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    I cannot believe certain parties are making such a big deal with this issue.Get a life.Just let the kid get on and wrestle .What will be will be.What does it matter if he eats fried eggs standing on his head, its not hurting anyone or you .......You know who you are , so do we....Give the kid a break and respect him for what he is trying to achieve...
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    New Ozeki Kakuryuu will have his own Ozeki bento box (lunch box). Ingredients- Beef yakiniku, pork cutlet, fried chicken, cooked lamb. "Because I love meat.." he explained. Photo probably soon.
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    Aki Basho Day 8 Sunday September 18 ------------------------------------------------- Hakuho unleashing his sharp attacks against Tochiozan to get his eighth win while Kisenosato downing Miyabiyama with a pulldown to remain without a loss. In the battle of two ozeki candicate sekiwake, Kakuryu prevailed over Kotoshogiku with yorikiri, giving Kotoshogiku his first loss this basho. Kakuryu won his fourth.Baruto set aside Tochnoshin to get his sixth win while Harumafuji downed Tokitenku to get his record back to 50% winning mark. Takanoyama (3-5) over Tosayutaka by yorikiri, 5.1 sec -------------------------------------------------------------------- (Showing even his power to beat Tosayutaka with a yorikiri.) "I really thought about how I should have gone against him today." (Losing five straight to start his Makuuchi debut basho.) "I am not sure what was wrong with me back then but I feel I am improving a bit by a bit." (On facing 199 kg Gagamaru on Day 9.) "He is way too big you know." Kitataiki (6-2) over Kokkai by yoritaoshi, 31.4 sec ----------------------------------------------------------- (Winning his career 400th.) "I realize once again Kaio-zeki (with 1,047 wins) was really amazing." Gagamaru (7-1) over Daido by oshidashi, 2.7 sec ------------------------------------------------------------- (Preserving his one loss record.) "The game is still ahead of us." (On facing Takanoyama weighing the half of his weight on Day 9.) "It's not really easy going against him. It really doesn't matter if you are big or small or thin or otherwise." "I want to approach tomorrow as the first day of this basho and keep focusing on the bout." Tochinowaka (6-2) over Fujiazuma by oshidashi, 10.1 sec ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (Winning three straight and getting his sixth win.) "Trials and tribulatiions will start from this point. I will be going out as hard as I could." Toyonoshima (1-7) losing to Homasho by oshidashi, 23.4 sec ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Losing six straight now, no idea left to reverse his fortune.) "Well I have already lost seven so I don't think there is any way to reverse my fortune now." Homasho (5-3) over Toyonoshima ----------------------------------------------- (Being up and down but getting five Kanto-sho by winning great at a lower Makuuchi rank and losing ugly at a high Makuuchi rank, his goal is to reach a Sanyaku now. Today went against 17 cm shorter Toyonoshima, hitting from low and pushing forward and calmly setting him aside.) "I tried to stay patient, not giving up and not getting pushed over by him. Now I've finished mostly with the top ranking rikishi so right now I try not to think about Sanyaku so much and try to just keep myself sharp." Shikoroyama oyakata (former Sekiwake Terao), Homasho's shisho ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (On Homasho) "I don't particularly think his sumo has changed in any way. Those bouts he won, he basically put his head down and kept moving forward." Aran (1-7) over Okinoumi by hatakikomi, 1.6 sec ------------------------------------------------------- (Finally getting his first this basho by cleverly using with his favorite tachiai henka) "It's been so long. Now I am going for eight straight win." Okinoumi (3-5) losing to Aran ---------------------------------- (Losing miserably, eating Aran's tachiai henka. "I never even expected it. The fact is I was unable to keep up with it, so all the fault lies with me." Kotoshogiku (7-1) losing to Kakuryu by yorikiri, 9.6 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Must have come as a shock to have lost to his ozeki chasing rival, letting him beat him with a moro-zashi and was speechless afterwards.) "....." (But as he left the dressing room, he mumbled to no one in particular.) "It's the angle, you know. Sumo is all abut angle. Keep calm, stay cool and reflect back on self...." Kakuryu (4-4) over Kotoshogiku ---------------------------------------- (On Kotoshogiku succumbing to building pressure as it gets closer to the end while himself with four losses already has no more pressure.) "Not sure what it is but I tried to psych myself for the bout, not really caring about who the opponent was. I was told by my oyakata to really keep myself motivated last night so I tried to