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    Reasonable expectations for Endo's first basho in j'oi really depend upon what type of rikishi one anticipates he'll be. As Krindel points out, the average of 5.38 wins for the first time in the top ranks means little, as that includes lots of rikishi with limited upper potential, and most of us don't view Endo in this light. For the most recent top ranked rikishi, their first basho in the sanyaku or j'oi went as follows: All three of the most recent yokozuna, Asashoryu (K1), Hakuho (M3), and Harumafuji (a/k/a Ama)(M2) went 8-7. For the most recent ozeki, Kaio (M1), Tochiazuma (K2), Kotooshu (M4), and Kotoshogiku (M3) went 9-6. Chiyotaiki (M1) and Kisenosato (M1) went 8-7. Three recent ozeki failed to kk on their first time in the top: Kakuryu (M2) 7-8; Baruto (M1) 5-10; and Chiyotaikai (M1) 4-11. So, while admittedly this is a limited survey, 9 out of the last 12 ozeki got a kk the first time they faced the top of the banzuke. Therefore, I'd say the real expectations for Endo are 8 wins, not 6.
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    My dad found this while going through his hometown newspaper (born and raised on Oahu) http://www.staradvertiser.com/news/breaking/20140219_Sumo_legend_Kuhaulua_My_heart_is_on_Maui.html?id=246155001
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    More from Charity Ozumo Taiko presentation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOo70h3-JoA Singing (bad quality) When Ikioi is absent, Toyonoshima is the best singer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGCvHAWVF04 Takayasu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0J1YvL_Vf4 Furiwake is the worst http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvxRq-K2qVw
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    Some pictures from the medicals. Former Juryo Ryuden on the scales. He returned to action at the end of the Hatsu basho, fighting and winning one bout. Arawashi. Yoshiazuma. Horikiri, Sandanme yusho winner in the Hatsu basho. Sakigake. Takanohana-beya twins Takayoshitoshi and Takagenji. And here they are either side of the heya's other set of twins. From left: Takayoshitoshi, Takatoshi, Takageppo, Takagenji. Wakanosato. Takayasu. Takanoyama. Shokkiri performer Wakayama and Sokokurai at the blood pressure station. Standing behind them, Aiyama. Wakakoyu and Itadaki. Amuru, who returns to the Juryo ranks on the next banzuke. Aminishiki pulling a Baraki. Goeido with the grip test device, and having blood drawn. And the same procedures for Takarafuji. Sadanofuji and Sadanoumi in the queue. Homarefuji. Masunoyama. Shotenro. Ikioi. Myogiryu. Kotoyuki. Terunofuji. Toyonoshima and Toyohibiki. The Kyokai explains the origin of the Toyo in their shikona. Toyohibiki's has two sources - his mother's name is Toyomi, and his hometown is Toyoura in Yamaguchi prefecture. Toyonoshima's comes from his shisho at the time he entered ozumo, former Ozeki Yutakayama (Yutaka and Toyo are different readings of the same 豊 kanji).