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    Sorry, I am not fond of having one thread dedicated to Nagoya basho miscellanous comments so here is a separate post about my impressions. Kyokutenho's performance makes his yusho seem so pathetic it is painful to see. Admittedly Tochiozan is having a horrible basho especially after being in great shape prior to basho. Still, Kyokutenho's comments about keiko and degeiko and certain "I am old jijii and don't want to train with yokozuna" stuff is just bad. Shame on other rikishi, system, dohyo demons and everything/everyone that contributed to his yusho which was quality wise the worst yusho I have seen ever when it comes to bout by bout quality. I must say I even wish he will finish 0-15 to underline the point. Still, yes he is in his own way a good sumo ambassador and deserves credit but him winning yusho in Natsu basho was bad bad anomaly. In Nagoya basho he has even been able to do his own sumo in many bouts and yet has lost all of them and not only against yokozuna and ozeki but also rookies like Aoiyama. Fluke yusho is no real yusho in my eyes. Baruto has been strong as always but has been totally outsumoed in last 2 bouts by Miyogiryu and then Harumafuji. Both Miyogiryu and Harumafuji has horse power enough to defeat Baruto when they manage to outskill him that way. Especially Miyogiryu's perfect inside attack with compact package not having one inch of room for counter attack was beautiful. It will be interesting to see whether he can beat Kotooshu tomorrow if Kotooshu gets into his own form where he gets his own grip while keeping Baruto's stance upright. May well be 3 losses in a row after tomorrow for Baruto the ex-yokozuna candidate. Tochinoshin may be under some foolish house arrest or dsiciplinary actions even now but he does tremendously spirited sumo. In basically all his bouts he has been sharp and tenacious. The bout against Homasho was one of the highlight bouts of the basho and bouts against Aran, Shotenro, Takayasu and especially Yoshikaze were entertaining stuff and one can see how his body exerts all its power in those bouts. Awesome sumo. His lost quite fast to Gagamary but that was largely due to Gagamaru having a dream tachi-ai (the kind he dreams about often, perfect hit where all his fat cells lined up behind the surge generated by his sizeable muscles and I doubt anyone could have stopped him in that bout). Against Takekaze he was a victim of annoying Takekaze henka/inashi. 6-3 is a decent result. Good keiko partners in Tochiozan, Tochinowaka and Aoiyama. Hakuho is 9-0 but not convincing. Only today against Goeido he did some of his best stuff but surviving the inashi and explosive migi uwate drive by Goeido by using his sukuinage move and then performing his trademark uwatenage where he pivots 125 degrees while pulling and twisting the foe in rather unique fashion leading with his head and controlling his hips. Classic Hakuho uwatenage. Tomorrow he will be in trouble with Kakuryu and is about to have his first loss. Look at Kisenosato vs Aminishiki on day 4 and you will see the combination on surprise factor and ridiculously successful tactics and execution by Aminishiki. From the start, Aminishiki goes low and pushes from best angle, and not just that, he follows that push with 3 more pushes from below before Kisenosato can ever correct his upright stance caused by the first push. Aminishiki isn't that cautious about his own balance but just seizes the opportunity to never let Kisenosato back to normal position. Just watch the bout, it is 100% success from Aminishiki. Kisenosato's second loss agaist Goeido was sloppier but he has the physique to have yokozuna strength, I seriously doubt he'll ever actually reach yokozuna rank but good ozeki he will be for sure as his worst mistakes only come to surface sporadically now. Solid win agaist Kakuryu and a good exhibit how powerful his pushes are. 7-2 and tomorrow a crucial bout agains Tochiozan. Only one question in the bout: Will Kise avoid being morozashied? That is the question that determined the outcome fully. Kotoshogiku is doing stable sumo agaist relatively mediocre foes so far, gappuri works and his balance in fine. Only that bizarre loss against Aoiyama where the cause of the kotenage loss is still unknown. Harumafuji is the best rikishi in Nagoya basho so far with 9-0 and dynamite sumo. He looks genki and healthy and looks set for yusho. Naturally a HUGE bout Shogun vs Haru. If Shogun catches Haru without ending up defending agaist morozashi, he will most likely bump Harumafuji away from the dohyo, true nemesis for Harumafuji although last 6 bouts between them is actualy 3-3. If Harumafuji wins tomorrow, he is very close to yusho. Kaisei's body is interesting. He must have surprisingly lot of power there since he can absorb attacks so easily. He may have some marshmallow effect ala Miyabiyama of early 2000 or Minatofuji but his attack is strong too. He is very robust when he is not forced to move a lot and has this businesslike strength he uses to oust foes. 8-1 and some convincing sumo. Many genki rikishi challenging yokozuna. Harumafuji. Kisenosato, Kotoshogiku for starters and Baruto too. Tochiozan is a huge disappointment and oddest failure is Takayasu's (and to some degree Okinoumi's but he had some injury problems) gloomy record despite having some good sumo there. Masunoyama is a big asset to sumo with his story, lungs, ankles, fighting spirit and growing strength and abiity. Chiyotairyuu's new sumo works and Chiyonokuni looks to be back on track. Sad to see Takamisakari fading and glad to see Ikioi's energetic and innovative moves. We have a good basho going despite rather many takekazeish events at tachi-ai.
