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    On the 30th the party celebrating the juryo promotion of Takanoiwa was held in a Tokyo hotel. About 300 guests. Kesho-mawashi he got were on display, from his Japanese high school were he learned sumo, Tottori Jouhoku High and from the religious group providing the lodging place for the Haru basho, Kyoto Ryujinsogusha. Takanoiwa's address: "As before I want to dedicate myself, following the teachings of the shisho." About the Nagoya-basho: "Last year I was kyujo due to injury. This year my condition is good. I aim for kachi-koshi." Takanohana-oyakata: "From now on it counts. I want Takanoiwa to become a rikishi loved by all."
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    Welcome aboard Hoshi.. Chuck in your salt and join the fray..