get all my feelings into today's bout." Kisenosato (8-0) over Miyabiyama by hikiotoshi, 5.6 sec ---------------------------------------------------------------- (On unable to push out Miyabiyama with his own tsuki-oshi move and finally pulled him down when he realized he could not push him out of the dohyo.) "I guess I sensed a bit of fear at the end. You know kachikoshi was on the line so I got too tensed a bit. I am happy about the win. I ended up pulling him but I was able to execute it well. I've been doing well so far so I just want to continue with what I have been doing up to now." (Asked about getting a kachikoshi without a loss for the first time in his career but knowing the goal is beyond a mere kachikoshi.) "Well what can I say about how I am doing at this point? I just want to do all my best so I can win even one more bout." (On facing Baruto on Day 9.) "I know fully well I cannot afford even one simply mental error. But I don't feel badly so I just have to go with everything I have." (On having two other junior rikishi Takayasu and Takanoyama in Makuuchi and Takanoyama quickly becoming a fan favorite.) "We have a great exciting atmosphere back at the heya now." Nishiiwa oyakata (former Maegashira Takanotsuru), Naruto Beya oyakata ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (On Kisenosato) "I suspect mentally he is troubled somewhat. Up to a short while ago, he was been talked about everywhere as the young sensation, up and comer even as the future of heya and Ozumo. Now we have even his once Tsukebito right behind him. It's about, what the heck the heya's senior is doing lately?" Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai chairman ----------------------------------------------- (On Kisenosato) "He is showing his power to the fullest this basho." Nakamura oyakata (former Sekiwake Fujizakura), Deputy Director of Judging ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Ozeki promotion generally requires 33 win in the preceding three basho and for Kisenosato to reach the mark, he will need to win all 15 bouts this basho.) "Well there is a possibility. Who knows if he can get this basho as exciting and thrilling till the end, we may get to an atmosphere to consider the possibility." Miyabiyama (4-4) losing to Kisenosato ---------------------------------------------- (Former ozeki expertly analysing his opponent.) "For the first time this basho he came out with his head first. If he hit squarely with his chest, he could have been dragged either to left or right but he came out, stepping hard. He is obviously using his head." "He is still young but it's the time he has to get up to the next level if he is serious about it at all." Baruto (6-2) over Tochinoshin by yoritaoshi, 20.6 sec ----------------------------------------------------------------- (On a five bout winning streak) "I was able to get into a yotsu firmly. I kind was a bit worried what I could do if he went on to a Tsuri first. I am still not as cordinated yet but I feel the quality of my sumo is improving." Tochiozan (6-2) losing to Hakuho by yorikiri, 2.5 sec ----------------------------------------------------------------- (Even in his 12th encoutner, not finding a way to beat the yokozuna.) "The thing is unless I can hit him harder, I won't be able to beat him." (Still his record at 6 win and 2 loss at Day 8 is about the same pace as the last basho when he won 10.) "I wanted to really hit harder today. I know if I could have hit harder, then the quality of bout could have been a lot different." Hakuho (8-0) over Tochiozan -------------------------------- (Taking the mid-way turn without any loss) "If you want to characterize it as it's expected then it is as expected." (On his stabliity, having 28 consecutive basho with kachikoshi, tying Wakanohana II, placing him the third most among all rikishi since the start of Showa Era (Dec 25, 1926). "I guess the biggest factor for that is I have not suffered a major injury. As far as I can recall I only had two Makekoshi in my career, once in Jonokuchi and the other in Jondan. So I guess that's a record too for me as well." (With Kotoshogiku falling from the top, only Kisenosato remains with him with no loss,) "I was more or less thinking I wanted to go along with the two but I guess now we only have one guy to go with. I have been able to display good sumo up to now. I am at a rank I won't be able to continue unless I have some confidence in my ablitiy."" "Mark Sheet" Kyokai's Rikishi Fan Survey at the Kokugikan ------------------------------------------------------------------- Makuuchi Top Vote Getter - Takanoyama (two straight day) Yusho Race Board ------------------- Makuuchi: No loss - Hakuho, Kisenosato One loss - Kotoshogiku, Gagamaru Juryo: One loss - Myogiryu As expected Juryo West 4 Sotairyu, 29, of Tokitsukaze Beya has withdrawn from Day 8 on September 18. He injured his left thigh in his Day 7 bout. This is his first kyujo since he made his dohyo debut at the 2005 Natsu Basho. His opponent on Day 8, Takarafuji will get a fusen win. The Kyokai released the name of four Shin-jo rikishi who will have their shikona placed on the Kyushu Basho banzuke and compete in Jonokuchi. - Rikito (from Akita Prefecture, Tokitsukaze) - Takakasuga (from Mongolia, Kasugayama) - Hasegawa (from Fukushima, Hakkaku) - Sasaki(from Hyogo, Shibatayama) Makuuchi Kokkai, 30, of Oitekaze Beya reported he got married to a 22 year old woman from Georgia and already had a wedding in Georgia on August 13. "She has come to see this basho twice already. I like her gentle nature the most," Kokkai said. The Nihon Sumo Kyokia has finally decided to do something about horrendous decline of attendance at their arenas. The Kyokai formed a new group called "Admission Ticket Promotion Project Team" as they set up meetings to come up with ideas on how to stimulate ticket sale from its doldrum state today. The members numbering around 30 are made up of a dozen oyakata responsible for ticket sales and regional basho operations as well as gyoji and yobidashi. In a meeting held today they discussed resetting the basic ticket prices. "I don't think we will be able to present any conclusion by the directors meeting after this basho (on Sept 29) but we had good exchange of views and opinions today," Hakkaku oyakata (former Yokozuna Hokutoumi) said. Attendance: 8,800 (Maiin-Onray - sell out)
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    Day 7 - Saturday September 17, 2011 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Hakuho calmly slaps down Toyonoshima to notch his seventh straight win. Ozeki candidate Kotoshogiku downs Okinoumi and Kisenosato beats Kakuryu to share the top stop with Hakuho. Kakuryu lost his fourth bout this basho and his ozeki promotion chance has been further damaged. Maegashira Tochiozan and Gagamaru chase the top three with one loss. Ozeki Harumafuji lost to Yoshikaze and suffered fourth loss but Baruto won his fifth. Kotooshu went on kyujo. There was the first Maiin-onray, the sell out at the Kokugikan this basho. Kimurayama (2-5) losing to Takarafuji by oshidashi, 8.3 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Losing his fifth straight and seeing all that black circles (for loss) next to his name, feeling he needs anything to reverse his fortune.) "Maybe I should start drinking milk. It's white after all." Kokkai (5-2) over Shotenro by hatakikomi, 0.7 sec --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Unleashing a henka in the rematch.) "I have been on a losing skid and I really wanted to get a win at any cost. I feel badly to the fans who came to see us today but then I was able to get a win..." Yoshiazuma (3-4) losing to Takanoyama by kakenage, 13.5 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Losing to Makuuchi debut 98kg Takanoyama.) "I knew he had leg techniques but...." Takanoyama (2-5) over Yoshiazuma ------------------------------------------------------- (Being labelled the new "Department of Techniques" (after equally lightweight Mainoumi) for employing any techniques utilizing his lightweight and receiving one of the loudest cheers from the crowd at the sold out Kokugikan today. There were long line ups for his autographs and taking photo as he was leaving the arena today. After jumping into 68 kg heavier Yoshiazuma, kicking his left leg up and was seen even trying to catch his opponent's leg while falling down.) "Well you know I cannot execute moves I have not practiced during training sessions. Today I was able to display my offensive sumo." (With Takamisakari falling down to Juryo and often there are hardly more than whispers during Makuuchi first half, the 28 year old has become the magnet of fan attention and becoming their favorite, replacing Takamisakari.) "I am just happy if I can display a sumo that the people can enjoy watching. Win or lose I always try to display good sumo, that's all I think about whenever I get up on the dohyo." Mihogaseki oyakata (former Ozeki Masuiyama), Chief Dohyo Judge ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The bout was a model for what all small rikishi should do to win in sumo." Gagamaru (6-1) over Tamawashi by oshidashi, 6.8 sec -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (In a good condition and winning his six straight,) "Just approach tomorrow's (bout) without getting distracted. You know the real sumo starts from Day 8. the mid-way of basho." Fujiazuma (1-6) losing to Sagatsukasa by hikiotoshi, 7.5 sec -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Losing his sixth straight since Day 2 and analyzing his predicament.) "When you keep losing so much, you start thinking all kinds of things even though you know you shouldn't and as a result you cannot easily get out of funk you are in." Tochiozan (6-1) over Wakakoyu by oshidashi, 12.7 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (On his six bout winning streak by not letting Wakakoyu get into his favorite Tsuppari or Pulls.) "I felt if I stayed real close to him, I was able to move forward. Besides I wouldn't get slapped down. Basically I was trying not to think too deeply about it and just leave as much space as I felt comfortable." (Chasing the three front runners with Gagamaru with one loss.) "I intend to follow them quietly and closely." Homasho (4-3) over Aran by yorikiri, 11.5 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Being thrown by Aran after already out of the dohyo.) "I should have followed through to get him out for sure. If I was facing more skilled opponent, I would have lost it." Kisenosato (7-0) over Kakuryu by oshidashi, 3.0 sec -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Lost at the tachiai and pushed to the dohyo edge but reversed his fortune with a timely push, blowing away Kakuryu out of the dohyo.) "It wasn't a sumo I can be praised for in any way. I was rather lucky that I was able to rebound but if I was moving well, I would never have gotten into that situation." Kakuryu (3-4) losing to Kisenosato -------------------------------------------------------- (Losing to Kisenosato and his ozeki dream receding further as he needs a total of 33 wins in three basho, meaning he will need to win 11 this basho.) "I try not to think too much about that. Today I simply lost my balance." Kotoshogiku (7-0) over Okinoumi by yorikiri, 9.4 sec ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Realizing he would not make to the Kokugikan in time due to a heavy traffic congestion around a cemetery near his Heya, hopped a train at Matsudo station to make it to the arena twenty minutes later than usual.) "I was really anxious as I thought I would not make it to the dohyo-iri. I actually felt the people in the train staring at me all through. But then once reaching the Kokugikan I was quickly able to leave all that and was able to get up on the dohyo calmly." (Beating Okinoumi whom he lost last basho to end his ozeki aspiration. Showing his Gaburi today.) "It went well today. I just tried to go as normal as possible, forgetting all about what happened before.) Okinoumi (3-4) losing to Kotoshogiku --------------------------------------------------------- (Unable to duplicate his effort at the last basho against Kotoshogiku.) "I guess I went in too full of myself. I really wanted to win this one for sure." Takekaze (1-6) losing to Baruto by tsukiotoshi, 5.0 sec --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Almost was not good enough) "I got him to sideway so I really should have won this one but there is not much I can do now." Yoshikaze (3-4) over Harumafuji by hatakikomi, 2.5 sec ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Rather being nonchalant after beating an ozeki.) "I was trying to get really inside him today. Everything was up to a good timing." Harumafuji (3-4) losing to Yoshikaze ------------------------------------------------------- (Fell down by a slap and suffering his fourth loss already.) "It's just amazing. I knew all along he would come out pulling down and despite all that I lost. I just don't get it." Toyonoshima (1-6) losing to Hakuho by hatakikomi, 3.1 sec --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Unable to stay after a slap from yokozuna.) "At the end if I could have made two more steps, we could have had far more interesting development." Hakuho (7-0) over Toyonoshima --------------------------------------------------- (Seeing Mainn-Onraey draped above the dohyo in the Kokugikan.) "Yeah, I really felt it, hearing all that cheers, much louder than previous days. Obviously when you have that many people in, it's all well worth doing." "Today I was able to step out firmly and was able to watch his move well. It was all timing at the end." (Seeing his invited "Hakuho Sheet" group, 23 people who have been living in Saitama Prefecture after being evacuated from their home near the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Plant and taking a photo with them after the bout.) "Seeing them so happy and laughing, that really made me happy as well. It was good that I was able to win when they came over here. It's important for myself to compete with care till the Senshuraku." ("Hakuho Sheet" project - a portion of the proceeds from an official Hakuho Supporter song, "Ten Un" (literally meaning Heavenly Fortune") sung by former sekitori and singer Daishi and singer songwriter Junpei Oda to be used to invite victims of quake and tsunami to the Kokugikan.) * Today's "Mark Sheet" Kyokai's Fan Survey at the Kokugikan top Makuuchi winner: Takanoyama Juryo West 9 Kaonishiki, 33, of Azumazeki Beya will be returning from Day 8 on September 18. He will be facing Chiyonokuni. Kaonishiki injured his right knee and went on kyujo on Day 6. Juryo West 4 Sotairyu of Tokitsukaze Beya lost to Myogiryu by uwatenage and injured his left leg, Sotairyu was wheeled into the Kokugikan clinic and was diagnosed with ligament tear in his left thigh. It's not clear yet if he will need to go on kyujo. On Day 7 there was an incident of losing rikishi announced as the winner in Jonidan. In Tochitensho and Naramisugi bout, the gyoji believed Tochitensho who pushed Naramisugi out of the dohyo stepped out first and gave the decision to Naramisugi. After Naramisugi was announced as the winner in the arena, one of the dohyo judges realized the error and called both back in for a mono-ii session. The judges agreed there was no Isamiashi and Tochitensho was declared as the winner. "It was our miss, we were obviously not paying full attention and failed our responsibility," said Takadagawa oyakata (former Sekiwake Akinoshima), one of the dohyo judges present. "I didn't think my foot was out but I do feel lucky," Tochitensho said, while Naramisugi was perplexed and rather upset. "I actually thought I lost it but then I was announced as the winner in the announcement to the spectators, it's kind of weird to get a mono-ii after," Naramisugi added dejectedly. The Kyokai decided to call the day's attendance to be within their sell out range and had their Maiin-Onray drape to be unrolled down. The number of unsold tickets were 2,799, but they considered they had 75% capacity filled. There is no clear cut standard for Maiin Onray and it is left to a decision by the Operation Manager of Tokyo Basho, currently assigned to Dewanoumi oyakata, former Sekiwake Washuyama. "Well, you know, it's Saturday too. I guess it's a good thing," said Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai Chairman sounding rather low key. Sicne 2000, they had "Mainn-Onraey" on every Saturday basho day in Tokyo.
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    Takanoyama (1-5) over Shotenro by Isamiashi -------------------------------------------------------------------- (Saved by Shotenro's Isamiashi at the dohyo edge and winning his first bout in his Makuuchi debut basho after a mono-ii.) "I tried all I could to stay inside the dohyo. I wasn't really sure what happened at the end as I was doing all I could to just stay put. I must admit my sumo isn't the best at the moment but I can tell you I am so happy about this first win. Unlike what others may say, I am not really concerned about weight difference. I am just so happy now that I really cannot describe how I feel in words alone. I also heard all the cheers for me today and I just want them to know I really appreciated their support." (Took him over 10 years to become the first sekitori from Czech.) "I still only have one win up here. I will have to do my best from now on to keep going." (Takanoyama was invited to participate in the World Junior Sumo Tournament as the Czech team needed a member. He ended up placing third at the lightweight division when he was 17 years old. Subsequently through Shiroikuma's introduction, he joined Naruto Beya. Until this summer when he was promoted to Juryo he has never returned to his home land in 10 years. When he recently went to the Czech Embassy to renew his visa he was even told by a female staff that he spoke strange Czech as he has not spoken Czech for so long. At Naruto Beya he regularly gets blown away by Wakanosato and others and get bloody face almost daily but he says he has never once thought of quitting.) "People in Czech do not know of sumo, the sumo culture. I would like to let the people there know more about Japanese culture. So for that reason alone I will have to keep doing all my best." Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai chairman -------------------------------------------------------------- (On Takanoyama) "I am hoping he will do his best and show us his brand of exciting sumo." Shotenro (2-4) losing to Takanoyama ------------------------------------------------------ (Pushed Takanoyama to the edge but lost by Isamiashi.) "I knew a foot was out but I wasn't sure whether it was his or mine." Kitataiki (5-1) over Asasekiryu by yorikiri ---------------------------------------------------------- (Beaten his nemesis Asasekiryu and winning his fifth straight.) "I learned how to win after losing so many. I actually am not so concerned with how many I win or lose yet." Toyohibiki (1-5) over Fujiazuma by yoritaoshi ---------------------------------------------------------------- (Finally getting his first win this basho but no smile yet.) "I want to change the flow even a little bit with this win today." Tochinowaka (4-2) over Wakakoyu by oshidashi ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Lost to Sagatsukasa by Ipponseoi on Day 5 but managed to avoid consecutive loss.) "Last night I saw my opponent got the most point and was the winner of Mark Sheet (Kyokai's Rikishi Performance Survey by the fans). After seeing he won it at the expense of my loss, I really was so psyched up today to do my best and do well." Miyabiyama (4-2) losing to Takayasu by tsukiotoshi ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (Fooled by 21 year old Takayasu's henka.) "I always figured he was one of the guys who come straight on. I would say it's rather bad manner to do it to his senior rikishi from his home prefecture (Ibaraki)." Kisenosato (6-0) over