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    Sports medicine course. Part 1: If your knee hurts, wrap a bandage round it and carry on. Part 2: If your knee really really hurts and you almost can't stand up, wrap the bandage much tighter and carry on.
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    Rare peek at the sumo school- very cool. And here, some more..
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    As expected there are six promotions to Juryo for the 2014 Kyushu basho. Four of them are debutants and two receive a new shikona. Debut: Dewahayate (Mk2e, 4-3, Dewanoumi-beya) Hidenoumi - 英乃海, formerly Iwasaki (Mk2w, 6-1, Kise) Kotoeko (Mk3e, 5-2, Sadogatake) Kagayaki - 輝, formerly Tatsu (Mk3w, 4-3, Takadagawa) Return: Tenkaiho (Mk1e, 4-3, Onoe) Tochihiryu (Mk1w, 4-3, Kasugano)
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    The 69th national prefectures sports event Kokutai has started (with ms tsukedashi qualification to gain). All results appear here: http://www.kirokukensaku.com/nagasaki2014/k_gr24KYOUGIBETU.html The sumo junior events have finished, Shiraishi (the inter high 2nd, see below) won the individuals (no qualification yet, but Takanohana has some ideas - old Sponichi article), against Nagashima. http://www.kirokukensaku.com/nagasaki2014/K_GS/24/k_gs3243502SHUBETUSHUMOKU.html Ishikawa pref. won the team event (home of 2 strong Kanazawa high schools, one of Endo, one winning all titles this year: 4 of the 5 team members are the same as at the soutai), Tottori 2nd (-Johoku high, Ichinojo's team), Saitama 3rd (-Sakae high)
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    That Gambaramba motto of the Kokutai this year would be a nice shikona for the forum. Today the adults finals: The individual yusho also to Ishikawa: Arakizeki (too old for a ms qualification - and in makushita he would look odd with that name, which signifies a sekitori - there are some but this feels like having Doctor as first name, since Araki is a common name). Team: The winning team in Nagasaki is Nagasaki. some pics from yesterday juniors Shiraishi winning the final 2nd place Tottori (Johoku) team adults 1st round team: Kawaguchi katasukashi: Tanaka
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    Now Ichinojo is kyujo for the jungyo with pain in the back and in the knees after 3 days of intense kawaigari treatment by yokozuna Kakuryu (who wanted to continue that yesterday). Posing with Hakuho for the next edition of the monthly magazine "sumo" . Today had some specials on him in the wide shows (Ex-Asashoryu twittered that he expects him to go to yokozuna), speculating if he can become the fastest to reach yokozuna, already for next year's Kyushu basho. For a while now the new recruits used to say they want to reach yokozuna, now the public expects a near-future yokozuna again after just some good results in the beginning. Being realistic seems to be no virtue in sumo.
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    A few danpatsu-shiki pictures for some of the rikishi on the intai list. Hakkaku-beya's Hokutoki with an oichomage. Speech from the shisho. Final cut. Tidy-up haircut. And afterwards. Next, a look at the scissors provided by the Kyokai for the danpatsu-shiki of Nishikido-beya's Kazafuzan. Kazafuzan on the stage ahead of the cutting. Afterwards, with his shisho (former Sekiwake Mitoizumi) at the celebration. With the rest of Nishikido-beya. A speech from former Juryo Umenosato, younger brother of the shisho. Next, Matsugane-oyakata (former Ozeki Wakashimazu) makes the final cut for Seiomaru. Finally, two very small pictures from the danpatsu-shiki of Tagonoura-beya's Hara.
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    The Aki jungyo was held in Takaoka today. Shouhouzan is facing Tochinowaka. Oguruma Oyakata sees Endou's favorite towel and notices it has Nagatanien's (Endou's sponsor's, ) emblem (the exact same emblem as on their kensho banners) on it. He tells Tochinowaka to take it and walk around the dohyo as if it was a kensho banner, bringing the house down with much laughter and clapping. "This is jungyo- the keiko is serious, but having some fun at the right moment is great as well," said Oguruma later. Tochinowaka walks with the "banner", Shouhouzan claps, and Endou is totally bewildered..
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    Ichinojo is crafty. He clearly isn't giving one-hundred percent. He wants to be underestimated.
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    Kakuryuu "took care" of Ichinojou for the third day running today at the Aki Jungyo, which was held in Kanazawa. Today it only lasted for 5 minutes. Ichinojou was unable to generate any power and was seen rolling over time and again. "I'm really happy. I've gotten used to this by now," said Ichinojou. "I was very gentle with him today.." countered Kakuryuu. "He wasn't even trying. He probably thought that if he would keep falling it would be over sooner. He wasn't even breathing heavily, a sure sign he wasn't really trying. He was just falling down, " said Kakuryuu sternly. Ichinojou about to be knighted: