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    Harumafuji is continuing his trend of going zensho or bust, losing his fifth bout already with oshitaoshi to Kisenosato, and unfortunately for him there is no intense yusho race going on to avert the focus from him. Hakuho sealed the yusho yesterday already but is going for the zensho yusho himself tomorrow which would be his first since the run of four consecutive zensho during his 63 wiin streak in 2010. Actually, Harumafuji's 9-5 score can't be that bad considering that he still has a shot at a jun-yusho with just Okinoumi and Takarafuji are ahead of him at 10-4. Myogiryu went on a 5-0 run and all but secured his return to the komusubi spot vacated from Aminishiki as the two M4 Shohozan and Toyonoshima fell to 7-7 after bad streaks for them (1-5 and 0-4). Juryo yusho leader Azumaryu was able to send lead juryo Kotoyuki finally to make-koshi and he is in the better position to win the yusho as co-leader Kyokushuho fell behind losing to an amazing recovery move from Satoyama, a turn-around tottari. The two contenders meet tomorrow and Kyokushuho must win two times to get the yusho. Day 14JuryoJ12w Kagamio (7-7) uwatenage J12e Akiseyama (7-7)J11e Kimurayama (6-8) hikiotoshi Ms3e Kotokuni (3-4)J9w Tokushinho (6-8) oshidashi J14e Hochiyama (4-10)J11w Asasekiryu (10-4) uwatenage J7e Wakakoyu (6-8)J13e Nionoumi (9-5) kotenage J7w Oniarashi (6-8)J6e Tamaasuka (7-7) yorikiri J14w Sensho (4-10)J13w Tochihiryu (8-6) oshidashi J6w Tanzo (6-8)J8w Takanoyama (6-8) tsukidashi J5e Tokushoryu (6-8)J5w Tenkaiho (7-7) tsukiotoshi J9e Miyabiyama (2-12)J10w Yoshiazuma (5-9) yorikiri J3e Asahisho (8-6)J3w Chiyootori (9-5) oshidashi J4w Takanoiwa (7-7)J10e Satoyama (8-6) tottari J2e Kyokushuho (11-3)J8e Azumaryu (12-2) uwatenage J1w Kotoyuki (6-8)MakuuchiJ4e Homarefuji (9-5) oshidashi M15w Sotairyu (4-10)M14e Chiyonokuni (7-7) uwatenage J2w Daikiho (8-6)M10e Takarafuji (10-4) yorikiri M15e Daido (7-7)M11w Jokoryu (9-5) yorikiri M9w Yoshikaze (8-6)M8e Aoiyama (9-5) oshidashi M9e Fujiazuma (8-6)M8w Kyokutenho (7-7) kimedashi M16e Oiwato (5-9)M12w Masunoyama (6-8) hatakikomi M7w Toyohibiki (6-8)M6e Gagamaru (5-9) oshidashi M16w Wakanosato (8-6)M13w Sadanofuji (8-6) oshidashi M5e Aran (8-6)M12e Shotenro (7-7) yorikiri M5w Kaisei (3-11)M11e Takekaze (8-6) oshidashi M4e Toyonoshima (7-7)M3e Tokitenku (5-9) hatakikomi M10w Tamawashi (4-10)M2w Myogiryu (8-6) yorikiri M1e Takayasu (4-10)M3w Ikioi (3-11) shitatenage M1w Tochinoshin (6-8)K1e Tochiozan (9-5) katasukashi M6w Kitataiki (9-5)S1e Goeido (9-5) yorikiri M7e Okinoumi (10-4)K1w Aminishiki (6-8) yorikiri S1w Baruto (8-6)O2w Kotoshogiku (8-6) yorikiri M4w Shohozan (7-7)O1e Kisenosato (9-5) oshitaoshi Y1e Harumafuji (9-5)Y1w Hakuho (14-0) yorikiri O2e Kakuryu (8-6)Day 15JuryoJ14e Hochiyama (4-10) J14w Sensho (4-10)Ms5w Chiyoo (4-2) J10w Yoshiazuma (5-9)J9w Tokushinho (6-8) J8w Takanoyama (6-8)J9e Miyabiyama (2-12) J7w Oniarashi (6-8)J10e Satoyama (8-6) J6w Tanzo (6-8)J6e Tamaasuka (7-7) J12e Akiseyama (7-7)J11e Kimurayama (6-8) J5w Tenkaiho (7-7)J5e Tokushoryu (6-8) J7e Wakakoyu (6-8)J12w Kagamio (7-7) J4w Takanoiwa (7-7)J13w Tochihiryu (8-6) J3w Chiyootori (9-5)J3e Asahisho (8-6) J13e Nionoumi (9-5)J11w Asasekiryu (10-4) J2w Daikiho (8-6)J2e Kyokushuho (11-3) J8e Azumaryu (12-2)MakuuchiM16e Oiwato (5-9) J4e Homarefuji (9-5)M14e Chiyonokuni (7-7) M13w Sadanofuji (8-6)J1w Kotoyuki (6-8) M12w Masunoyama (6-8)M16w Wakanosato (8-6) M11w Jokoryu (9-5)M11e Takekaze (8-6) M15w Sotairyu (4-10)M10w Tamawashi (4-10) M9w Yoshikaze (8-6)M9e Fujiazuma (8-6) M10e Takarafuji (10-4)M8e Aoiyama (9-5) M6w Kitataiki (9-5)M5e Aran (8-6) M15e Daido (7-7)M8w Kyokutenho (7-7) M3w Ikioi (3-11)M3e Tokitenku (5-9) M12e Shotenro (7-7)M7e Okinoumi (10-4) M2w Myogiryu (8-6)M7w Toyohibiki (6-8) M1w Tochinoshin (6-8)M1e Takayasu (4-10) M6e Gagamaru (5-9)M5w Kaisei (3-11) K1w Aminishiki (6-8)K1e Tochiozan (9-5) M4e Toyonoshima (7-7)S1e Goeido (9-5) M4w Shohozan (7-7)S1w Baruto (8-6) O2w Kotoshogiku (8-6)O1e Kisenosato (9-5) O2e Kakuryu (8-6)Y1e Harumafuji (9-5) Y1w Hakuho (14-0)