Homasho by yorikiri --------------------------------------------------------------- (Setting aside Homasho who beat three ozeki this basho.) "It went exactly the way I wanted to go. I studied the old bouts and use them as a reference. It just worked out so well. Once I get into my form, I know exactly what I need to do to win. I am moving extremely well right now. I have not faced the top ranking rikishi yet so I will need to stay alert." (On facing Kakuryu who is still chasing ozeki promotion on Day 7) "I will do my best and not getting out-psyched by him." Naruto oyakata, former Yokozuna Takanosato, Kisenosato's shisho --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (On Kisenosato) "Unlike other basho I have no advice to give to him this basho. He just should keep going as he is doing right now." Kotoshogiku (6-0) over Toyonoshima by yorikiri ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (Beating Toyonoshima, an opponent he rather wants to stay away.) "I was able to do well against him finally. So now I can say the last basho was last basho and put it all behind me." (Now winning six straight.) "I feel my sumo is improving every single day. I feel good too." Toyonoshima (1-5) losing to Kotoshogiku ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Easily beaten Kotoshogiku last basho but couldn't do anything this basho.) "It was simply a total and complete unmitigated defeat. That's all, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you and have a good night." Kakuryu (3-3) losing to Okinoumi by yoritaoshi --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Unable to remain patient against Okinoumi and suffering his third loss in six days in his ozeki promotion quest basho.) "I know fully well if I stayed patient and moved steadily forward, I could have won but I lacked the strength." (On facing Kisenosato tomorrow) "I will do my best so that I can display my sumo even a little bit." Izutsu oyakata, former Sekiwake Sakahoko, Kakuryu's shisho ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (On Kakuryu) "When you just consider sheer power, he is still behind guys like Kisenosato and Kotoshogiku. I can still see his path to Ozeki to be further away." Okinoumi (3-3) over Kakuryu -------------------------------------------- (Facing another sekiwake.) "I know I know, These guys are really tough. I was really pushed back at the tachiai but somehow I managed to get a win." Aran (0-6) losing to Harumafuji ----------------------------------------------- (His losing streak reaches to six) "Now I am the only one left in Makuuchi with 0-6. So tell me, what should I be doing now?" "OK I figured it out, my conditions is nothing less than terrible and I have daunting tasks ahead. The question is when I can get a win. Is it tomorrow?" Harumafuji (3-3) over Aran --------------------------------------- (Finally getting his third win) "The point is I should go through with my own sumo till the very end. I want to exert everything I have every time." Tochiozan (5-1) over Kotooshu by yorikiri ---------------------------------------------------------------- (No problem at all against struggling Kotooshu by pushing him out in one sweep.) "Actually I have ended up losing that way by Isamiashi too. I was focusing only on hitting him good." Kotooshu (1-5) losing to Tochiozan ---------------------------------------------------- (Easily letting himself into a Moro-zashi from Tochiozan and unable to resist in any meaningful way.) "..........." (Kotooshu is going on kyujo from Day 7 and will have his fourth kadoban at the next Kyushu Basho. Tochinoshin will have a fusen win on Day 7. Kotooshu injured his right elbow prior to the basho and has looked mostly miserable.) Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai chairman ----------------------------------------------------------------- (On Kotooshu) "He has not shown any sign of life, not displayed any of his sumo form. I understand he may be suffering from a right elbow injury but as long as he keeps getting up on the dohyo, there is no excuse." Sadogatake oyakata, former Sekiwake Kotonowaka, Kotooshu's shisho ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (With Kotooshu suffering his fifth loss and unlikely to get kachikoshi this basho.) "I am not really certain what his problem is actually. I just basically told him to go on kyujo as he has not been able to show any decent sumo this basho." "He is blessed with such a magnificent physique but he does not display a large scale sumo. If he goes on as it is, he will never make anything of himself. He will really need to fundamentally rebuild his sumo. I want to him to take some rest and grow and show some maturity before he returns at the Kyushu." (Kotooshu becomes fourth rikishi above Juryo to go on kyujo this basho.) Hakuho (6-0) over Takekaze by oshidashi ------------------------------------------------------------- (On easily setting aside Takekaze) "If you want to put it as just as usual, it is that. I basically feel it is the way it should be." (On unbeaten Kotoshogiku and Kisenosato) "Both have natural ability and power and I can see both have been doing extremely well up to now. If you have sekiwake rikishi doing well, the basho itself will get to be more exciting as well." Record: Kotooshu: 600th Mauuchi appearance Tokitenku: 600th Makuuchi appearance Tochiozan: 200th Makuuchi win Attendance: 5,800
