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    Kasugano-oyakata was born in 1962. His shikona was Tochinowaka, and he had a long (76 basho in makuuchi) and distinguished (7 basho as sekiwake) career. His last basho was Nagoya 1999. In that basho Kyokutenho was ranked at M 10 West. Kyokutenho defeated Tochinowaka in his final basho and was undefeated against him in his career (3-0). One of Kasugano-oyakata's rikishi also wrestled under the shikona Tochinowaka. That Tochinowaka was born in 1988 and had a relatively short (18 basho in makuuchi) and bumpy (1 basho as M1) career. His last basho was Fukuoka 2014. In that basho Kyokutenho was ranked at M 11 West (one rank lower than he had been over 15 years previously). Kyokutenho defeated Tochinowaka in his penultimate basho and was undefeated against him in his career (8-0).
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    The Japanese version of the banzuke topics goes up at the same time as the banzuke itself (current: text, tables), it's just the English translation that always takes a few days to appear. Nothing overly special in the tables this time: - the 13 previous double/triple kadoban cases - lowest rank to return to makuuchi (the aforementioned stat that Tosayutaka now leads) - youngest sekitori debuts (Onosho ranks 10th)
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    Ichinojou had six bouts and was looking bad, beaten easily by Takayasu and others. He even got dameoshi-ed by Aminishiki who was angry that he wasn't giving it his all. "I just couldn't get anything going.. That first step thingy is really difficult.." he explained. "3-4 bouts isn't enough for doing sumo. If he doesn't get experienced enough to do his own sumo he'll get beaten by the rikishi who have his number," warned Kitanoumi rijicho.
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    Evening all :-) Long time Sumo fan and long time SumoForum reader. Thought I had joined the forum many moons ago, however, it turns out that I never actually got around to signing up. Now that I have formally registered I look forward to chatting with you all.
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    Summary of the Ichinojou-Endou rivalry- Ichinojou came for the fourth straight day to Oitekaze beya and faced Endou again. 3-6 today, bringing their overall head to heads to 20-22 over the last four days. "He's going to be my rival all the way.." said Ichinojou. Ichinojou's boss Minato Oyakata intends to see Ichinojou train with Endou on a regular basis. "Hmm..strange mage.. looks like a towel."
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    I've read that Harumafuji was close to going to university to study art before he was scouted by Ajigawa oyakata while still a kid in Mongolia. Below is another one of his paintings he creates to focus and calm him during some freetime other than that one displayed in the above Arashi program.
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    Hatsu 2015 Start Edition Shikona Heya Debut KK Current Rank Yushos Record Win% Last Basho This Basho OnoshoOnomatsuHaru 201311 Juryo 11 East055-220.714 5-2 0-0 IchinojoMinatoHatsu 20146 Sekiwake 1 West157-170.770 8-7 0-0 KotaroFujishimaHaru 20145 Makushita 36 West027-80.771 4-3 0-0 MizutaTakanohanaHaru 20145 Makushita 38 West027-80.771 5-2 0-0 NarumiOnomatsuHaru 20145 Sandanme 53 East022-130.629 4-3 0-0 TakagiKiseNatsu 20144 Makushita 12 West125-30.892 6-1 0-0 ShodaiTokitsukazeNatsu 20144 Makushita 37 West124-40.857 5-2 0-0 ShibaKiseNatsu 