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    There are probably a ton of things to say about this picture but mainly I'm stuck between: "Meanwhile in Japan..." or... "Only in Japan" My take was the little girl thinking to herself, "right, when I've finished off this koala the fat guy is getting it. He's sweated up a river in this park."
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    Hi Everyone, Until further notice, the game will run just as it has the last few times. I will compile the results and post them as best as I can on this thread. This is a pre-basho game where each player selects a rikishi from each of 8 sections of the banzuke. The player earns points for each win, each kachikoshi, and each yusho earned by their team of 8 rikishi. The sections of the banzuke are these: Sanyaku (Y through K) Maegashira Juryo Upper Makushita (Ms1-15 ) Lower Makushita (Ms16-60 plus tsukedashi if any) Sandanme Jonidan Jonokuchi That's it! Simple to understand, difficult to master. The hallmarks of any engaging game. Please send your 8 selections to me before the beginning of action on Shonichi. Itachi: nmatsuo@shaw.ca or by pm here at the forum As a reminder, I am only a temporary caretaker of this game until Oshirokita can address the reconstruction of his system. All banzuke, website, and records updates will be on hold until then but the game itself and results postings will continue here on this thread. Good luck with your picks. Don't forget to check the kyujo list and email any replacements that may become necessary! Itachi
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    On the 6th an important event for fans of contemporary Japanese culture took place. The most famous Japanese Anime creator held his intai press conference. It is really fun to listen to Miyazaki and this is at this scale surely the last chance the other 2 Ghibli members are less interesting. A real good chance to practice Japanese hearing and reading. Hayao Miyazaki full intai press conference 1 2 Text (most contents) these pages may vanish soon are gone second best:http://www.jiji.com/jc/v4?id=201309miyazaki_hayao0001 -6
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    Hakuho is pleased both about Tokyo getting the Olympics and wrestling staying Olympic. He put pictures of his wrestling silver medalist father in his youth on his blog. ->blog page Today he did 15 intense training bouts with Daikiho, Hokaho and Ishiura – knocking out Ishiura at the tachi-ai. With Hokaho: Edit: Both the Hakuho blog and Tospo (again/still) are problematic in respect to linking pictures
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    Hahahaha...Ganzo, you should have been a diplomat! I am in agreement with these two fine gents, in that it's always nice to have a few duds at 67 or 82 etc. that may turn out to be real diamonds. It also adds to the number of possible combinations of teams, reducing the chances of exact duplication, and also...to a small degree...lessens the impact of injured lads in your team as you have more to take up the slack in a large team. One rule I'd like to see, by the way, is if your 9-slot pick withdraws, the others all move up a slot, instead of you having to lose all those points from something that can't be predicted...I think Paper Oyakata does this. Everyone who picked Baruto at 9 in May was totally screwed...not that I am bitter or anything! All this said, I appreciate your hard work in bringing the game to us. Thanks.
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    There are probably a ton of things to say about this picture but mainly I'm stuck between: "Meanwhile in Japan..." or... "Only in Japan"
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    apparently he also wants to become master of the digital henka ;-)
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    Jiji news has an interesting photo gallery. In the style of the WBC (World Baseball Classic) they thought of a WSC: The foreign born rikishi who support sumo. Click on the flag to see the pages of the present sekitori and some older or other rikishi from the specific country. In the photo gallery below each rikishi page are the other rikishi listed from that country – far from complete in respect to former sekitori, esp. Brazil. http://www.jiji.com/jc/v?p=sumo_wbc_index