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    Haku - Ozan Haru - Toyo Myogi - Baruto Kaku - Ami Shogi - Guido Oki - Osh Aoi - Tenho Old stuff: Day 7 Haku - Koyu Shogi - Toyo Godo - Kise Daido - Yosh Kaisei - Nowaka Tairyu - Taka
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    Wakanosato is the face of the advertisements for a waterbed company: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laPGYtgeV2E
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    Had Copernicus been alive today he would no doubt have discovered before anyone else, that the Baruto does indeed orbit the Harumafuji.
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    That is why Harumafuji has been my favorite contender since the first time I saw sumo... Nagoya Basho last year! And he's gonna take it again, because summer time is harumafuji time baby Look at my sexy eyes. I got this. It's cool.
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    It's a close juryo promotion race with lead makushita Kotoyutaka beating Arawashi to get ahead to 3-2. Fellow lead makushita Kei lost to Takanoiwa in juryo while Ms2e Terashita beat Homarefuji, also in juryo. Satoyama lost to Azumaryu, leaving all four leading makushita rikishi at 3-2. Of course, with all the kyujo rikishi in juryo plus several struggling one, a prommotion is likely for any of them with just one more win. Yamaguchi is still undefeated and probably also needs only one more win for a juryo debut. It's a hood makushita yusho race with Sensho and Dairaido also in it, as well as 22-year-old Higoarashi from Kise-beya who made big strides in the last year, reaching Ms15 before a setback left him underranked this basho. Jonokuchi Jk19w Komatsu (2-3) oshidashi Jk21e Sadaisamu (1-4) Jk18w Kaito (3-1) oshidashi Jk20w Hamaobu (1-4) Jk18e Kaishun (3-2) oshidashi Jk20e Mihamaumi (2-3) Jk13w Kotouruga (2-3) yoritaoshi Jk14e Rikiyushi (1-4) Jk11e Sadanohana (3-2) yoritaoshi Jk12e Asatsurugi (2-3) Jk8w Dewataikai (4-1) yorikiri Jk9e Arakaki (3-2) Jk10w Haruminato (2-3) yorikiri Jk6w Miyakojima (1-4) Jk5w Sotenryu (1-0) oshitaoshi Jk4w Kozakura (0-5) Jk16w Hamaguchi (5-0) yorikiri Jk3w Mihara (4-1) Jk2w Kotoomura (3-2) abisetaoshi Jk1w Shuho (2-3) Jonidan Jk3e Kotokudo (4-1) yorikiri Jd104w Moriurara (3-2) Jd101w Daikoyama (2-3) tsukiotoshi Jd103e Takachihonomine (1-4) Jd104e Daiyushi (4-1) oshidashi Jd100e Onoyama (3-2) Jd99e Azumahana (3-2) okuridashi Jd98e Koseki (2-3) Jd105w Daihishu (1-4) uwatenage Jd95e Wakatoohashi (0-5) Jd94e Minatoryu (4-1) yorikiri Jd96e Hokutoryu (3-2) Jd93e Naramisugi (3-2) tsuridashi Jd96w Daitoken (2-3) Jd90w Masunoumi (3-2) yorikiri Jd91e Yamamoto (2-3) Jd87e Komatensho (4-1) oshidashi