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    Kaonishiki (Juryo West 9, 2-3) losing to Chiyoarashi by oshitaoshi -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Pushed down by Chiyoarashi and injured his right knee, getting wheeled out after his bout.) "My foot got hooked in the tawara. I will be freezing the knee like crazy tonight and see what happens tomorrow." (A preliminary diagnosis was meniscal lesions of the knee, requiring one month of treatment and rest. His kyujo notice has been forwarded to the Kyokai office. His Day 6 opponent Satoyama will get a fusen win. This is Kaonishiki's first kyujo in five years.) Takarafuji (Juryo West 1, 3-2) over Bushuyama by oshidashi ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Winning his third straight and working to return to Makuuchi.) "I had a pretty good sumo today. My ideal sumo is to get the front mawashi as soon as I jump out of tachiai and get into a Hidari-yotsu then step forward." (On return to Makuuchi after making his Makuuchi debut at the Nagoya Basho and finishing with 4 win and 11 loss and was demoted back to Juryo this basho.) "I try not to think about it too much. I really hated myself by losing so badly last basho. I definitely want to get back to Makuuchi in one basho." (Placed third on the Mark Sheet on Day 4 when he defeated Sadanofuji so he started to gaining some attention from the fans.) Takanoyama (0-5) losing to Tamaasuka by yorikiri ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Started his Makuuchi debut basho with five straight losses from Day 1, unable to take advantage of his slender physique and quick moves.) "The reason I have not been able to show the good result is a fact that I am not strong enough." Kyokutenho (4-1) losing to Gagamaru by yoritaoshi -------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Beaten by Gagamaru and his winning streak comes to an end.) "Not only my body hurts but the fact that I lost to an opponent I have never lost to hurts too." Sagatsukasa (2-3) over Tochinowaka by Ipponseoi ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- (166 cm tall beating 30 cm taller 50 kg heavier Tochinowaka with a rare but well executed Ipponseoi move.) "Actually I did't feet his weight at all. It was more like a flow." (On winning by a technique last decided seven years ago in Makuuchi, the last to do so, Takekaze to Kinkaiyama at the 2004 Natsu Basho.) "Even though it felt so good I really don't want to try again as it could become a habit forming. you know." (29 year old winning the Kokugikan fan survey, "Mark Sheet" with 649 point today.) "I am always trying to display sumo full of offense and defense moves, more so than trying to win by any means." (During his high school years, he fought against Asashoryu and once was crowned as High School Yokozuna at Numazu Gakuen High School. After graduating from the high school, he joined Toyo University Sumo Club but could not get Makushita Tsukedashi qualification and started his Ozumo career from Mae-zumo after graduating from the university). Hanaregoma oyakata --------------------------------- (On Ipponseoi by Sagatsukasa) "It was executed so beautifully. The technique itself and all that leading to it from the start, everything went so well." Miyabiyama (3-2) over Fujiazuma by hikiotoshi --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Downing his one time Tsukebito Fujiazuma to get his 600th win.) "He knows everything about me, how to slap my opponents and timing. I never imagined I would be facing him in Makuuchi one day." Kotoshogiku (5-0) over Homasho by oshitaoshi ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (On responding well to Homasho's henka as he stayed far back from the shikiri line as on the previous day when he beat Harumafuji.) "I figured he would come up with the same trick so I was well prepared to respond to his tactic." "It's just that you keep approaching each day, one bout at a time. I am sleeping well too." Homasho (3-2) losing to Kotoshogiku ------------------------------------------------------ (The magic did not happen again, against Kotoshogiku.) "I think I got too conscious for trying to move to right a bit." Kisenosato (5-0) over Okinoumi by yorikiri -------------------------------------------------------------- (Had a bit of problems against 192 cm tall opponent but remained calm throughout and overpowered him in the end.) "I actually let him get into a yotsu. But I am only thinking about going on offensive only and nothing else. We are still in the first half so I really have to stay focused." (During Naruto Beya summer camp in Aomori, he worked out over six hours