20144 Makushita 40 East123-50.821 4-3 0-0 ShujiKiseNatsu 20144 Sandanme 39 West020-80.714 4-3 0-0 IshiiChiganouraNagoya 20143 Sandanme 85 East015-60.714 4-3 0-0 SadahikariSakaigawaNagoya 20143 Sandanme 91 East014-70.666 4-3 0-0 11 Contestants remain, nobody was added after Kyushuu. Other than Takagi who has a real slim chance at entering Juryo if something nuts happens, nobody is looking to follow Onosho into Juryo. Also someone at the NSK must have seen my complaining about Takagi and Shiba's drift apart in the banzuke despite mirror performances, and have rigidily ordered our KK rikishi by record, and placing same records very close. Anyway that's what I'd like to think. Our wall babies for Hatsu are Sato, Shohoryu, and Yamauchi (who was absent then got to string 3 days together for his KK? Strange)
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    Nomadwolf (Oe, 10-5) O Hironoumi (O2e, 7-8) Gibuten (O2w, 7-8) O2 Norizo (Ow, 4-11) Heikotoriki (Sw, 8-7) S Konosato (M3e, 12-3) Frinkanohana (O3e, 6-9) S2 - Vikanohara (Ke, 8-7) K ScreechingOwl (M5w, 11-4) - K2 Torafujii (Se, 7-8) Kaiomitsuki (M7e, 11-4) M1 Doitsuyama (M4e, 9-6) Gaijingai (M1e, 7-8) M2 Kuroimori (M3w, 8-7) Flohru (Kw, 6-9) M3 Randomitsuki (M7w, 9-6) Kitakachiyama (M1w, 6-9) M4 Chisaiyama (M13e, 11-4) Mariohana (M4w, 7-8k) M5 Pandaazuma (M9e, 9-6) Kaiowaka (M9w, 9-6) M6 Asashosakari (M8e, 8-7) Susanoo (M2e, 5-10) M7 Bill (M6e, 7-8) Andoreasu (M2w, 5-10) M8 Oskanohana (M10w, 8-7) Bafa (M8w, 7-8) M9 GONZABUROW (M5e, 5-10) Ganzohnesushi (M14e, 9-6) M10 Takanorappa (M12e, 8-7) Jejima (M10e, 6-9) M11 KikoCookie (M16w, 9-6) Achiyama (M6w, 4-11) M12 Mischashimaru (J3e, 11-4) Larissi (J1w, 10-5) M13 Fatakiyama (M16e, 8-7) Ruziklao (M12w, 6-9) M14 Smoczayama (M17e, 8-7) Terarno (M14w, 7-8k) M15 Tosahayate (M11w, 5-10) Bunijiman (M13w, 6-9) M16 Mmikasazuma (J11e, 12-3) Ketsukai (J3e, 8-7) J1 Anjoboshi (J1e, 7-8k) Fuseigou (J5e, 8-7) J2 Sukubidubidu (J2e, 7-8k) Leonishiki (J2w, 7-8k) J3 Shimodahito (M15w, 5-10) Takanokaze (J3w, 7-8) J4 gurowake (J10w, 10-5) Saruyama (M15e, 4-11) J5 Chishafuwaku (J9w, 8-7) Asabiru (J5w, 7-8) J6 Tainosen (J6e, 7-8k) Metzinowaka (J12e, 9-6) J7 Choconofuji (J13w, 9-6) Andonishiki (J7w, 7-8) J8 Choshu-yuki (J11w, 8-7) Feginowaka (J8e, 6-9) J9 Fujisan (J12w, 8-7) Takanosushi (M11e, 0-0-15) J10 Veshana (J10e, 7-8) Nagayama (Ms6e, 6-1) J11 Furanohana (J4w, 3-12) Fujiyama (Ms2w, 5-2) J12 Taka (J7e, 4-11) Tikozan (Ms4e, 5-2) J13 Arawaka (Ms9w, 6-1) airi (Ms6w, 5-2) J14 Onigashima (J14e, 7-8k) Sherlockiama (Ms11e, 6-1) Ms1 Aome (J14w, 7-8) Haidouzo (Ms4w, 4-3) Ms2 Seki Haruaki (J13e, 6-9) Hayaikaze (J9e, 4-11) Ms3 Shumitto (Ms1w, 3-4) Reijinguoshan (Ms7e, 4-3) Ms4 Rowitoro (Ms12e, 5-2) Kitanoyama (Ms12w, 5-2) Ms5 Profomisakari (J8w, 2-13) Fuheika (Ms1e, 2-5) Ms6 Fukurou (Ms5e, 3-4) Kotononami (Ms5w, 3-4) Ms7 Senkoho (Ms2e, 2-5) Kyodaitimu (J6w, 0-15) Ms8 Tenshinhan (new, 5-2) Taiga (Ms7w, 3-4) Ms9 Hogashi (Ms8e, 3-4) Hakajusakari (Ms8w, 3-4) Ms10 Wamahada (Ms9e, 3-4) Domichi (new, 4-3) Ms11 Marushiki (Ms10e, 2-5) Harumataikai (Ms3e, 0-0-7) Ms12 Zentoryu (Ms3w, 0-0-7) Konizan (Ms13w, 2-5) Ms13 Sebunshu (Ms10w, 0-7)
