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    Krindel, thanks for the comments. I will use Mongolian wrestling (bukh) terms more frequently. Yes, bukh match scheduling is very different from that of sumo, but the end results are quite similar. It may seem not very honorable to us lay people, but for avarga things are not that simple. He must have been through countless many tunaa in order to become avarga to start with, that is he must have been left with equally strong and young opponents in multiple rounds for many years. This is actually the most dreaded part for bukh. Many young promising perspectives actually stall, get injured, or simply become old, burning in these tunaa. Naadam takes pace just once a year, and you start getting in tunaa from round 3. If you want to get the lowest state title you will have to overcome at least 2 more tunaa. Advancing further will put you against exponentially stronger opponents. This is literally do or die situation. As a result only the exceptional ones advance to high ranks in bukh. Trouble is not over even after you earned the right to chose. Avarga has to decide on his own and face its consecuences: choose the strongest, fight honorably and possibly be defeated and pass once in a year yusho chance? (you are getting older!) Or choose the weakest one on the face value and again possibly be defeated, not only passing once in a year chance, also dent his avarga honor for being not able to defeat his own choice? In a way this is pretty harsh reality for avarga. All the spectators are smiling and praising him while pushing him towards his possible demise in his own choice. But some do manage to reign in for years. And that is why they are Darkhan Avarga (Giants). For new comers it isn't easy that they have been avoided by avarga. Although that would be the ultimate testament to their rise, there is always someone equally young, hungry and unpredictable. So you are pitted against those one after one. Your fights are likely to take full 40 mins or more time because you are pretty equal and that will drain your energy before the next round. You have to do it at least 5 times in a single day just to be able to reach round 7 and inevitably face avarga. It may sound unfair to us but that is how all avarga become avarga. So the field is pretty even after all. That is why we have a saying: Defeating Avarga is the only way to become Avarga.
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    12th combo (= sekitori simultaneously), but 17th pair to reach the sekitori ranks. Full list courtesy of the 2004.09 banzuke topics (number in brackets = basho as simultaneous sekitori, older brother listed first): 1) Tanikaze, Dategaseki (6) 2) Shakagatake, Inazuma (-) 3) Nishinoumi, Takachihoa (-) 4) Tachiisamib, Wakadachi (-) 5) Tateshio, Tateshio (-) 6) Tsurugamine, Satsumanada (1) 7) Wakanohana, Takanohana (-) 8) Tsunenoyama, Washuyamac (2) 9) Kakureizan, Sakahokod, Terao (K/S 7, S/T 50, K/T -) 10) Wakanohana, Takanohanac (61) 11) Oginohana, Oginishiki (41) 12) Mitoizumi, Umenosato (1) 13) Kitazakura, Toyozakura (43) 14) Tamanokuni, Tamanoshima (8) 15) Asofuji, Aminishikic (36) 16) Roho, Hakurozan (24) a) The Kyokai list gives a sekitori debut date of 1898.05 for him (not 1892.01 as the DB - different individuals?), and also lists a subsequent shikona of Chiyogawa. b) Different reading "Tachiyu" at the DB. c) Younger brother became sekitori first. d) Kakureizan and Sakahoko became sekitori at the same time.
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    Here are a few more pictures from senshuraku - Juryo bouts, Makuuchi dohyo-iri and finally Makuuchi bouts. Tochihiryu's poor basho ended with another loss, this time against Makushita visitor Sagatsukasa who received an extra eighth bout and finished 3-5 with the win. Tochihiryu also got 3 wins and will join Sagatsukasa in Makushita for the Aki basho. In the day's second inter-divisional bout, Takanoyama improved his score to 7-8 with a kakenage win against Kotokuni, who also misses out on kachi-koshi by one win. And finally, lead Makushita Chiyomaru earns his kachi-koshi and Juryo promotion with a win against Oniarashi, who should be heading the other way on the next banzuke. Osunaarashi ends his Juryo debut basho with ten wins, defeating Tanzo on senshuraku. Tokushinho finishes his best-ever basho with ten wins too, beating Asasekiryu on senshuraku. Wakakoyu finally ends his miserable year-long run of make-koshi, getting his eighth win in style with a powerful oshitaoshi win against Daikiho. Ninth win for Asahisho, driving Satoyama back to the edge. Asahisho holds a 6-1 advantage in their head-to-heads. Endo concludes his Juryo debut basho in style, winning the yusho with a 14-1 record and a final day win against fellow ex-Nichidai man Homasho. Homasho is steadily working his way back up the ranks following a shoulder injury. Sotairyu defeats Yoshiazuma. Kotomisen's Juryo debut ends with a 6-9 make-koshi. He won the last bout against Nionoumi, who has had a dismal basho (1-14) due to a knee injury. Both of them will be dropping down to Makushita for the next basho. Homarefuji defeats Kagamio. Close call at the edge, but Seiro's hand touches down first so Tochinowaka gets the win. Tochinowaka will be back in the top division next time. Azumaryu defeats Oiwato. Both finish make-koshi and were fairly anonymous this basho. Kyokushuho defeats Chiyootori. It's make-koshi for these two as well, but they won't fall far. Kyokushuho improves his head-to-head record against Chiyootori to 4-0. Makuuchi dohyo-iri, East and West. Yokozuna Hakuho. Yokozuna Harumafuji. Kitanoumi-rijicho gives his closing address, joined as always on the dohyo by all of the sanyaku rikishi. Jokoryu throws Takanoiwa, probably saving his own Makuuchi spot and denying the promotion for Takanoiwa. Takanoiwa finished the basho with five consecutive losses. Tenkaiho crushes Tamawashi, finishing with ten wins and earning his ticket back to Makuuchi. Tamawashi finishes with ten losses and could drop to Juryo or cling on at the end of Makuuchi. Kaisei ends his good basho with an 11-4 kachi-koshi, defeating debutant Tokushoryu on Senshuraku. Sokokurai completes his return to sumo with a win over Aran. Considering he was out for over two years, Sokokurai has done well to finish with a 6-9 make-koshi. Tamaasuka defeats Sadanofuji. Kitataiki left it late, but finally clinched his kachi-koshi on the last with a win against Kotoyuki. Toyohibiki earns his ninth win with this win against Masunoyama. Fifth consecutive make-koshi for Masunoyama. Veteran Wakanosato likely saved his top division place with a win against Yoshikaze on senshuraku. Both finish 7-8. Ikioi defeats Shotenro. After fourteen torturous days, Daido finally gets his first and only win of the basho against Fujiazuma. Aminishiki defeats Gagamaru. Tochiozan will be back in sanyaku on the next banzuke, collecting ten wins in Nagoya. On senshuraku he beat Takarafuji. Takayasu also will be in sanyaku next time thanks to a solid 9-6 kachi-koshi. His ninth win came against Chiyotairyu, who collapsed in the second half of the basho with only one win from his last seven bouts. Kyokutenho defeats Tokitenku. Shohozan defeats Aoiyama. Shohozan couldn't quite do enough to save his rank, but with a 7-8 he won't drop too far. Goeido saves his Sekiwake rank with a final-day win against Toyonoshima, who look a bit ordinary at times this basho and is on a run of four make-koshi. Myogiryu also saved his Sekiwake rank on senshuraku, defeating Okinoumi. Kakuryu throws Kotooshu. Kisenosato's tsunatori dreams come to an end for now with another senshuraku loss against Kotoshogiku. In the final bout of the basho, Harumafuji restored a little pride with a win against yusho winner Hakuho.
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    The Aftermath: The Isho BIGGER NO FISH?!?!
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    Interior, Kyokai headquarters. Banzuke committee in session (members will not be named, but denoted with letters), Kitanoumi pops in. Rij: "Any ideas on how we sort out this mess??" A; "Sir, this is very complicated- we have 7 certain candidates for demotion and only three for promotion.." Rij: "Tell me something I DON'T know.." B; "Baruto's mother keeps calling me in the middle of the night begging for mercy.." C; "And we have the Egyptian Ambassador on line 4 every other hour saying Oosunaarashi's promotion is imperative towards world peace.." D: "And the "Movement for Clean Sumo" wants us to keep Soukokurai in Makuuchi after all he's been through.." Rij: "How about, just for this basho, we expand Makuuchi to 20 maime?" A: "Sir, that won't sit well with the YDC.." B: "Don't get me started on the YDC.. Tsuruta wants Harumafuji demoted to yobidashi, Kobuta wants Kisenosato promoted to Emperor if he gets a kachikoshi, ANY kachikoshi- he says it's imperative for boosting attendance and for the morale of Japan as a whole, Shibuta wants Hakuhou suspended for being sarcastic.. I don't know.." C: "Endou's barber called and he wants a raise - he says the haircut is what gave him the wins.." D; "And Takanoyama is suing fat!!" Rij, B, C and A: "What??' D: "Yes, suing fat. He says fat doesn't stick to him because he's a gaijin.. He's suing fat!!" Rij: "People, people, let's focus here-we need to announce the Juryo demotions in two days.." The tea lady: "I have an idea, sir.." Everyone stares. She never ever uttered a word before. Some thought she was dead. "How about we use that game's average and make that the Banzuke?' A; "That game?? You mean... THE game? The one not to be mentioned?? THE GAME???" Shudders felt all around the table. Lady: "OK, forget I said anything.." Leaves the room stage right. Rij: "Maybe she has a point there.." C: "But please sir, not THE GAME!!!" Rij: "We are left with no choice. I know I said we won't deal with terrorists in the past, but difficult times call for difficult measures!!" Everyone nods in silence. Tonight, this proclamation will be read in the town square (in Japanese): It''s time to enter your GTB September 2013 guesses!! Rules: Guess the Banzuke. We'll do the rest!! Tiebreakers - Most total guesses, then, we check the banzuke backwards - getting the lower half right will be more important now. The most correct guesses in the last ten places will win the tiebreaker. If still tied , we go up a ranking at a time like a penalty shootout. It's up to you to check if you are on the list of entries. It's going to be your fault if you don't check and you're not on it. No late entries will be accepted. You have about a month, so get to it, pronto!! At the risk of repeating myself- I will not repeat myself! For rules, standings and "how to guard the shitakubeya from unwanted visitors from the past" stuff: http://www.dichne.com/Guess.htm For the entry form: http://sumodb.sumoga...b/GTBEntry.aspx For the "new" archives: http://sumodb.sumoga...gtbarchive.aspx The Art of Banzuke making: http://tossacoin.plnk Deadline- Saturday, August 31st, 2013 at 18:00 GMT ("Goueidou Myougiryuu Takayasu ") Kintamayama, Doitsuyama, Andoreasu(no yama), and Rohou
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    Hallo! :-) I am new here to the forum! I'm Deda (Actually Andrea from Italy.. and I'm sorry guys, Andrea is a male name in Italy B-) ). Well, nice to meet you! I got into Sumo by chance.. back at the time I seen a tv report about a basho in italian Eurosport channel.. "Wow! The fat japanese guys pushing each other!!!" I istantly discovered that there was more, a lot more than that and I istantly became a fan. It was the time of the late Musashimaru. Sadly shortly after I discovered Sumo Eurosport Italy stopped transmitting the bashos and I've been forced to stop following it but for written accounts (on Pippooshu blog, I think he's here too, thanks once more!) because I had no fast internet connection (Italy..). Then came fast internet, the live streaming, the YouTube channels and my interest exploded! :) :) I hope I'll be able to contribute in some way to the forum, although I think I will be far more asking for news rather than giving them.. I'll try my best nonetheless! :) Well.. see you around! :)
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    First year Urasoe middle school Tsuguto Touma (13), 181 cm, 150 kg, from Okinawa, Naha team, aiming to win in the middle school tournament in the kokugikan in August. 8-0 in the preliminaries in Okinawa against older years – as a first year just having made it to the national event is rare. 3 yusho in a row both in 2 national events on primary school level, which can be entered from 4th grade on. Oyakata watching him then: “Unbelievable !” Of course he wants to become a yokozuna in ozumo, eager to enter quickly, becoming one and staying yokozuna for a long time: “I'm also confident regarding my speed.” Oshi-zumo is his basis, but with his 65kg hand grip power he also has a strong left uwatenage. His ideal for a rikishi is Asashoryu. (Mainichi) In comparison with a big kid from the same year.
