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    If Ozeki was the highest rank before Yokozuna existed then the rank cannot be a barrier to the Yokozuna, thanks guys, if i could speak Japanese there would be one less "Ozeki" in the way of me being able to understand things like this a little better :)
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    Day 13 of the Natsu Basho I will be giving a 2 hour talk at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo covering sumo history, scandals, the amateur game and a lot lot more. Primarily aimed at an expat audience with some knowledge of Japan/sumo and always well attended meaning that reservations are required but if anyone is around and wants to go let me know.
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    hi Ronnie, the BSF are not recognised as an official body by any sports body in the UK. The UKSA are - as well as by 2 agencies in Japan. Sports politics is a bit messy.
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    please do FW. I imagine it is a person called Lloyd. Office member of rugby team and desperate to be recognised but clais sumo can be done sans mawashi not the sharpest tool in the box
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    I am,thank you Mark... My moms not so good though she had a stroke a few months back and the recovery is slow but she is a lot better than she was.... If you like I will forward the email I recieved to you or you might just wanna see if he does come to the forum..
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    Paul, if you want to mail me please do. I still recall with a smile your reaction to receiving the banzuke I sent - "I opened the post, an then ran upstairs to show my Mum" Hope you are both well?
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    I have no idea if it's etymologically correct, but the explanation I've always heard is that the ozeki himself is supposed to be the great barrier to everybody else (below him). Keep in mind that ozeki was the highest rank when the term came into use, not yokozuna.
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    I don't think the term means a barrier to the Yokozuna, who, in actuality is an Ozeki himself. Rather it means they have overcome the "great barrier" in achieving Ozeki rank. Back on topic; I read this topic and I automatically think of Tosanoumi. Plucked from his comfort zone in mid-Juryu after the betting scandal and thrust up to Makuuchi off the back of an 8-7 at J7. He was literally pummelled for a fortnight, dropped to Juryu after his 3-12 showing, then suffered a drop to Makushita next basho which resulted in his intai. I sometimes wonder if he, in hindsight, would have preferred to lose on Senshuraku at Nagoya 2010. I can't help but think that TKSK would suffer a similar fate if he ever made it back to the top division!
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    Short answer: yes. Long answer - check the banzuke at aforementioned Sumo Reference, and you can see how the size of divisions fluctuates. Makushita and Sandanme change size less often than Jonidan and Jonokuchi. Each division has as many ranks as number of rikishi divided by 2 (each rank has one rikishi on "east" and another on "west" side). Why do I get the impression that this person is trying to write a basic sumo article on the cheap? The answers to all of these questions could have been so easily found by somebody doing genuine searches. FWIW I think we should be more accommodating when people come asking questions to be honest. We were all in that position once. And actually, from an interview you gave a while ago with Tony M. I think he paraphrased you as referring to your own early days as saying - 'Junior officials were a useful source of information, and happy to be quizzed on the finer points of sumo. Some 30 years later some are still good friends.'
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    I also always liked how deeply he bows. I wish other rikishi would take away even a little of that when they see him. Thanks for the video Kintamayama!
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    Day 9 Aki Basho September 19, 2011 --------------------------------------------------------- Hakuho stands alone at the top after setting aside Tochinoshin without any difficulty. Kisenosato lost his advantage at the end and was thrown out by Baruto. Baruto won his seventh bout. Ozeki candidate Kotoshogiku defeated his nemesis Tokitenku by kimedashi and got his kachikoshi. Maegashira Gagamaru preserved his one loss record. Harumafuji downed Kakuryu to finally have more wins than losses. Tatsu (Makushita East 53, 4-1) over Tokachiumi by oshidashi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Promoted to Makushita, 193 cm tall, 144 kg 17 year and 3 month old Tatsu of Takadagawa Beya won his kachikoshi and may become the fourth youngest in sumo history to be promoted to Juryo after Takanohana, Kisenosato and Kitanoumi.) "I didn't believe I would be able to get Kachikoshi this early. But I set my mind to get it today prior to the bout." "If I start thinking about how many I need to win etc I would get really tense and my sumo will reflect it. Instead of thinking about becoming a sekitori at what age, I will just focus on my sumo and do the best I can." (Becoming a Tsukebito to veteran Wakanosato this basho and learning how to prepare for bouts.) "I am learning so much from him, like how to concentrate before the bout. I can learn so much." "Right now all I want to do is to put everything I have on the next two bouts." Takadagawa oyakata (former Sekiwake Akinoshima), Tatsu's shisho ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (On Tatsu) "The point is not simply getting kachikoshi but whether he can get the fifth and sixth win. Because that will lead him into the future." Ryoya Tatsu ------------------ Born: June 1, 1994. From Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture. 17 years old. Joined Nanao Sumo Sports Boys Club when he was in Grade 1 at Ishizaki Elementary School. He placed third in All Japan in his sixth grade. Representing Nishi Nanbu Junior High School, he won the individual yusho and helped the school to win the group yusho at the All Japan Junior High School Sumo Tournament in 2009. After graduating from the junior high, he joined Takadagawa Beya, making his dohyo debut at the 2010 Natsu Basho. 193 cm, 144 kg. His family consists of father, older sister and brother. Takanoyama (3-6) losing to Gagamaru by oshidashi ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Came flying out with a henka but been observed well by 100 kg heavier Gagamaru and easily pushed out.) "I had to do something like Inashi and grab his mawashi and then follow it through with another move. After the tachiai I couldn't do anything consistent. I could not go with one move. My weakness has became just too apparent." "I did not attack quickly. It's not so much about him being heavier but it's about me too light. I really want to gain more weight. If I can get up to 130 kg, I don't need to keep running around." Gagamaru (8-1) over Takanoyama ---------------------------------------------------- (On his bout against Takanoyama.) "He came out really quick and moved well but I was able to stay calm. For one thing I was confident that he could not take me out." "When you actually look at him, you realize how tiny he is." (On seeing a photo of his face placed over the face of Lady Gaga and been called "Lady Gaga Maru".) "Let me tell you I was called Gaga since the time I was born. The real Gaga is me." Sagatsukasa (4-5) over Yoshiazuma by yorikiri ------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Beating 31 cm taller Yoshiazuma) "Bigger guys can come out with such power, king of scary but I love all that cheers the fans are giving me." Fujiazuma (1-8) losing to Tamawashi by penalty ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Suffering Makekoshi, losing the bout after judged to have grabbed his opponent's mage.) "I desperately wanted to pull my fingers out but got stuck in there. I knew immediately I have done it..." Goeido (7-2) over Tochinowaka by sukuinage ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (Showing never die spirit in their first encounter. After two years younger Tochinowaka got into his favorite Hidari-yotsu and pushed him to the edge several times but persevered and unleashing a sukuinage at the dohyo edge to beat the opponent.) "I wanted to win with a perfect sumo. I stayed in not ever wanting to give up." (On facing another standout rikishi in high school days like himself.) "Once you turned pro, what you have done during your amateur days have no bearing." "Today I was doing everything I can to stay in so I have no feeling left in my arms now." (Seeing Kisenosato, the same age as him, doing so well this basho.) "Right now I am not at a rank where I can face him. I want to climb up on the bazuke quickly so I can face him." Tochinowaka (6-3) losing to Goeido ---------------------------------------------------- (Facing former high school star Goeido) "Back when I was in high school, he was talked with so much in awe but now as we are both in pro, we need to do all we can to get a win." Aran (2-7) over Wakanosato by hatakikomi -------------------------------------------------------------- (For the second straight day, winning by a henka. Gesturing a Pushing Away move..) "Really I wanted to go this way. I feel badly to the people who came to see us today." Kotoshogiku (8-1) over Tokitenku by kimedashi --------------------------------------------------------------------- (With his record against Tokitenku, 3 win and 16 loss prior to this basho, definitely not an easy opponent to deal with but at the end even able to get into his favorite Gaburi.) "I am not sure why I lost so many to him. But anyway I wasn't really concerned about the past history." "After losing yesterday, I went out for a meal with Tsukebito. I had a lot of fun. I guess it worked to turn my fortune around today." (Since he was involved in a traffic congestion on Day 7 and started riding on train.) "Well at least I know what time I can get here you know." "I basically went out without any strategy today as I figured there was no point in thinking about it too much. Anyway I was able to get a good sumo in today." (On facing Kisenosato, also with one loss, tomorrow.) "I won't think about it today. I will leave that till tomorrow." Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai chairman ---------------------------------------------------------- (On Kisenosato-Kotoshogiku bout tomorrow) "I just hope they can display good competitive sumo." Baruto (7-2) over Kisenosato by uwatenage ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Rather than stepping hard with his left leg with a supporter wrapped around) "I guess I was able to stay in because I stepped in with my left leg." (Despite placing the second in the Kyokai's Fan Survey today...) "You know all the cheering were for Kisenosato only..." Kisenosato (8-1) losing to Baruto -------------------------------------------------- (Going against an ozeki he has 3 win 15 loss record against and got bounced back against the thick wall of ozeki despite taking him to the edge, with firmly in yotsu.) (Asked about his tachiai strategy as he jumped out high.) "Well not sure how it should have been. But we still have more to go." Naruto oyakata (former Yokozuna Takanosato), Kisenosato's shisho ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (On Kisenosato's bout today as he got himself firmly in yotsu against Baruto with monstrous power.) "I know he finds hard to go against him (Baruto) so he needs to be more creative. The key to his sumo is Tsuki-Oshi. It's his life line. If he can do that well, even if he gets into a yotsu later, he still can win but..." Mihogaseki oyakata, former Ozeki Masuiyama, Chief Dohyo Judge ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (On Kisenosato) "He was able to get his opponent where he wanted but you know Baruto, he can really swallow you in. But it was a good sumo." Kakuryu (4-5) losing to Harumafuji by sotogake ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Now losing his fifth and still has a mathematical chance of having a double digit win record but just that.) "I lack strength. I want to remember how much regret I feel now and keep working hard." Hakuho (9-0) over Tochinoshin by yorikiri -------------------------------------------------------------- (Both going with their favorite Migi-yotsu, but Tochinoshin didn't get any further.) "I was able to move forward because we were both in Migi-yotsu." (Winning his ninth straight, and up to today, joking he was following Kotoshogiku and Kisenosato but now he is left all alone at the top.) "I guess now I am in a position to lead others." Yusho Race Board --------------------------------- Makuuchi: 0 loss - Hakuho 1 loss - Kotoshogiku, Kisenosato, Gagamaru Juryo: 1 loss - Myogiryu In celebration of centennial of Futabayama's birth, his birth place, Usa-city, Oita Prefecture will be erecting a special monument commemorating his 69 consecutive winning record, the most ever in Ozumo history. The monument will also etch the name of Tanikaze and Hakuho who won sixty or more consecutive bouts. The monument will be unveiled at a special ceremony attended by relatives of Futabayama and Hakuho on December 3 this year. Hakuho will be performing a yokozuna dohyo-iri ceremony at the Usa Shrine on the following day for the first time in 73 years since Futabayama himself performed it. Futabayama was born in February 1912. "Mark Sheet" Kyokai's Rikishi Survey by the Fans at the Kokugikan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Makuuchi: Top Vote Getter ; Goeido Attendance: 6,550