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    Penultimate day of the basho, lots of lower division bout pictures again today, and plenty of them kachi-koshi/make-koshi deciders. Main entrance and ticket office. In Jonokuchi, Shimada got his kachi-koshi at the expense of fellow newbie Hamagami. Injury-returnee Tanahashi was too powerful for Morimune, and Kaiho finished with five wins, today beating Hamaminato who is also coming back from a two-basho absence. In Jonidan, Azumahikari got the second kachi-koshi of his career with a win against Kotouruga, who finished with his sixth consecutive make-koshi. Rikiyushi matched that with a loss against Kidai in the next bout. Ginseizan got his third win with a speedy win against Higohikari. (Clapping wildly...) Daikoyama got his fifth win against Miyake, in a bout where both rikishi already had their kachi-koshi. Mixed fortunes for Sadogatake-beya - Kotoomura fell to make-koshi against Kitasatsuma, but Kotonoshima reached kachi-koshi against Mimanishiki thanks to the shinpan, who overturned the gyoji's original decision and gave Kotonoshima the win. Kaishun gets his kachi-koshi by thrusting down Hisatsukasa, while veteran Daigonishiki eventually got the better of a spirited Yoshinofuji, getting his fifth win with a kimedashi. Mixed fortunes again for Sadogatake-beya - Kotozensho eventually ran out of space and was pushed out to make-koshi by Yamamoto. Two bouts later, Kototora got his kachi-koshi with a win against Kitanomine. Asaryuho got his kachi-koshi with a turnaround shitatenage, so Wakatoohashi just misses out on getting back-to-back kachi-koshi for the first time in his career. Meanwhile, Toseima put the Daishohama down in a bout between two rikishi who've had a rather poor tournament. Teraofuji and Daiyushi both sealed their kachi-koshi today, defeating Hibikiryu and Sasano respectively. Kotomatsuo got a hard-earned fifth win, withstanding a pull-down attempt and a tsuppari barrage from Hatakeyama. And Hazukiyama made short work of Tosa, getting kachi-koshi with a hatakikomi. As Vikanohara mentioned, this one had an odd ending. Nakashima seemed to stun himself when he charged into Sato, and then stumbled backwards and out of the dohyo. Sato gets his kachi-koshi; Nakashima gets a headache, probably. Rounding off the Jonidan pics, Tamatoryo finished 3-4 with a nice sukuinage against Nakazono. After a couple of false starts Wakakoki got his kachi-koshi by sending Tamakaizan into the expensive seats. And Sumanoumi got the same result with a yoritaoshi win over Kanryu. Into Sandanme, and we start with another kachi-koshi clinching yoritaoshi win, this time for Ebisumaru against Mitani. Raomaru also sealed his kachi-koshi at the expense of Oh, No! Joe! Tosahikari got his kachi-koshi thanks to the shinpan, who overturned the gyoji's original decision that Barikimaru had won. Kasugashima got his kachi-koshi in a more straightforward manner, forcing Asakoki out with yorikiri. Veteran Hienriki got his fifth win, and improved his head-to-head record against Isshinryu to 3-0. Kotodairyu sent Kawaraumi out in a bout between two already-make-koshi men. Mixed fortunes for Kasugano-beya this time. Tochinosato goes out while Daishoiwa stays balanced on the tawara (but both had kachi-koshi already). And Tochinoshima clinched his kachi-koshi by pushing out Kasugaryu. Finally, Torugawa secured his sixth promotion back to Makushita with a win today against Nishiuchi. In Makushita, we start with a couple of shitatenage. Meisei toppled Ikinoshima at the edge, but both men are make-koshi and should be Sandanme in Mei May. And Chiyoshoma secured his kachi-koshi against Akinoyama, who is more than twice his weight. Daigofuji and Musashiumi both finished with a fifth win, against Nogami and Hokkairyu respectively. Iwasaki pushes out Buseizan, while Takageppo gets his kachi-koshi with a shitatehineri win against Tatsu. Fukugoriki gets kachi-koshi with a quick oshidashi win against Masunosho, while Kitaharima adds an extra boost to his Juryo return with a fifth win against Sakaguchi.