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    The Matches Haru - Haku Shogi - Kise Kaku - Osh Ozan - Takara Yasu - Chiryu Daido - Fujia Endo - Homa Osuna - Tanzo
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    Career Income from Salary, Basho Bonus and Prize Money ● Until Aki 2013 Name Rank Income ¥ Basho Bonus ¥ Prize Money ¥ Sum ¥ Appr. $ Appr. € Hakuho 276.834.000 117.540.000 274.000.000 668.374.000 6.649.653 5.226.016 Harumafuji 214.422.000 30.088.000 72.400.000 316.910.000 3.152.938 2.477.919 Wakanosato 243.533.178 44.742.000 28.600.000 316.875.178 3.152.591 2.477.647 Miyabiyama 245.771.914 38.498.000 21.000.000 305.269.914 3.037.130 2.386.905 Kyokutenho 240.428.766 39.712.000 22.000.000 302.140.766 3.005.998 2.362.439 Kotooshu 239.390.000 30.548.000 18.600.000 288.538.000 2.870.665 2.256.079 Aminishiki 220.080.000 35.880.000 20.000.000 275.960.000 2.745.526 2.157.731 Takamisakari 184.460.000 26.220.000 12.000.000 222.680.000 2.215.443 1.741.135 Kisenosato 180.008.000 22.012.000 18.500.000 220.520.000 2.193.953 1.724.246 Kotoshogiku 174.312.000 17.952.000 16.000.000 208.264.000 2.072.019 1.628.416 Baruto 158.054.000 17.950.000 30.800.000 206.804.000 2.057.493 1.617.000 Asasekiryu 171.714.000 22.144.000 10.200.000 204.058.000 2.030.173 1.595.530 Takekaze 167.116.000 19.086.000 6.000.000 192.202.000 1.912.218 1.502.827 Toyonoshima 149.708.000 17.916.000 22.300.000 189.924.000 1.889.554 1.485.016 Kakuryu 141.672.000 13.622.000 18.300.000 173.594.000 1.727.087 1.357.331 Kokkai 142.138.000 19.818.000 7.000.000 168.956.000 1.680.943 1.321.067 Tokitenku 146.728.000 15.952.000 4.600.000 167.280.000 1.664.269 1.307.962 Homasho 117.384.000 14.684.000 14.300.000 146.368.000 1.456.215 1.144.451 Yoshikaze 122.934.000 12.936.000 4.400.000 140.270.000 1.395.546 1.096.771 Goeido 111.428.000 12.272.000 15.400.000 139.100.000 1.383.906 1.087.623 Tochiozan 113.380.000 12.726.000 10.300.000 136.406.000 1.357.103 1.066.559 Toyohibiki 98.826.000 10.240.000 10.200.000 119.266.000 1.186.577 932.541 Tochinoshin 88.374.000 9.292.000 8.000.000 105.666.000 1.051.271 826.202 Kitataiki 87.150.000 9.310.000 2.000.000 98.460.000 979.579 769.859 Tamaasuka 80.052.000 9.596.000 5.000.000 94.648.000 941.653 740.053 Aran 79.752.000 8.398.000 6.100.000 94.250.000 937.693 736.941 Bushuyama 78.526.000 7.350.000 4.000.000 89.876.000 894.176 702.740 Tamawashi 78.862.000 7.964.000 2.500.000 89.326.000 888.704 698.440 Kimurayama 75.040.000 7.246.000 4.000.000 86.286.000 858.459 674.670 Shotenro 70.028.000 7.692.000 6.000.000 83.720.000 832.930 654.607 Wakakoyu 72.644.000 7.482.000 2.300.000 82.426.000 820.056 644.489 Okinoumi 62.942.000 6.192.000 4.500.000 73.634.000 732.585 575.744 Hochiyama 63.364.000 6.104.000 2.100.000 71.568.000 712.030 559.590 Gagamaru 56.180.000 5.678.000 6.600.000 68.458.000 681.089 535.273 Tosayutaka 59.444.000 5.704.000 1.300.000 66.448.000 661.091 519.557 Sagatsukasa 57.148.000 5.078.000 2.500.000 64.726.000 643.959 506.093 Myogiryu 38.086.000 3.570.000 14.500.000 56.156.000 558.696 439.084 Satoyama 48.748.000 4.368.000 2.500.000 55.616.000 553.324 434.862 Kaisei 44.394.000 4.136.000 6.000.000 54.530.000 542.519 426.370 Daido 46.466.000 4.228.000 300.000 50.994.000 507.339 398.722 Sadanofuji 44.828.000 3.900.000 2.000.000 50.728.000 504.693 396.642 Oiwato 46.130.000 3.746.000 0 49.876.000 496.216 389.980 Takayasu 40.250.000 3.992.000 4.500.000 48.742.000 484.934 381.114 Shohozan 40.694.000 3.666.000 3.200.000 47.560.000 473.174 371.872 Takarafuji 40.684.000 3.698.000 300.000 44.682.000 444.541 349.369 Tochinowaka 40.684.000 3.822.000 0 44.506.000 442.790 347.992 Masunoyama 37.520.000 3.402.000 2.300.000 43.222.000 430.016 337.953 Fujiazuma 37.632.000 3.460.000 0 41.092.000 408.824 321.298 Aoiyama 33.710.000 3.238.000 2.800.000 39.748.000 395.453 310.790 Ryuo 33.264.000 2.950.000 0 36.214.000 360.293 283.157 Yoshiazuma 32.718.000 3.450.000 0 36.168.000 359.835 282.798 Chiyonokuni 30.758.000 2.784.000 2.200.000 35.742.000 355.597 279.467 Tokushinho 31.080.000 2.438.000 500.000 34.018.000 338.445 265.987 Takanoyama 29.666.000 2.848.000 0 32.514.000 323.482 254.227 Sotairyu 29.554.000 2.452.000 100.000 32.106.000 319.423 251.037 Tenkaiho 29.120.000 2.560.000 300.000 31.980.000 318.169 250.052 Ikioi 26.614.000 2.432.000 2.000.000 31.046.000 308.877 242.749 Kotoyuki 25.956.000 2.230.000 2.000.000 30.186.000 300.321 236.024 Nionoumi 27.482.000 2.500.000 0 29.982.000 298.291 234.429 Chiyotairyu 25.088.000 2.434.000 2.000.000 29.522.000 293.714 230.833 Towanoyama 25.176.128 2.710.000 1.000.000 28.886.128 287.388 225.861 Kyokushuho 23.884.000 2.044.000 2.200.000 28.128.000 279.845 219.933 Asahisho 24.430.000 2.124.000 500.000 27.054.000 269.160 211.535 Tokushoryu 21.266.000 1.772.000 400.000 23.438.000 233.185 183.262 Jokoryu 18.760.000 1.652.000 2.900.000 23.312.000 231.931 182.277 Masuraumi 20.720.000 1.664.000 500.000 22.884.000 227.673 178.930 Chiyootori 19.194.000 1.642.000 200.000 21.036.000 209.287 164.480 Shironoryu 18.648.000 1.588.000 0 20.236.000 201.328 158.225 Homarefuji 17.122.000 1.420.000 500.000 19.042.000 189.449 148.889 Kimikaze 15.050.000 1.252.000 2.500.000 18.802.000 187.061 147.013 Sadanoumi 16.576.000 1.332.000 800.000 18.708.000 186.126 146.278 Akiseyama 16.576.000 1.418.000 600.000 18.594.000 184.992 145.386 Takanoiwa 14.504.000 1.192.000 2.300.000 17.996.000 179.042 140.711 Hokutokuni 14.504.000 1.420.000 400.000 16.324.000 162.407 127.637 Kitaharima 14.504.000 1.154.000 0 15.658.000 155.781 122.430 Daikiho 12.978.000 1.088.000 500.000 14.566.000 144.917 113.892 Tanzo 12.432.000 988.000 1.000.000 14.420.000 143.465 112.750 Dairaido 12.432.000 1.078.000 100.000 13.610.000 135.406 106.417 Oniarashi 10.360.000 1.020.000 500.000 11.880.000 118.194 92.890 Kotoyutaka 10.360.000 960.000 500.000 11.820.000 117.597 92.421 Kotokuni 8.288.000 1.070.000 500.000 9.858.000 98.077 77.080 Azumaryu 8.834.000 742.000 0 9.576.000 95.272 74.875 Kagamio 8.288.000 664.000 0 8.952.000 89.063 69.996 Chiyoarashi 8.288.000 642.000 0 8.930.000 88.845 69.824 Yotsuguruma 6.216.000 606.000 500.000 7.322.000 72.847 57.251 Tochifudo 6.216.000 650.000 300.000 7.166.000 71.295 56.031 Tochihiryu 6.216.000 484.000 400.000 7.100.000 70.638 55.515 Dewaotori 6.216.000 484.000 100.000 6.800.000 67.653 53.169 Arawashi 6.216.000 534.000 0 6.750.000 67.156 52.778 Masakaze 6.216.000 480.000 0 6.696.000 66.619 52.356 Sensho 4.144.000 436.000 800.000 5.380.000 53.526 42.066 Amuru 4.144.000 374.000 500.000 5.018.000 49.924 39.236 Kaonishiki 4.144.000 428.000 100.000 4.672.000 46.482 36.530 Hitenryu 4.144.000 360.000 0 4.504.000 44.810 35.217 Endo 2.072.000 160.000 2.000.000 4.232.000 42.104 33.090 Kizenryu 2.072.000 160.000 700.000 2.932.000 29.170 22.925 Osunaarashi 2.072.000 160.000 600.000 2.832.000 28.176 22.143 Toyonokuni 2.072.000 180.000 500.000 2.752.000 27.380 21.518 Ryuden 2.072.000 160.000 500.000 2.732.000 27.181 21.362 Seiro 2.072.000 160.000 300.000 2.532.000 25.191 19.798 Keitenkai 2.072.000 160.000 200.000 2.432.000 24.196 19.016 Dewanosato 2.072.000 270.000 0 2.342.000 23.301 18.312 Kotomisen 2.072.000 200.000 0 2.272.000 22.604 17.765 Hishofuji 2.072.000 160.000 0 2.232.000 22.206 17.452 Chiyoo 2.072.000 160.000 0 2.232.000 22.206 17.452
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    Hakuho: “Having surpassed that man is nice. Now for some time one should hear no nagging (like100 years early). With this I want to to act big for a while. Hahaha.” Showing: “V 26” and “43” - both goals reached he had before the basho. Both yokozuna on the way to Mongolia – with tsukebito (Ishiura): a leisure trip, in all about 10 rikishi from Mongolian origin were on the same plane: Tokitenku, Kyokutenho, Shotenro etc.
