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    By the way, a great game for arithmetic is darts...working stuff out like how to get to a good double finish is great practice.
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    Takamisakari promised to deliver flowers to the disaster areas of 3.11. On the 7th the jungyo is in Ishinomaki, on the 8th in Miyako, Iwate as a special sympathy call. In addition to the usual dohyo-iri several events are planned, like sumo health exercise with kids and a talk-show. Representatives of gyoji and others will sing on a stage next to the dohyo wearing their costumes. Takamisakari as a rikishi representative wants to do SMAP's "The only one flower in the world", which he often sings. (On NHK the song "Flowers bloom" is played about every day for help to the disaster areas.) On the 5th in Obihiro, Hakkaido Hakuho restarted real keiko. 6 wins against Shohozan and Ikioi, never letting them grip the mawashi. Baruto 8-1 against Kaisei, Masunoyama, Ikioi etc. Tochiozan dislocated his shoulder and is out of the jungyo, 2 weeks to heal. 4 makuuchi are kyujo, including Goeido, who went kyujo in Nagoya with a costal cartilage fracture. In juryo 5 are kyujo including west number one Kyokushuho. Usually juryo down to number 7 take part in the jungyo, 5 from lower down fill in.
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    You're doing it wrong there. While combining identical items (two times 0.90, two times 0.50, two times 0.95) is actually quite clever, don't get too far ahead by solving these things independently. Always start at the beginning and move forward step by step without taking too many shortcuts that will lead to confusion. Two items at 0.90 -> 1.80 (so far so good) Now you add the two items at 0.50 = 1.00 immediately -> 2.80 , then forget about the 1.80 and keep in mind only the 2.80 ...and so on, step by step. It's a chore, and it's boring, but all but the most gifted people do it that way, and I'm sure you will do just fine once you got some practice. Edit: Oh, and what helps me doing these kind of calculations is "speaking" the numbers I want to memorize silently. Don't be afraid to use your tongue as an 11th finger.
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    Ishinomaki, Miyagi on the 7th. 3000 people got in for free. Takamisakari also did sumo with local kids. PR chief Hakkaku-oyakata with yokozuna and ozeki
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    Found this on the BBC site, but I couldn't find much else. This goes up to GCSE level I think, 'O'-level for the older among us (Brits, anyway). http://www.bbc.co.uk/learning/subjects/maths.shtml YBF...sure I'll help you, but I'll need access to your bank account. OK? I'd recommend also finding real-life practical applications of the pure maths you learn. Think up some real-life scenarios with regard to probability etc. and try to work them out, like what the probability of picking having three-of-a-kind in poker etc. The sports pages in any newspaper are also full of practical applications of maths. Find as many tests as you can and keep doing problem after problem. Maybe find an online study group. I haven't looked, but the internet being what it is, there may be something.
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    i am NOT a math teacher....but love math and science Do you cook? Math is like following a "recipe", or algorithms. Once you have these down....math still is challenging, but it becomes FUN....something you "need" to figure out and you may not want to give up. Depending upon your age and geographic location; math "problems" may have been used when trying to teach you early math. Think of them as exercises instead....waking up that part of the brain. People who practice math lifelong...have a decreased risk of Alzheimer's Disease....good reason to.......gosh, I forgot what I was going to say.....and what were we talking about? i applaud your lifelong learning... have a good day and enjoy the fun of math....(chemistry is even better) ;)