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    I was watching that bout live this morning and literally facepalmed at the end. Rushing into the bout and trying to overwhelm his opponent wasn't the worst idea, but how boneheaded do you have to be to keep up the blind bull rush even after you've been put into a disadvantageous position? It's not like he's a one-trick pony who just doesn't have any other options, his yotsu work is actually competent enough for this level. I've said it before, Tatsu just doesn't seem to have any tactical intuition at all. If he can't overcome that, his only way out of upper makushita will be the natural way, i.e. his body getting stronger and more mature as he gets a few years older. Unfortunately, if it reaches that point we can probably retire the "next great Japanese hope" tag for him and treat him as just another kid who might be sekiwake someday if he's lucky. I really do hope I'm wrong.
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    Kotokuni lost in his second (and last) chance for the kachi-koshi too, this time to Kimurayama in a juryo visit. Since Yoshiazuma won again, I'm not so sure about four promotions anymore. Seiro's loss to him yesterday didn't cost him the fourth promotion spot after all, but may have saved Yoshiazuma if the veteran wins tomorrow too. Kitaharima solidified his upcoming juryo rank with a fifth win, beating Sakaguchi. JonokuchiJk8w Shimada (4-3) yoritaoshi Jk9w Hamagami (3-4)Jk5w Tanahashi (3-1) tsukitaoshi Jk13w Morimune (3-4)Jk9e Kaiho (5-2) oshitaoshi Jk3w Hamaminato (4-3)JonidanJd94w Azumahikari (4-3) yorikiri Jd94e Kotouruga (3-4)Jd92e Kidai (4-3) uwatenage Jd90w Rikiyushi (3-4)Jd87e Ginseizan (3-4) tsukidashi Jd86e Higohikari (2-5)Jd87w Daikoyama (5-2) hikiotoshi Jd83e Miyake (4-3)Jd82e Kitasatsuma (4-3) hatakikomi Jd79w Kotoomura (3-4)Jd77w Kotonoshima (4-3) yoritaoshi Jd81e Mimanishiki (3-4)Jd75e Kaishun (4-3) tsukiotoshi Jd76w Hisatsukasa (3-4)Jd70w Daigonishiki (5-2) kimedashi Jd78e Yoshinofuji (4-3)Jd73w Yamamoto (4-3) oshidashi Jd68e Kotozensho (3-4)Jd62e Fujihisashi (3-4) yorikiri Jd67e Daishi (2-5)Jd65e Kototora (4-3) yorikiri Jd60e Kitanomine (3-4)Jd58w Asaryuho (4-3) shitatenage Jd57e Wakatoohashi (3-4)Jd56e Kumamoto (5-2) oshidashi Jd63e Kirimaru (4-3)Jd55e Toseima (2-5) hatakikomi Jd57w Daishohama (1-6)Jd52w Teraofuji (4-3) yorikiri Jd50w Hibikiryu (3-4)Jd49w Chikarayama (5-2) okuridashi Jd49e Asanoshima (4-3)Jd45e Kai (4-3) yorikiri Jd43e Hakkairyu (3-4)Jd40e Okunidake (3-4) tsukitaoshi Jd46e Hikarugenji (2-5)Jd35e Daiyushi (4-3) hatakikomi Jd39e Sasano (3-4)Jd33e Kotomatsuo (5-2) oshitaoshi Jd40w Hatakeyama (4-3)Jd27w Azumanami (4-3) yorikiri Jd34w Hirose (3-4)Jd25w Hazukiyama (4-3) hatakikomi Jd29w Tosa (3-4)Jd24w Sato (4-3) koshikudake Jd28e Nakashima (3-4)Jd22e Daishojo (5-2) uwatenage Jd25e Arishima (4-3)Jd18e Kumao (4-3) uwatenage Jd21e Tamaisshin (3-4)Jd17e Tamatoryo (3-4) sukuinage Jd12w Nakazono (2-5)Jd11e Wakakoki (4-3) oshidashi Jd16w Tamakaizan (3-4)Jd10e Hokutohana (4-3) oshidashi Jd16e Hanakaze (3-4)Jd1w Sumanoumi (4-3) yoritaoshi Jd8e Kanryu (3-4)Jd1e Kaito (4-3) oshidashi Jd6w Owada (3-4)SandanmeSd98e Kototsubasa (5-2) yorikiri Jd4w Sadanosato (4-3)Sd97w Teraoumi (5-2) yorikiri Jd3e Hokutomori (4-3)Sd99w Koshinonami (4-3) yoritaoshi Sd94w Sakabe (3-4)Sd92e Terunosato (2-5) yorikiri Jd5w Okuniyama (1-6)Sd91e Ebisumaru (4-3) yoritaoshi Sd93w Mitani (3-4)Sd83w Mutsukaze (3-4) tsukiotoshi Sd85e Fujiarashi (2-5)Sd85w Raomaru (4-3) uwatenage Sd82e Onojo (3-4)Sd79e Tokiarashi (5-2) yorikiri Sd87e Suekawa (4-3)Sd75w Tosahikari (4-3) uwatedashinage Sd80e Barikimaru (3-4)Sd74w Rikito (4-3) oshidashi Sd77w Ryuseio (3-3)Sd72e Hatachijo (2-5) tsukiotoshi Sd83e Kasugasato (1-6)Sd70w Rikishin (5-2) hatakikomi Sd73e Dangan (4-3)Sd67e Arajishi (3-4) oshidashi Sd73w Satonofuji (2-5)Sd67w Kasugashima (4-3) yorikiri Sd62e Asakoki (3-4)Sd57w Tochinobori (4-3) yorikiri Sd61w Fujinokaze (3-4)Sd60w Ryuozan (4-3) yorikiri Sd56e Maenofuji (3-4)Sd56w Shibahara (4-3) yorikiri Sd53w Kakutaiki (3-4)Sd49w Daichi (4-3) oshidashi Sd52w Gorikiyama (3-4)Sd48w Takamiryu (4-3) tsukiotoshi Sd47e Daishokaku (3-4)Sd44w Amuru (5-2) okuridashi Sd46w Kyokuhozan (4-3)Sd40w Kotokensei (5-2) oshidashi Sd42w Kenho (4-3)Sd38w Kotodaigo (4-3) yorikiri Sd44e Kainokura (3-4)Sd36e Kisenowaka (4-3) oshidashi Sd41w Ogifuji (3-4)Sd29e Hienriki (5-2) yoritaoshi Sd39w Isshinryu (4-3)Sd28e Kotodairyu (3-4) shitatedashinageSd25w Kawaraumi (2-5)Sd24e Aratoshi (4-3) oshidashi Sd32e Sotenryu (3-4)Sd20w Daishoiwa (5-2) uwatedashinage Sd27w Tochinosato (4-3)Sd20e Hakunishiki (5-2) yorikiri Sd26w Ota (4-3)Sd21w Okinofuji (4-3) oshidashi Sd17w Hamaeiko (3-4)Sd14w Kasuganami (2-5) yorikiri Sd11w Asanotosa (1-6)Sd16e Tochinoshima (4-3) oshidashi Sd9w Kasugaryu (3-4)Sd7e Torugawa (4-3) oshidashi Sd8e Nishiuchi (3-4)Sd2w Kisomitsuru (4-3) tsukihiza Sd6e Kotokuzan (3-4)Sd10e Hitachigo (3-4) oshidashi Sd1w Daionami (2-5)MakushitaMs59e Sadanishiki (4-3) hatakikomi Sd1e Daiseiho (3-4)Ms54e Kotootori (2-5) katasukashi Sd5w Tochihayate (1-6)Ms51e Meisei (3-4) shitatenage Ms55w Ikinoshima (2-5)Ms53e Kaorufuji (4-3) yorikiri Ms48w Fujinoumi (3-4)Ms46w Katsunofuji (3-4) oshitaoshi Ms50w Aonosho (2-5)Ms41e Chiyoshoma (4-3) shitatenage Ms47e Akinoyama (3-4)Ms38w Matsumoto (4-3) tsukidashi Ms38e Wakaryusei (3-4)Ms39w Daigofuji (5-2) uwatenage Ms32e Nogami (4-3)Ms30e Musashiumi (5-2) yorikiri Ms36w Hokkairyu (4-3)Ms30w Kotokobai (3-4) oshitaoshi Ms28e Wakakeisho (2-5)Ms26e Dairaido (4-3) oshidashi Ms31w Kotofukuju (3-4)Ms28w Iwasaki (3-4) oshidashi Ms24w Buseizan (2-5)Ms26w Takageppo (4-3) shitatehineri Ms21w Tatsu (3-4)Ms16w Saishin (4-3) yoritaoshi Ms19e Shoketsu (3-4)Ms15e Fukugoriki (4-3) oshidashi Ms18e Masunosho (3-4)Ms14e Masakaze (3-4) oshidashi Ms18w Kazafuzan (2-5)Ms16e Byakko (2-5) yorikiri Ms9w Shironoryu (1-3)Ms6w Kotomisen (4-3) oshidashi Ms5e Higonojo (3-4)Ms1e Kitaharima (5-2) oshidashi Ms10w Sakaguchi (4-3)
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    Oh I have to share this nice painting from moto Kototsurugi to celebrate Hakuho's yusho :-)