Jd92w Fujinowaka (3-2) Jd86w Teno (4-1) oshidashi Jd85w Hisatsukasa (3-2) Jd88e Kotoyamato (3-2) oshidashi Jd84e Morinoyama (2-3) Jd80w Sakabe (3-2) oshitaoshi Jd83e Ginseizan (2-3) Jd81w Yoshida (2-3) isamiashi Jd78e Ichiki (1-4) Jd75w Wakahizen (3-2) oshidashi Jd77e Morigaki (2-3) Jd79e Taketoba (4-1) oshidashi Jd74e Daishorin (3-2) Jd73e Amamidake (4-1) yorikiri Jd70w Daishofuji (3-2) Jd71w Hokuto (2-3) uwatedashinage Jd68w Miyake (1-4) Jd67w Daishojo (3-2) yoritaoshi Jd69e Nakazono (2-3) Jd65w Hokutosho (2-3) yoritaoshi Jd67e Azumahikari (1-4) Jd63e Tsugaruumi (3-2) hatakikomi Jd64w Okunidake (2-3) Jd62w Tokunoumi (4-1) uwatenage Jd60e Hatakeyama (3-2) Jd59e Kotoyoshikane (1-4) yorikiri Jd69w Itadaki (0-5) Jd57w Kanryu (3-2) yoritaoshi Jd60w Asaamami (2-3) Jd58w Imao (2-3) oshitaoshi Jd55e Nakashima (1-4) Jd54e Wakayamada (4-1) oshitaoshi Jd57e Oshio (3-2) Jd53e Hamaazuma (4-1) oshidashi Jd52e Hoshikabuto (3-2) Jd49e Kumamoto (2-3) oshidashi Jd50w Kaneko (1-4) Jd46w Kirimaru (1-4) oshidashi Jd51e Kototaiko (0-5) Jd48w Fukunokuni (4-1) oshitaoshi Jd44w Chikarayama (3-2) Jd43w Hakkairyu (2-3) oshidashi Jd47e Mukai (1-4) Jd49w Tochidaiho (5-0) oshidashi Jd41w Kinokawa (4-1) Jd40w Wakadaiju (3-2) oshidashi Jd38w Gojinryu (2-3) Jd39e Tamaisshin (2-3) oshidashi Jd37w Azumashu (1-4) Jd39w Koju (4-1) okuridashi Jd36w Kotohayato (3-2) Jd35w Tosahayato (2-3) oshitaoshi Jd34e Kozan (1-4) Jd31w Ryokizan (3-2) uwatenage Jd30e Hokutonami (2-3) Jd28w Daitenyu (3-2) yorikiri Jd29e Azumanami (2-3) Jd32e Fukuzato (4-1) uwatenage Jd27w Hakunoryu (3-2) Jd25w Daitenpaku (4-1) oshidashi Jd24w Hokutoo (3-2) Jd27e Rikishin (3-2) tsukiotoshi Jd23e Tsubakifuji (2-3) Jd19w Hanakaze (2-3) uwatenage Jd20w Motokiyama (1-4) Jd17w Daika (3-2) yorikiri Jd20e Torinzan (2-3) Jd16w Azumasho (2-3) yorikiri Jd18e Kato (1-4) Jd15w Daishodo (4-1) oshitaoshi Jd14w Kyokuryuo (3-2) Jd12e Aomihama (3-2) shitatenage Jd14e Onojo (2-3) Jd10e Mori (4-1) oshidashi Jd12w Asanojo (3-2) Jd9w Dangan (3-2) yorikiri Jd8e Kosenho (2-3) Jd5e Ebisumaru (2-3) yorikiri Jd7e Kurenishiki (1-4) Jd4e Owada (4-1) okuridashi Jd6w Asakoki (3-2) Sandanme Jd3e Daishokaku (3-2) yorikiri Sd100e Mutsukaze (2-3) Jd1w Higonoryu (4-1) kimedashi Sd98w Yatsurugi (3-2) Sd95w Saio (2-3) okuridashi Jd1e Kawashita (1-4) Sd93w Arajishi (4-1) yorikiri Sd97w Azumasakari (3-2) Sd92w Kotokuzan (4-1) oshidashi Sd96w Dainin (3-2) Sd91w Yuki (3-2) yorikiri Sd97e Kotorikuzan (2-3) Sd100w Tosahikari (5-0) oshidashi Sd89e Tamakaizan (4-1) Sd86w Hokutomori (2-3) oshidashi Sd84e Daishoko (1-4) Sd83e Kotonoshu (4-1) oshitaoshi Sd91e Shinohara (3-2) Sd82e Suekawa (2-3) kotenage Sd86e Hayabusa (1-4) Sd78w Wakanofuji (4-1) yorikiri Sd80w Ryushonami (3-2) Sd78e Hatachijo (2-3) hikiotoshi Sd80e Kasugashima (1-4) Sd89w Mitozakura (1-4) yorikiri Sd76e Tosa (0-5) Sd87e Kyokuhozan (5-0) oshitaoshi Sd75w Wakayama (4-1) Sd72w Kaisho (3-2) uwatenage Sd73w Tamanotaka (2-3) Sd69w Teraoumi (3-2) oshidashi Sd71e Tochikasuga (2-3) Sd68e Kasugamine (2-3) uwatenage Sd74e Amakusa (1-4) Sd68w Azumasato (4-1) sotogake Sd64e Aoimaru (3-2) Sd62e Mitohikari (5-0) hatakikomi Sd65e Kisomitsuru (4-1) Sd66w Fujiarashi (2-3) yorikiri Sd61e Sumanoumi (1-4) Sd59e Teraosho (3-2) oshidashi Sd63e Tamao (2-3) Sd57w Toofuji (4-1) yorikiri Sd58w Kainokura (3-2) Sd55e Toyononami (4-1) watashikomi Sd57e Sadanokuni (3-2) Sd56e Kawaraumi (3-2) oshidashi Sd54w Wakahikari (2-3) Sd50w Yakunoshima (4-1) hatakikomi Sd53w Tomisakae (3-2) Sd50e Sadanohama (3-2) yoritaoshi Sd48e Haseyama (2-3) Sd48w Daiseiho (4-1) tsukiotoshi Sd46w Shiroryu (3-2) Sd45w Kasugaryu (3-2) okuridashi Sd47w Maenofuji (2-3) Sd44e Kamiyutaka (3-2) yorikiri Sd42e Hanasegawa (2-3) Sd51w Kaisenryu (5-0) yorikiri Sd40w Okuma (4-1) Sd43e Kotoninsei (4-1) yorikiri Sd38w Otakayama (3-2) Sd37e Takamisato (2-3) tsukiotoshi Sd42w Ryuseio (1-4) Sd34e Chiyonoshin (3-2) yoritaoshi Sd37w Tanahashi (2-3) Sd35e Isamizuki (3-2) sukuinage Sd32e Tenroku (2-3) Sd29w Masumiura (3-2) yoritaoshi Sd30e Shunba (2-3) Sd32w Obamaumi (2-3) yorikiri Sd27e Hatogasaki (1-4) Sd24w Nogami (5-0) kotenage Sd36e Tochiminato (4-1) Sd22w Genkaiho (1-4) hikiotoshi Sd40e Matsubayama (0-5) Sd23w Mitoyutaka (3-2) oshidashi Sd21w Mankajo (2-3) Sd24e Tochihayate (2-3) oshidashi Sd20e Isshinryu (1-4) Sd17e Ikinoshima (4-1) yorikiri Sd18w Aokishin (3-2) Sd14e Tochinoshima (1-4) tsukiotoshi Sd16w Fujinohana (0-5) Sd12w Yamashita (4-1) oshidashi Sd16e Kaorufuji (3-2) Sd9e Watanabe (5-0) oshidashi Sd17w Tokizakura (4-1) Sd8w Torugawa (2-3) sukuinage Sd14w Hakunishiki (1-4) Sd7e Aiyama (3-2) oshidashi Sd9w Ogifuji (2-3) Sd10e Katsunofuji (4-1) yorikiri Sd5e Mugendai (3-2) Sd3w Komanokuni (3-2) uwatehineri Sd5w Daikamifusa (2-3) Sd1w Ryusei (4-1) yorikiri Sd1e Nishiuchi (3-2) Makushita Sd2e Wakarikido (2-3) yorikiri Ms58e Daishoiwa (1-4) Ms56e Kotodaishin (1-4) yorikiri Ms59w Sasayama (0-5) Ms57e Bungonishiki (2-3) oshitaoshi Ms54e Hamaeiko (1-4) Ms54w Yoshinokuni (4-1) tsukiotoshi Ms52w Aisaka (3-2) Ms49w Sensho (5-0) yorikiri Sd2w Migikataagari (4-1) Ms51w Masunosho (3-2) kotenage Ms48w Chiyoshoma (2-3) Ms47w Byakko (3-2) yorikiri Ms46w Sakaguchi (2-3) Ms50e Taiga (4-1) shitatenage Ms43e Dewaotori (3-2) Ms45w Kansei (2-3) oshidashi Ms40e Kotootori (1-4) Ms47e Higoarashi (5-0) oshidashi Ms39e Hokkairyu (4-1) Ms36w Yamatofuji (1-4) yorikiri Ms44e Aratoshi (0-5) Ms38w Maeta (2-3) yoritaoshi Ms36e Dewahayate (1-4) Ms34w Musashiumi (4-1) oshidashi Ms42w Kisenowaka (3-2) Ms32e Kotomisen (3-2) oshidashi Ms35e Fukugoriki (2-3) Ms29w Ota (4-1) sukuinage Ms33e Sasakiyama (3-2) Ms31e Kinunonami (3-2) yorikiri Ms28e Kabutoiwa (2-3) Ms28w Ryuonami (2-3) yoritaoshi Ms27e Hokuo (1-4) Ms25e Sadanoumi (3-2) hatakikomi Ms23w Hakiai (2-3) Ms22e Matsumoto (1-4) tsukidashi Ms32w Maeshinpu (0-5) Ms20w Shoho (3-2) hikiotoshi Ms21w Aozora (2-3) Ms18w Dairaido (5-0) hatakikomi Ms25w Kotofukuju (4-1) Ms15e Wakamisho (2-3) oshidashi Ms20e Tokachiumi (1-4) Ms17w Saishin (3-2) yoritaoshi Ms12e Wakaryusei (2-3) Ms10w Tochihiryu (4-1) okuridashi Ms7e Kagamio (3-2) Ms5e Yamaguchi (5-0) oshidashi Ms12w Suzaku (4-1) Ms3w Bushuyama (1-4) kimetaoshi Ms16w Tamadaiki (0-5) Ms6e Tochiyashiki (2-3) oshidashi Ms3e Shosei (1-4) Ms6w Azumaryu (4-1) yorikiri Ms2w Satoyama (3-2) Ms1e Kotoyutaka (3-2) yorikiri Ms4e Arawashi (2-3)
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    Harumafuji is one of the cleverest rikishi i reckon, apart from being tough as nails he seems to have a pre-thought out game-plan for every specific opponent (at least it looks that way to me) Baruto who looks so solid against just about everyone else looked slow to react and was totally pulled off balance. The next time he meets Harumafuji he should try an all-out, brutal tachi-ai, Harumafuji does not Henka too often as he is an Ozeki and Baruto's biggest strength is his strength :D so that's what i'd like to see next time from Baruto when he meets Haru again, he may just well overwhelm him, or he might charge off the dohyo, trundle through through the back wall and end up standing outside in the car-park, blinking confusedly in the evening sun after being Henka'd, i've got to hand it to Haru, i don't cheer for him but i think that along with Hak he is the best, and the most exciting. i just remembered Harumafuji's last victory over Baruto, he did some kind of amazing rugby tackle on him and sent him out, he seems to outsmart him every time.
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    Gotta love Asasekiryu's determination:
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    As of Day 8Shikona Kensho Yen Hakuho 214 11770000 Kotoshogiku 58 3190000 Kisenosato 35 1925000 Baruto 27 1485000 Harumafuji 27 1485000 Goeido 25 1375000 Kakuryu 19 1045000 Kotooshu 18 990000 Myogiryu 18 990000 Homasho 11 605000 We've passed the mid-point of the basho with Hakuho passing the 200-kensho mark already, earning another 34 against Tochiozan. Kotoshogiku forced out Goeido to pick up 17 envelopes of his own. Ten went to Miyogiryu, who knocked Baruto from the ranks of the unbeaten. Kisenosato took home 5 envelopes. Harumafuji and Kakuryu collected 4 apiece.