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    no grain of salt here ... i appreciated all of the translations and enjoyed the fact that i can understand more things of the whole naadam. now really .... i will be there once in my life. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Aderechelsea, if you want to spend some hours getting a taste of your future trip, there are clips from 2013 Naadam wrestling tournament from the Mongolian National Broadcaster on Youtube. I think these start from the 6th round and end with the final 9th round and award ceremony. There might be some overlap between the clips, but its super great to watch. I watched almost the full 2 days in 2009 in UB. That year the final ended in near darkness. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4dNPfJUJ1Q http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWTyb5smn2U http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LW7SZWJi8FY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=spCufWVQGCk
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    Just as new sekitori must pick a colour for their honbasho mawashi, newly promoted Juryo gyoji Shikimori Tamasaburo has to choose which colour his new honbasho outfit will be.Follow-up to the above - Shikimori Tamasaburo in his new honbasho outfit, complete with Juryo-rank green and white tassles.
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    Hakuho got the tsuna on the 3rd try, to Kise: “The chance will come”, also calling Endo a handsome man and warning him about getting too much involved with female fans, who should rise in numbers with his popularity and a rise to makuuchi: “If you are careful with that you'll rise high.” In Mongolia he will be mainly be around baseball teams and according to sponichi also plans to be only a spectator at a Nadaam event (I guess the one Wanderer wrote about). 元Asashoryu reacting like a grown-up (by way of his management in Japan): “There are more above me. Please avoid conceit or haughty here and devote yourself to sumo.”
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    Hahaha. One of the best post I have ever read!!!
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    Sorry to keep you waiting... Day 14 Standings Final Standings
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    Hi, I am a big sumo fan since 1992 when I watched sumo for a first time. I am Bulgarian but I am living in Ulaan Baatar right now. If there is a fellow Mongolian here to recommend me some mongol bokh club to train there, I will be grateful. Please PM me. Thank you. By the way, the forum is great. I am reading only, feel myself not knowledgable enough to write yet.
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    Mae-zumo finally is in the database now.
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    i don't think anyone mentioned him this basho but let's all have a moment and think about the best Maegashira around. Of course i am talking about Yoshikaze that finished this basho with a lacklustre 7-8 but was never in real danger of being demoted in Juryo. the guy flew through the bottom 5 divisions back in 2004-2006 and never looked back (well ... he did drop to the top spot of Juryo twice but that was back in 2007. Both times came right back with a 8-7) this basho marked his 6th straight year as a Maegashira (he never was a sanyaku) with just 3 missed bouts in all. That's 36 bashos in a row ranked from M15 to M1. not to mention that in the last 10 tournaments he is ranked between M10 and M6 .... that is a feat to accomplish. so yeah .... if there is a title for the "Master of survival-ism in the depths of Makuuchi", then Yoshikaze should get it. 7 1/5 years since his initial promotion and just 2 bashos in Juryo 1e. (Showing respect...)
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    Meanwhile Kyokutaisei is back in Makushita, on a career high rank. Not bad at all. Amazing feat of this lad, climbing to a new personal high.
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    Ryuo being interviewed by the press following the final bout of his career on Day 13. And with Hakuho and guests at Miyagino-beya's senshuraku party.