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    Only one bout will be on Senshuraku. Now we know too, whic h bouts take not place. There are 6 X boutsbut they brought only all i all 6 points for 5 players. This is the new ranking table: Rk Player . . . . .Pts .1 Kuroimori. . . .10 .2 Tsubame. . . . . 9 .3 Mmikasazuma. . . 9 .4 Flohru . . . . . 9 .5 Fujisan. . . . . 9 .6 Peeter . . . . . 8 .7 Yamasanzan . . . 8 .8 Holleshoryu. . . 8 .9 Susanoo. . . . . 8 10 Wamahada . . . . 7 11 Bugman . . . . . 7 12 Ronnie . . . . . 7 13 Profomisakari. . 7 14 Pandaazuma . . . 7 15 Screeching Owl . 7 16 Achiyama . . . . 6 17 Jejima . . . . . 6 18 Tochinofuji. . . 5 19 Chisaiyama . . . 5 20 Takanorappa. . . 5 21 Asojima. . . . . 4 22 Terarno. . . . . 3 And now a little exercise: Do we have a winner or must we wait until tomorrows great Yokozuna final?? Try it to find out! I say: Congratulations Kuroimori! But details tomorrow!! Profomisakari
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    Just a handful from the sekitori divisions today. Dohyo-iri - Juryo East and West. Satoyama did a neat spin and won against Kyokushuho. (Applauding...) I really want to see Satoyama back in Makuuchi. Meanwhile, Azumaryu survived a mono-ii about a possible hair pull to beat Kotoyuki, and move into the sole lead of Juryo. Dohyo-iri - Makuuchi East and West, Yokozuna. Full house number nine. Popularity Poll Results for Day 14 Makuuchi 1-2-2: Kisenosato / Ikioi & Masunoyama (tied) Juryo 1-2-3: Nionoumi / Satoyama / Azumaryu
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    Day 15: And we're done here one day early as all rikishi have decided their fates. Hakuho beat Kakuryu to reach his target and deny his opponent's, so all that's left to say is: Congratulations Achiyama! (Yusho winner...) Final standings: Day 15: 14/14 Decisions, TB 13 Pos Player Pts TB 1 Achiyama 13 13 2 kuroimori 11 13 3 Asashosakari 10 13 4 Asojima 10 14 4 Doitsuyama 10 11 4 Jejima 10 18 4 Pandaazuma 10 14 4 ryafuji 10 16 9 Fay 9 13 10 Vikanohara 9 16 11 ScreechingOwl 8 15 12 Holleshoryu 7 17 12 Mmikasazuma 7 15 14 Profomisakari 4 12 It's quite possibly the most dominant LKS victory ever, with Achiyama not only getting 13 out of 14 selections right (the only miss: Fujiazuma), but also hitting the correct tiebreaker score. The last 4 TB decisions went down with MKs for Kotokuni (sigh) and Kotokuzan (no, not a Sadogatake rikishi), and KKs for Kotomisen and Sadanishiki. All in all, four players managed to guess the TB score correctly, tying the all-time record set last basho. Lineup for Natsu basho: 1. Hakuho 37 2. Kisenosato 14 3. Harumafuji 13 4. Kakuryu 13 5. Chiyoarashi 7 Meisei 6 6. Azumaryu 6 Kawanari 5 Byakko 5 7. Osunaarashi 6* Mitoyutaka 5 Tsugaruumi 5* 8. Fujiazuma 5 Sensho 4 9. Kotomisen 5 10. Hamaguchi 5* 11. Takatoshi 5 12. Daigofuji 5 13. Sadanishiki 5 14. Goeido 4 15. Tochiozan 4 16. Kyokushuho 4 17. Homarefuji 4 18. Kagamio 4 (?) 19. Kamei 4 Kagamio is actually still making up his mind on his ballot inclusion, so it'll be either 18 or 19 entries. Weirdly, it looks as though the backup squad will only have 4 rikishi for May...that's by far the lowest number of 4-KK rikishi in the lower divisions I can recall since this game began. Contrary to the current rules I will probably be opening up Tochiozan's selection to specific win-loss guesses as well - after consecutive meatgrinder results of 10-5, 8-7, and now 9-6 or 10-5, I'm worried about everybody selecting for a KK otherwise. That's all for this edition, thanks for playing! (I am not worthy...)
