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    Now that stuff (and staff) is cool! Sayounara to Nakamura would be a shame. That man is a treasure. (yes, am still alive)
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    That might be hard to do. Can you even get the parts for him anymore?
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    Azumazeki-oyakata plans to invite former yokozuna and now pro-wrestler Akebono to be assistant instructor in his heya. On the 19th they merge with Nakamura-beya. He also wants the former oyakata, former Takamiyama (68) and Nakamura-oyakata (retires in February) to help. Assistant instructors have no post in the sumo kyokai and are installed by the master of the heya. There have been heya who had some, but 3 at once is without precedence. The present oyakata had been tsukebito to Akebono and was trained by him. Assistant instructors are generally former rikishi who are now externals, e.g. Mainoumi for Sakaigawa-beya and former Kotogaume for Shikoroyama-beya.