the relative strength of the Yokozuna, not the absolute. Relative to the peers of the respective period, of course. It simply doesn't answer, who did the better Sumo, or even if Taiho would beat Hakuho if he arrived with a time machine at the same age. However, it precisely shows the level of dominance. It also shows the pattern of strength developent over time. It shows the structure of the Banzuke much better than the actual ranks themselves. Viewed from this perspective, deflation is not that a big issue at all. I still think, Elo's system is more appropriate for Sumo than for chess. The system in chess suffers from the highly divergent number and quality (strength of the opponent) of the matches. In Sumo, most Sekitori have 90 matches per year, with opponents very similar to the own strength. Lower division rikishi about 42. It should be much more reliable.
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    At the 2nd day of Sapporo jungyo, Chiharu Matsuyama, a folklore singer, encouraged Hakuho to aim for his 40th yusho, with 50th being feasible in the future. He said it might be difficult to keep his motivation high, but the greater the wall (of difficulties), the more fun sumo is. At the event, Matsuyama took commemorative picture with 3 yokozunas. (From Sponichi)
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    931 now. Goeido getting 9 wins means he's going to be the top-ranked ozeki now, right?
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    Shichinohe: again a video on an NHK news page, centering on Wakanosato: http://www3.nhk.or.jp/lnews/aomori/6084197051.html He had his last jungyo bout - against Endo - and he won it (it's the jungyo), thus the last bout of his career: final hanamichi His intai announcement is planned for the 29th, when the whole jungyo is over. http://www.sanspo.com/sports/news/20150820/sum15082005010001-n1.html with his father in Natsu 2001, when he was new sekiwake Hachinohe he looks very old in the Tagonoura-beya sekitori commemorative photo throwing his former tsukebito Kagayaki in the jungyo bout
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    The jungyo is in Aomori now, Hachinohe today. NHK news page with video:http://www3.nhk.or.jp/lnews/aomori/6083193941.html Wakanosato now at his home tour, but he is grieved now with a loss much bigger than his career: his father died on the 17th. He shortly went to his family while traveling to the next jungyo location, but - hiding his grief- concentrates on sumo till the end of the home jungyo tomorrow and then goes to his father's place like a son should. http://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/1525368.html getting the kesho-mawashi undone by his former tsukebito Kagayaki
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    Interesting to follow the - at least to me - new discipline of Applied Sumology Maybe the best IBB* thread ever? Anyway, I can only (try to) follow in awe.... (*) Intra Basho Boredom
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    Is that actually the case? Have you crunched the numbers? Somehow it seems counterintuitive.It's a long-running process: Year Ms1-30 Ms1-30(x) Ms31-60 Ms31-60(x) Sd1-50 Sd51-100 Jd1-50 Jd51+ 1970 23y 0m 22y 7m (13.1%) 22y 7m 22y 4m (2.8%) 21y 1m 19y 10m 18y 6m 17y 0m 1975 24y 4m 23y 5m (29.7%) 23y 0m 22y 9m (5.5%) 21y 6m 20y 3m 19y 3m 17y 5m 1980 24y 0m 23y 1m (24.7%) 23y 5m 23y 0m (5.8%) 22y 0m 20y 7m 19y 5m 17y 4m 1985 24y 5m 23y 5m (35.3%) 23y 6m 23y 3m (8.0%) 22y 6m 21y 5m 20y 0m 17y 11m 1990 24y 1m 23y 7m (17.8%) 23y 9m 23y 6m (5.2%) 22y 9m 21y 6m 20y 7m 18y 1m 1995 25y 4m 24y 3m (35.8%) 24y 0m 23y 8m (9.6%) 23y 5m 22y 1m 20y 10m 18y 8m 2000 25y 9m 24y 10m (31.7%) 25y 2m 24y 9m (9.9%) 24y 4m 22y 10m 22y 5m 19y 6m 2005 26y 6m 24y 11m (31.3%) 25y 8m 25y 4m (8.1%) 24y 8m 23y 8m 22y 4m 19y 8m 2010 26y 10m 25y 5m (31.9%) 25y 9m 25y 1m (11.1%) 25y 3m 24y 7m 23y 3m 20y 11m 2015 26y 1m 25y 0m (27.4%) 25y 10m 25y 3m (10.0%) 26y 0m 25y 0m 23y 9m 21y 3m For each year, I've averaged the data from all 6 tournaments (4 for 2015) to eliminate the possibility of one-basho outliers. The two (x) columns for makushita only include rikishi who haven't been to juryo before; the percentage is how many rikishi were excluded by that (i.e. how many were ex-sekitori). You can see that the age increases in makushita aren't only driven by ex-sekitori hanging around longer. But now I really wonder what happened from 1985 to 1990...why so few ex-sekitori in makushita all of a sudden? The most noteworthy recent development might be that the average sandanme rikishi used to be quite a bit younger than the lower makushita guys, but that age gap has almost completely disappeared. That only happened over the last 10 years.
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    I bought tickets for the Osaka basho this march trough buysumotickets.com and everything went fine. Very reliable service!