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    Day 14: Chiyonokuni battled to safety against promotion contender Daikiho today, and Masunoyama also saved himself, leaving just Tamawashi in danger of demotion. However, from his position and with too few really strong promotees even a 4-11 might be seeing him stay in the end. We'll have to wait and see what the juryo guys do tomorrow. What they did today were a possibly promotion-clinching win for Chiyootori and the long-delayed end of Kotoyuki's repromotion hopes. The latter was beaten by Azumaryu who has also done enough numerically now, but probably should add a 13th win tomorrow to really impress the banzuke committee and make sure of his promotion. Daikiho (in makuuchi) and Asahisho (against Yoshiazuma) lost and definitely need to win tomorrow. Homarefuji scored a victory today and is actually in the best position to grab the 4th open slot for now; as he can still fall behind the two 8-6'ers he's by no means sure of promotion though. M10 Tamawashi 4-10 (1) M11 M12 Masunoyama 6-8 (o) (x) 0-7-7 Tochinowaka M13 (o) 7-7 Chiyonokuni M14 Sagatsukasa 2-6-6 (x) M15 Sotairyu 4-10 (x) (x) 5-9 Oiwato M16 J1 Kotoyuki 6-8 (x) (o) 11-3 Kyokushuho J2 Daikiho 8-6 (1) (1) 8-6 Asahisho J3 Chiyootori 9-5 (?) (1) 9-5 Homarefuji J4 ... (?) 12-2 Azumaryu J8 Up for tomorrow: Masunoyama-Yoshikaze (8-6), Daikiho-Asasekiryu (10-4), Asahisho-Nionoumi (9-5), Chiyootori-Tochihiryu (8-6), Homarefuji-Oiwato (same university, hmm...), and the yusho decider between Azumaryu and Kyokushuho. Down in juryo there's also just one endangered rikishi now after Kagamio and Kimurayama achieved their last needed win, the latter beating Kotokuni and removing him from the promotion race. :-( Yoshiazuma also won but still has to win on senshuraku as well. Unsurprisingly he's been set against Chiyoo for that bout, and as it stands this bout is likely a direct exchange possibility as Chiyoo should be ahead of Seiro if he wins. (Either way, it does look like the banzuke committee - and Shikoroyama-oyakata personally - will have to decide between Homasho and Seiro, either as the 4th or the 5th potential exchange.) Higonojo also finished 3-4, losing to Kotomisen, apparently the latest product off the Sadogatake late-bloomer assembly line, while Kitaharima won and will probably put a bit of distance between himself and the bottom of juryo for May. (?) kyujo Homasho J1 ... (x) 2-12 Miyabiyama J9 J10 Yoshiazuma 5-9 (1) (o) 6-8 Kimurayama J11 J12 Kagamio 7-7 (o) J13 (x) 4-10 Hochiyama J14 Sensho 4-10 (x) 5-2 Kitaharima Ms1 Ms2 (x) 3-4 Kotokuni Ms3 Seiro 4-3 6-1 Chiyoarashi Ms4 (x) 3-4 Higonojo Ms5 Chiyoo 4-2 Ms6 7-0 Kamei Ms7
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    I don't drink and don't bet (no, I am not religious) but I think Harumafuji still has it for a couple of Yusho more. The bad part is that we will have to swallow many sorry performances like this. Sometimes he looks like a rag doll Yokozuna. Shohozan is nowhere close to being a young promise, but nevertheless it is so good to watch him. He is clever, makes smart and quick moves, unlike some of his foes used to running around like headless chickens. Still on the bright side of the basho, Aminishiki "never ceases to amaze" Kintamayama, Goeido is on track to an Ozeki-run (should he win tomorrow) and Kyokutenho has - so far - steered away from his first make-koshi below the meatgrinder in ages. Also, Kyokushuho does what one would normally expect from him. The bad part of the basho as far as the rikishi I follow are concerned, are Kotokuni, Fujinoumi and Tatsu's make-koshi. The third showing his temporary inability to move past this mid-high makushita plateau. I'd decline to comment on Miyabiyama. Kaisei is simply too slow and there must some additional problem with his mobility this time. And the Baraki Bronson guy won 6 in Jonokuchi. Congratulations !!! (but I don't think it is very auspicious, though). Have a nice day !
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    Wakanosato, kachi-koshi at the lower makuuchi rank, with a smiling face: "Before the basho I underwent knee surgery and I felt a bit anxious. Thinking I can still carry on in makuuchi makes me happy." 若の里 幕尻で勝ち越す。「場所前に膝の手術を受けて不安だった。また幕内で取れると思ったらうれしい」と笑顔。 Takarafuji, two consecutive kachi-koshi for the first time (in makuuchi I presume): "I think having a feeling beforehand of wanting to go out is good. I can be conscious of that and use it. (?)" 宝富士 初の2場所連続勝ち越し。「前に出ようとする気持ちがいいのだと思う。(課題の)右も意識して使えている」 Kitataiki, keeping his 3 loss record; on the topic of the yuushou arasoi: "I'm not thinking about it. As I haven't got double digit wins in a long time, I want to get there." 北太樹 3敗を守る。優勝争いの話題に「考えてないですよ。ずっと2桁勝ってないので、久しぶりに乗せたい」。 Kisenosato, not being able to stop Hakuhou doing his thing alone up there. Plenty of fighting spirit, but replying disappointedly and briefly: "There's nothing good about this (the sumou)." 稀勢の里 白鵬の独走を止められず。気合十分だったが、「(相撲で)いいところはない」。ふがいなさそうに一言。 Sorry, I didn't manage to do these yesterday either.
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    @7:17 Could be a boredom-related injury?
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    congrats those guys in japan do not even get the simpliest of torikumi right ;-)
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    I should have them and I upload them later.
