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    Here is a video from his first dohyo-iri
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    Thou shall not henka Thou shall not slap people on the dohyo Thou shall only use tsuridashi against Gagamaru and tsuriotoshi against Baruto to demonstrate power sumo Thou shall not chew gum on official occasions Thou shall not punch people in bars Thou shall not play soccer while kyujo Thou shall not push your shisho's wife Thou shall not defeat Kisenosato on a yusho decider Thou shall not be friends with Asashoryu Thou shall not do anything to remind the public that you are the 3rd Mongolian Yokozuna in a row
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    As far as I'm concerned a Yokozuna should be able to use techniques from the complete arsenal, with the single proviso that he does them damn well.
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    Ohoh, more trouble brewing, I guess...
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    I hear Ronald McDonald will become CEO of Weight Watchers.
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    Ex-Ikazuchi's riji responsibilities have been redistributed now: The general enterprises department has gone to Kokonoe-oyakata, who also takes over as head of the anti-yaocho inspection committee (Laughing...), newly in charge of rikishi lifestyle guidance and the security department is Hakkaku-oyakata. Ikazuchi's spot on the Sumo Museum committee remains unfilled for now.
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    more practice pictures All in sweat after practice try First hounou dohyo-iri at the Meiji-jingu. Tachi-mochi Aminishiki (will be permanent), tsuyu harai Takarafuji.
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    I guess that trophy now rests in Davy Jones’ locker.
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    I'm jumping the gun a bit, but maybe having other people aware of it will push me to not slack off on posting the results this year... The main portion of the 2012 Kokutai (held in Gifu prefecture this year) is getting underway in a couple of days, and one of the first events will be the sumo competition this coming Sunday to Tuesday. This is one of the four annual competitions through which amateur rikishi can attain an accelerated start as makushita tsukedashi. Things are getting started with the junior competition on Sunday, with the 47 prefectural teams bringing in (up to) 5 high school rikishi to compete in three semi-randomly drawn prelim rounds. The best 16 teams in the overall standings will then compete in a seeded knockout tournament to crown the junior champions later in the day. (The top 4 teams are also scoring points towards the overall Kokutai standings, but that's probably of less concern to us.) Monday morning will then see the junior individual title awarded - the Kokutai uses a bit of a weird mode of qualification for this by not holding actual prelims, but using the results from the team prelims. Only rikishi who won all three of their team bouts are eligible to compete for the individual championship. Needless to say, this can make the qualifier field a bit of a hodge-podge of actual contenders and guys who got lucky draws. Monday afternoon the big guys are getting into the action for the adult competition, which is open to anyone above high school age - the 3-rikishi prefectural teams are generally made up of current university rikishi and university alumni who are still active on the business sumo league circuit. The tournament mode is the same as for the juniors with three prelim rounds and a top 16 knockout tourney. And last not least on Tuesday morning the competition that's most relevant to us will take place for the adult individual championship with the potential makushita tsukedashi spot at stake, again drawing its competitors from those who went 3-0 in the team prelims. I haven't really kept up with the university circuit lately, so I have no idea if any of the current big names are good enough to hold their own against the business crowd. We'll see. :-)
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    Just quoting from another thread as it's relevant... According to this Nikkan article, the Kyokai board of directors assembled today and agreed to promote Kimura Shozaburo to the role of 39th Shikimori Inosuke. The promotion will officially take effect in time for the Kyushu basho. There have also been a few promotions among the lower-ranking gyoji and tokoyama: Kimura Ryunosuke Takanosuke > to Sandanme Kimura Toyohiko and Shikimori Naotaro > to Jonidan Tokodake and Tokojin > to Itto (first rank). Tokonori > to Yonto (fourth rank). Those promotions will take effect from the Hatsu basho.
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    Former Hamanishiki, Kasugayama-oyakata had his danpatsu-shiki at the kokugi-kan. About 200 people cutting. same year Nichidai sumo club Takamisakari cutting Oitekaze-oyakata making the last cut
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    There is something a bit down in this not so old thread. Very basic info. And here I already start guessing. And from there your own googling might be fruitful.
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    I don't know if I'd let Robocop anywhere near my head with a sharp object. Jus' sayin'.