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    Day 15: The Sakaigawa duo ensured an easy time for the banzuke makers at least in the early going of Wednesday's session, securing their KKs at the expense of Toyonoshima and Okinoumi. That meant the results of Tochiozan's and Takayasu's earlier matches only determined who's going to be the East komusubi in Aki, and after wins for both it'll be Tochiozan. 8-7 Myogiryu S Goeido 8-7 (x) 7-8 Shohozan K Tokitenku 4-11 (x) M1 Takayasu 9-6 10-5 Tochiozan M2 Not that we had any right to expect differently the way the basho was going, but as Hakuyobaku already outlined above the situation in lower makuuchi is a complete mess. It's actually even slightly less messy than it could have been, as senshuraku victories sent Jokoryu and Wakanosato to definite safety, with Tamaasuka and Sokokurai also winning to perhaps save themselves as well. Only Tamawashi wasn't able to join the party. In juryo Takanoiwa completed his "turnaround", falling from 7-3 to 7-8 and missing out on what would likely have been an extremely generous promotion for an 8-7. Tochinowaka improved to 10-5 and will have first dibs on wherever free spots will materialize in makuuchi. Tenkaiho also reached double digits to become the second proper promotion candidate, while Homasho remained stuck at 9 wins, losing to Endo. The collegiate newcomer's 14-1 record is mathematically promotable but in most tournaments there just aren't enough free spots for it (and in any case a low-rank yusho tends to be discounted in value a bit). This time he's almost certainly going to get promoted, and today's newspapers are in fact treating it as pretty much a done deal already. The below table has had Masunoyama added (as he's relevant to the logjam after falling to MK today even though safe) as well as the next few theoretical promotion contenders in juryo. (x) ky. Baruto M6 ... M10 Chiyonokuni 2-4-9 (x) (x) 1-14 Daido M11 Tochinoshin 3-3-9 (x) M12 (?) 5-10 Tamawashi M13 Jokoryu 6-9 (o) (o) 7-8 Masunoyama M14 Tamaasuka 6-9 (?) (o) 7-8 Wakanosato M15 Sokokurai 6-9 (?) M16 (x) 7-8 Takanoiwa J1 J2 J3 Tochinowaka 10-5 (o) J4 J5 Tenkaiho 10-5 (o) J6 Homasho 9-6 (?) (??) 9-6 Asahisho J7 (??) 9-6 Asasekiryu J8 (??) 9-6 Seiro J9 Osunaarashi 10-5 (??) J10 Tokushinho 10-5 (??) ... J13 Endo 14-1 (o) My personal preference would be along what Hakuyobaku suggested (though with M14 and M15 both flipped East/West) - Daido and the three kyujo rikishi down, with Tochinowaka/Tenkaiho/Endo as the obvious promotions plus Homasho as the lucky 4th. Alternative possibilities: - They decide to go really easy on the kyujo trio; I can sort of see Baruto staying with a bit of a high-rank bonus and a "we don't want to send the ex-ozeki to juryo" bonus, but I'm really struggling to justify keeping Chiyonokuni and Tochinoshin over e.g. Tamawashi and Sokokurai. I could see Baruto staying and Sokokurai dropping, mostly depending on what the collective feeling about Sokokurai is these days. (Bad conscience or anger?) Actually, I could even see Baruto staying and Sokokurai not dropping, cutting the promotion queue to 3 spots which would avoid all massive overpromotions. - They go whole hog and demote everybody who's mathematically on the outs. That would mean the four "normal" demotions plus Tamawashi, Tamaasuka and Sokokurai for 7 free spots, which would presumably add Asahisho, Osunaarashi and Asasekiryu to the promotion queue. My impression remains that they don't like to give such super-lucky promotions to a first-timer, but they could decide that all this is such a mess that they might as well grab some headlines and promote Osunaarashi as well. - The most likely "intermediate" solution I could see would spare Baruto (for the aforementioned reasons) and Tamaasuka (as the best-placed demotable rikishi), for 5 spots. That would add Asahisho as a 5th promotee, which avoids the lucky newcomer issue by cutting the line right in front of Osunaarashi. And Tamaasuka going M14w 6-9 -> M16e or M16w would be somewhat lucky, but not too unusual. For your GTB entry, I suggest drawing up several scenarios and rolling dice to pick one. Short of news leaking early, we'll probably all be surprised on September 2 no matter what they decide to go with. Lower juryo by contrast is much less suspenseful - Nionoumi lost his 14th and should be impossible to keep now, and Oniarashi dropped the exchange bout with Chiyomaru. That installs Chiyomaru at the top of the queue, so it's now (best to worst) Chiyomaru/Wakamisho/Akiseyama/Chiyoo/Kitaharima for the promotees and (worst to best) Tochihiryu/Chiyoarashi/Kotomisen/Nionoumi/Oniarashi for the demotables. Oniarashi already got lucky once (exactly a year ago), so I suppose there's a non-negligible chance that he'll be spared again at the expense of Kitaharima. We'll see if shinpan-fuku-bucho trumps rijicho or not, I guess. J4 Nionoumi 1-14 (x) ... (x) 5-10 Oniarashi J10 J11 (x) 3-12 Tochihiryu J12 (x)4-10-1 Chiyoarashi J13 J14 Kotomisen 6-9 (x) 4-3 Chiyomaru Ms1 Ms2 Akiseyama 4-3 4-3 Chiyoo Ms3 Kitaharima 4-3 6-1 Wakamisho Ms4 Ms5