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    Joukouryuu, first kachi-koshi in makuuchi. After the sith win collecting four consecutive losses: "It was long. The remaining two bouts I want to go all out and do good sumou." 常幸龍 幕内で初の勝ち越し。6勝目からの4連敗があり「長かった。残り2番は思い切り、いい相撲を取りたい」。 Tochiouzan, consecutive kachi-koshi in sanyaky for the first time: "Having defeated all oozeki, if I had gone make-koshi that would have been hard to imagine. It was good I could get back the offense." 栃煌山 三役での連続勝ち越しは初めて。「大関全員に勝っても、負け越したら何も言えない。攻め返せて良かった」 Goueidou, complete defeat against Hakuhou, bitterly: "I wanted to live up to the expectations somehow, but... (At the harite of the yokozuna) I unfortunately turned away." 豪栄道 白鵬に完敗。「どうにかして期待に応えたかったが。(横綱の張り手で)横を向いてしまった」と悔しがる。 Harumafuji, chance of presenting an obstacle for Hakuhou's zenshou on senshuuraku, with spirit: "At least something like that. I'll do my best with complete devotion." 日馬富士 千秋楽は白鵬の全勝阻止が懸かる可能性も。「せめてそれくらいは。全身全霊でベストを尽くす」と闘志。
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    No promotion bouts in makushita, except one disguised as the yusho decider between Kamei and Takakiho. Kamei won to take the yusho and to finally secure his juryo debut five years after his hatsu dohyo in Haru 2008. Kamei quickly shot up to mid makushita with a 20-1 record, but hit the wall to stall there for three years. In the last year he made progress with consistent kachi-koshi in higher regions (only one 3-4 make-koshi in the last nine basho), and I think his sumo is good enough to stay in juryo. He will be 28 years old next basho, but might have a few productive years in him, at least I hope so. Endo and Osunaarashi are two more talents who got a favourable matchup for there last bout, and both had easy wins as well to finish 5-2 and 6-1 respectively, scores which hint of a rather short time remaining in the lower divisions for these rikishi. Seiro lost to Yoshiazuma in juryo, a loss which may hurt him a lot as Kotokuni now has the chance to snatch a possible fourth promotion away from him if he wins against Kimurayama in his juryo visit tomorrow. The undefeated rikishi in the other divisions were in action today too with some expected outcomes as both jonidan rikishi lost to Tosayutaka and Ishiura, leading to a sandanme kettei-sen between Wakarikido and Tosayutaka and a nine rikishi jonidan playoff. Ishiura won the jonokuchi yusho as the sole 7-0 rikishi in the smallest division (one rikishi less than juryo). JonokuchiJk11e Kimishima (4-3) shitatedashinageJk11w Tamaseiryo (3-4)Jk7w Majima (4-3) hatakikomi Jk10w Umetsu (3-4)Jk4e Ryokizan (1-0) yorikiri Jk2e Okino (0-7)JonidanJk3e Hokutoo (1-0) tsukidashi Jd93w Azumayama (1-6)Jk6e Omori (5-2) uwatedashinage Jd92w Kozakura (3-4)Jk10e Baraki (6-1) oshidashi Jd89w Mihamaumi (4-3)Jk8e Kotoseigo (6-1) oshidashi Jd85e Koseki (5-2)Jd89e Sadanohana (4-3) kotenage Jd84e Haruminato (3-4)Jd84w Chibahibiki (3-4) yorikiri Jd83w Daishiryu (2-5)Jk7e Onosho (6-1) yorikiri Jd75w Takasaito (5-2)Jd73e Masutenryu (6-1) isamiashi Jd69w Kurenishiki (5-2)Jd68w Kototaiko (4-3) yorikiri Jd74e Itako (3-4)Jd65w Setonishiki (4-3) oshidashi Jd66w Kotoyamato (3-4)Jd66e Sakaefuji (6-1) oshitaoshi Jd64e Ako (5-2)Jd63w Wakahizen (4-3) oshidashi Jd59w Amanowaka (3-4)Jd59e Hayate (6-1) oshidashi Jd55w Ariake (5-2)Jd54e Daishofuji (4-3) yorikiri Jd51e Shobimaru (3-4)Jd50e Hokutoryu (3-4) yorikiri Jd52e Dewataikai (2-5)Jk6w Ishiura (7-0) shitatenage Jd47e Tokutaiho (6-1)Jd44e Sakura (5-2) uwatenage Jd47w Hamadayama (4-3)Jd46w Tokkoriki (4-3) sukuinage Jd43w Kyokuhikari (3-4)Jd42w Daishoko (5-2) oshidashi Jd41e Koju (4-3)Jd35w Kainowaka (4-3) yorikiri Jd42e Kato (3-4)Jd33w Tanno (3-4) uwatenage Jd34e Kisenishiki (2-5)Jd41w Kawashita (6-1) hatakikomi Jd29e Fujinowaka (5-2)Jd26e Taguchi (5-2) hikiotoshi Jd30w Tsubomi (4-3)Jd23e Azumasho (1-6) oshidashi Jd91e Sadaisamu (0-7)Jd18w Oisato (4-3) sukuinage Jd23w Motokiyama (3-4)Jd36e Hitenryu (6-1) yorikiri Jd14e Gonoumi (5-2)Jd13w Hakunoryu (6-1) shitatenage Jd24e Fukamiyama (5-2)Jd9w Adachi (4-3) yorikiri Jd15w Tomonofuji (3-4)Jd11w Kasugaiwa (3-4) kotenage Jd5e Tochitensho (2-5)SandanmeSd100w Kototaiki (4-3) yorikiri Jd2e Kyokuryuo (3-4)Sd96w Takatenshu (6-1) yorikiri Jd4e Higonoryu (5-2)Sd96e Masuryu (3-4) oshidashi Jd2w Chiyohayate (2-5)Jd7w Tamao (6-1) katasukashi Sd95w Mitozakura (5-2)Sd95e Daishomune (3-4) yoritaoshi Sd100e Taketoba (2-5)Sd93e Dainin (4-3) okuridashi Sd89e Kiriarashi (3-4)Sd87w Kotorikuzan (4-3) oshidashi Sd86e Kirinofuji (3-4)Sd84w Tosayutaka (7-0) uwatenage Jd38w Kinunonami (6-1)Sd81e Isenohana (4-3) yorikiri Sd78w Goki (3-4)Sd77e Tsugaruumi (1-6) shitatedashinageJd32e Echizenyama (0-7)Sd80w Daitenpaku (3-4) tsukiotoshi Sd75e Naniwaryu (2-5)Sd76e Shunba (5-2) hikiotoshi Sd71e Manazuru (4-3)Sd72w Yuki (4-3) uwatenage Sd69w Takashoma (3-4)Sd65w Yotsugamine (5-2) oshitaoshi Sd68e Takakasuga (4-3)Sd68w Koriyama (4-3) hatakikomi Sd63w Obamaumi (3-4)Sd54w Nishiyama (2-5) oshidashi Sd70e Koryuyama (1-6)Sd63e Tamanotaka (2-5) hatakikomi Sd53e Wakadaiju (1-6)Sd52e Fujinohana (5-2) uwatenage Sd59e Wakahikari (4-3)Sd57e Orora (5-2) yorikiri Sd50w Okuma (4-3)Sd49e Masutoo (6-1) uwatenage Sd55w Genkaiho (5-2)Sd48e Yakunoshima (3-4) hikiotoshi Sd45w Wakayama (2-5)Sd45e Masumiura (4-3) yorikiri Sd43e Kotonoshu (3-4)Sd74e Wakarikido (7-0) oshidashi Sd34e Goshi (6-1)Sd33e Tochinoyama (4-3) hatakikomi Sd34w Kamiyutaka (3-4)Sd35e Daishonada (3-4) oshidashi Sd31e Ohara (2-5)Sd30e Fukunokuni (3-4) oshidashi Sd28w Tokinowaka (2-5)Sd26e Takunishiki (4-3) yorikiri Sd32w Kainoryu (3-4)Sd24w Kosei (4-3) sukuinage Sd23e Ryusei (3-4)Sd18w Watanabe (2-5) yorikiri Sd33w Daishowaka (1-6)Sd15w Dewanosato (3-4) yorikiri Sd23w Kasugamine (2-5)Sd17e Tomisakae (4-3) oshitaoshi Sd12e Okoryu (3-4)Sd11e Tokushuzan (4-3) tsukiotoshi Sd8w Aiyama (3-4)Sd13e Sadanohama (5-2) hatakikomi Sd5e Miyamaru (4-3)Sd4e Matsubayama (1-6) hikiotoshi Sd59w Isoazuma (0-7)MakushitaSd3w Hakiai (5-2) tsukiotoshi Ms56w Chiyosakae (4-3)Ms56e Hokudozan (4-3) chongake Ms58e Tochiminato (3-4)Ms58w Daishoryu (5-2) yorikiri Ms54w Teraomaru (4-3)Ms55e Tochinohama (4-3) tsukiotoshi Ms49e Daieisho (3-4)Ms47w Karatsuumi (4-3) yorikiri Ms52e Hagane (3-4)Ms45w Akinokawa (3-4) yorikiri Ms44e Shiroryu (2-5)Ms43w Kaidonami (5-2) hikiotoshi Ms40w Kotoeko (4-3)Ms43e Suzaku (4-3) yorikiri Ms39e Wakakasuga (3-4)Ms34w Mankajo (4-3) tsukidashi Ms37w Tochimaru (3-4)Ms27w Kihonoumi (4-3) tsukiotoshi Ms33w Inoue (3-4)Ms36e Towanoyama (1-6) kimedashi Ms27e Aisaka (0-7)Ms40e Rendaiyama (2-5) oshidashi Ms24e Toyonokuni (1-6)Ms23e Osunaarashi (6-1) tsukitaoshi Ms41w Nishikikaze (5-2)Ms22w Yamatofuji (5-2) oshidashi Ms23w Kyokutaisei (4-3)Ms25w Irie (4-3) hikiotoshi Ms21e Kimikaze (3-4)Ms14w Kasugakuni (4-3) oshidashi Ms15w Shosei (3-4)Ms10TD Endo (5-2) uwatedashinage Ms19w Takatoshi (4-3)Ms9e Shoho (4-3) oshidashi Ms7w Fujimoto (3-4)Ms7e Kamei (7-0) uwatenage Ms57w Takakiho (6-1)Ms6e Nishikigi (2-5) yorikiri Ms1w Kawanari (1-6)
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    Because their supremacy continues to drag on?