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    So, is The Wall really a good indicator of success? I was wondering about this. But how to really test this without spending all day knee deep in the database? For a first go, I took the current successful rikishi, from ranks Yokozuna to M10 and checked how many consecutive KK they earned at the start of their career and compiled them into a nice of a chart as google docs would allow. The horizontal axis is the number of consecutive KK at the start, and the vertical axis is how many rikishi in the current Hatsu 2015 crop from Y to M10 fall into that bin. Its very obvious most of the rikishi fall into 4 or 5, which corresponds to getting first MK at lower-mid makushita. At the outset this feels like strong evidence that only Wall rikishi see success, but one of the 0s on there is Hakuho, the huge exception. Still, the vast majority of entrants to the sport don't go more than 2 bashos with KK, so I think it is a strong indicator. One thing I'd like to compile is the number of rikishi getting 4-5 consecutive KK without ever breaking into makuuchi. But this will require more legwork....
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    Hakuhou not participating in the bouts in soken is a rare thing. "It's the end of the year and my body is not ready yet.." he said. Kitanoumi Rijicho begs to differ. "I heard his leg is swollen," he said. Regarding the many absences: "It's really lonely here. I understand Hakuhou wants to train at his own pace, but he'll be 30 next year and he has to keep training otherwise he's going to have a hard time getting back in shape. There is a difference between being 20 and being 30.." Hakuhou had socks on both feet. He did do some serious butsugari though, throwing Takayasu around, so it can't be really serious. It's not the first time Hakuhou is criticized at the soken. At the Aki soken he chose to face only Joukouryuu for eight bouts. Kitanoumi motioned to Endou and others to get in the ring and raise their hands, but Hakuhou blatantly refused to acknowledge them and stuck to facing Joukouryuu. "It's no good to only face one rikishi. He should have faced the other young guys as well.." said Kitanoumi back then. Hakuhou doing suriashi. Kitanoumi looking displeased, but he alwys looks displeased, so..
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    See, this is what I figured Takanoyama should have done. Gotten the surgery done, been unable to walk for a year, spent the time on a couch eating McDonald's, getting fat and watching reruns of the Simpsons. Bam! All his ailments cured at once. And not to nitpick, but is the record because he took so long? Because Amuru just came back from...nevermind. Amuru was one tournament away from Makuuchi when he went AWOL. Congrats to Tosayutaka to sticking it out, though.
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    Looks like no-Joe is losing on purpose again: http://youtu.be/jhBRB4RA6fo
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    The rikishi had their weigh-in today. Hakuhou tipped the scales at 160 kilos, his heaviest ever. "Huh?" he said, surprised. Ichinojou is now 202 kilos. He is the 17th sekitori to cross the 200 kilo threshold and is ranked 15th in weight. "I'm relieved. I thought I was 210 or something and was thinking of what to do about it.." he said. He weighed 199 in Kyushu and 183 when he joined sumo a year ago. "Over 200 is an animal.. Inside the 200, it's human.." he said in self derision. He stopped eating between meals during the jungyo and cut down on his sweets intake dramatically. "I'm not eating anymore.. I want to be 195 kilos at the start of the basho," he wished. Endou lost 4 kilos and is now 146 kilos.
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    Part 2 - The Aftermath The Isho Chimaru BIG: Awards BIG: Phew!! How many times have we used this one? BIG Fish