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    Several years ago, we had several fascinating videos and commentary posted of the wrestling part of the naadam. I have lost track of them. It would be great if some of our Mongolian members would post some videos from this years naadam and some basic descriptions of the ranking system and basics of the match procedures. Here is a link for a brief report how some of the devjee (beya) are preparing for the Naadam. Former yokozuna, kumusubi are acting as oyagata, training their students. At this stage training consists of physical recovery from the year long skills and power training, and plotting their plans, focusing on their opponents individually. Ranking system in Mongolian wrestling goes from top to down like this (please correct me if I made errors here. This is basically what it looks like): 1. Darkhan avarga (dai yokozuna): 4 or more yusho 2. Dayan avrga (world yokozuna): 3 yusho 3. Avarga (national yokozuna): 2 yusho 4. Arslan (lion: ozeki): first yusho 5. Gardi (ozeki): jun yusho 6. Zaan (elephand: sekiwake): 7 wins in single elimination 7. Hartsaga (hawk: kumusubi): 6 wins in single elimination 8. Nachin (falcon: maegeshira): 5 wins in single elimination. These are national titles, equivalent to makuuchi in japanese sumo. The titles are never demoted. Once you get it, you will keep it for life or advance to the next title. These wrestlers all have multiple sponsors, endorsements, and many of them also compete in olympic judo, and free style wrestling as well. Mongolian first olympic gold medalist in 100kg judo currently stands at Hartsaga, which means he was able to win 6 rounds in the single elimination tournament. Hakuho's father is former Darkhan avarga (dai yokozuna) with 6 yusho, five of them consecutive. In other words he reigned in for 5 years. He had to skip 3 Naadam due to competing in olympics, and world championships in free style wrestling. Otherwise he could have won 7-8 yusho. Asashoryu's father is former Zaan, who was able to win 7 rounds in at least 3 Naadam. Hakuho's and Asashoryu's fathers competed in the same era. But Hakuho's father was unstoppable. Asashoryu's older brother is Avarga (yokozuna). Harumafuji's father is also former Zaan, who was able to win 7 rounds in Naadam. His cousin is currently Gardi, who made sensation by winning 8 runds from upper juryo, and taking jun yusho. This year he is one of the favorites everybody is talking about. He is taller than Hakuho, and weighs around 145kg, has nuclear engineering degree. One to watch! Mongolian wrestling used to have no time limit. There were several occasions when the last two standing wrestlers fought more than 4 hours (with water breaks of course). The president must reside over Naadam until the two finishes their bout and must hand down their titles. It became untenable to have no time limit. Currently, bouts for rounds 7 and up have 40 mins regulation time. At 40 mins, wrestler must compete from davhar shuudag grip (two hands on mawashi). Mongolian wrestling takes place on an open field, no constraints on the dohyo. Any nice flat grass surface can be dohyo. Naadam is conducted on a soccer field in the central stadium. There is no tachia, but wrestlers signify their readiness by facing each other with fighting posture. Both wrestlers must be ready, otherwise the other one can not attack. The techniques vary a lot, but may resemble judo, sumo, free style wrestling. There is no pushing out, so the winning must be decisive and clear like uwatanage, or tsuriotoshi. Winning by single technique is extremely rare, so wrestlers usually do multiple tricks in just split second, combining everything. The same goes for the losing wrestler, who counterattacks with multiple tricks until it is over. Cave painting found in Bayanhongor aimag of Mongolia is considered the oldest depiction of organized wrestling match, which shows two wrestlers in the center of spectators. Carbon dating established age of the painting at 7500 years. I hope this helps anyone who wants to know more about mongolian wrestling.