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    In response to Mukunoso’s question in a separate trophy thread (even though you had already commented on this one). I recall that a trophy was dropped at least once. The late David Jones, 'a former public relations manager for the late Pan American Airways, well-known in Japan for his humorous announcements when presenting trophies at sumo tournaments' used to present the Pan Am trophy at Grand Sumo tournaments for 30 years between 1961 and 1991. I can't remember who the Yusho winner was but apparently Jones fell backwards trying to carry the 40 odd kilogram trophy .The champion picked up the trophy in one hand and Jones up in the other. He was supposedly responsible for bringing Takamiyama to Japan
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    Oosunaarashi has graduated from the sumo training institute today. "I enjoyed every minute of it. Now that I will have more free time I can do more keiko," he declared. According to his shisho Ootake Oyakata, his reading and writing skills leave much to be desired and Dewanoumi Oyakata (in charge of the Institute) asked that the Oyakata help him to continue his studies at the heya. Oosunaarashi has his first "real" loss last basho. "It was regrettable. I want to become stronger," he said. He plans on going for degeiko from the beginning of next week.
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    The biggest allure for actually talented rikishi remains the possibility to stay as an oyakata after their active career, because that essentially means a secure $10,000/month job for the rest of your working life, as long as you manage to not be a complete idiot.
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    Thanks, everyone! (Holiday feeling...) I'm not even that into sushi, but that's a mighty tasty pic up there.
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    People. I think you're going about this all wrong. Hak, in his greatest days, had almost no competition. The then Ozeki group was pitiful and CHiyotaikai and Kaio were on their way out, Osh was never a real challenger, and the rest of the Sanyaku was, to be kind, a rolling group of pastry chefs, well, over their heads. People like Baruto and Kakuryu, Ama, were still developing and were no match for Hakuho then. What we currently have is a bonified, powerful and quite capable group of Ozekis, and having gotten rid of Olde Stuff, Hak now has legitimate competition. The kind he didn't have since Jan of 2010. He now has to deal with people who can, and will take him down. His whole strategy has changed. I think what we're seeing now is the Real Hakuho. Not the one who was happy to mop up the semi-pros of the last few years. The boat isn't sinking. The water level just got higher.
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    I made stills of all of Harumafuji's new hardware.
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    I like Hak a lot, i've just never seen him use this style before and i missed the Asashoryu era, i think you are thoroughly correct in your post though, as for tomorrow if both Hak and Haru go at each other with the same intensity they have shown so far it will be a clash of the titans :)
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    The way they've been fighting, Hakuho and Harumafuji might kill each other tomorrow.
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    The local press didn't even complain about it. It's treated like a regular kachi-age that happened to knock the opponent out (BTW, in almost all cases, it's a harite closely followed by the elbow-check it out..). When a Yokozuna is seen to be acting "untowardly" the papers and the Kyokai bosses react immediately and loudly, reprimanding and whispering. Move along folks-there is nothing to see here, except maybe a more- pumped- up -than- usual Yokozuna who hasn't been doing too well lately and is seeing yet another yusho slip between his fingers. And some fans here who don't like Hakuhou and finally have their chance to find a chink in his otherwise shining armor, so to speak. It will be interesting to see how "brutal" tomorrow's senshuraku bout will be.
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    Personally, I wonder if Hakuho is taking the "black hat" role that Asashoryu held for so long when they were both at the top rank. He may be doing it this basho to show Harumafuji(and the fans) that he's still top dog. Of course, that would most effectively be shown by beating Harumafuji convincingly on day 15. As for the knockout, Miyogi simply got hit "on the button", as they say. Hakuho could have just as easily done that with his shoulder in a completely normal tachi-ai. Having been "knocked out" like that myself with a legal hit in hockey, its just something that happens when you get hit in a very specific way, usually directly on the chin. I haven't seen anything wrong with what Hakuho's been doing lately, other than it possibly becoming a predictable bad habit.
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    The bow used in yumitori-shiki is the real McCoy but since its purpose is not to shoot an arrow, it has never been strung. It takes 3-4 months to craft one and it normally lasts from 4 to 5 years. The Kyokai owns a minimum of three such bows--two for honbasho use and one for jungyo. One of the honbasho bows is for the three Tokyo basho and the other is for the three regional honbasho.