day doing over 50 training sessions and six different sets of weight training as well as started doing water color for the first time since he graduated from junior high school to develop concentration.) "Actually I used to love painting back then. I kind of like seeing myself painting too." Naruto oyakata, former Yokozuna Takanosato, Kisenosato's shisho ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (On Kisenosato) "He has been focusing so well on each bout this basho. I suspect the fact that he has stopped Hakuho's consecutive winning record and downing Harumafuji last basho all contributing to him gaining more confidence in himself," Takanohana oyakata, Director of Judging -------------------------------------------------------------- (If Kisenosato wins all his bouts this basho, he would be qualified for ozeki promotion as far as the number is concerned - 33 wins in three consecutive basho.) "Well you know we have not reached a point to have a discussion of sort. Obviously if he wins the yusho or next to the yusho, there will be some calls for him to be considered at some point in the future." Takekaze (1-4) over Harumafuji by uwatenage ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (Beating Harumafuji chasing his yokozuna promotion dream.) "I don't think I have ever beaten him before or probably had almost no win record against him. I guess he just happened to fall down today. I know what he is chasing for but if you let that get to your head, you won't be able to compete. Remember I am training as hard as anyone too." Harumafuji (2-3) losing to Takekaze --------------------------------------------------- "I am healthy and I feel as motivated as ever but....What can I say? You can all see the extent of my strength at the moment. The only thing I can do is to go with my own sumo the rest of the way." Nakamura oyakata, Dohyo judge ------------------------------------------------ (On Harumafuji) "If he continues with a sumo like today, he may barely get a kachikoshi and no more." Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai chairman ------------------------------------------------------------ (On Harumafuji's promotion, rather being understated.) "It is pretty tough now." Takuhiko Tsuruta, YDC Chairman ----------------------------------------------- (On Harumafuji's yokozuna promotion chance.) "It won't happen at this basho. His quest has ended now. We have not witness any sharpness of tachiai or power he often displayed previously. He will need to start all over again." Wakanosato (2-3) over Kotooshu by sukuinage ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (35 year old veteran beating Kotooshu for the first time in three years.) "The past history has nothing to do with it. Once you are up on the dohyo, you have as good chance as the other guy. I don't really remember about the bout as I was really so focused on myself." "Right now I am training against rikishi 10 years younger than me. I do have a feeling that I still don't want to get beaten by junior rikishi." Baruto (3-2) over Toyonoshima by yorikiri ------------------------------------------------------------- (Getting the mono-ii decision going his way) "For one second I thought maybe my foot was out." Toyonoshima (1-4) losing to Baruto ------------------------------------------------------ (Lost even in Mono-ii) "I thought I had a chance by moving into him but I guess I came out one step short." Hakuho (5-0) over Yoshikaze by hatakikomi ------------------------------------------------------------------- (On Yoshikaze) "He can move really well around the dohyo. He is good at yotsu or he can come at you from a distance too. I was able to execute my moves well and to remain calm." (On Harumafuji with his yokozuna promotion chance going down to nil.) "It's such a tremendous change from the last basho. He is not moving at all." (Receiving a news of rice he planted this June at Takigawa City will be sold across the country. It was a result of his pet project of developing a rice that can withstand Mongolian climate. Last year 600 kg of his harvested rice has been donated to Mongolia.) "That's a great news to hear that my rice will be sold. I hope Hakuho Rice will be distributed all over Japan." Takuhiko Tsuruta, YDC Chairman ----------------------------------------------------- (On Hakuho) "He is so stable, I have not even seen one bout in which he was seen rushed." Record: Yoshikaze - 600th career appearence Miyabiyama - 600th career win Attendance: 5,600
  7. 1 point
    Chiyonokuni (Juryo East 9, 1-1) over Sadanoumi by abisetaoshi ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Suffering a deep gush above his right eye prior to his bout, losing his consciousness and fell over but still winning his bout.) "I was trying to psych myself up holding my breath. I had to go to a hospital to get it all stitched up." Takamisakari (Juryo West 7, 1-1) over Kimikaze by hatakikomi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Smartly slapping down Waseda University grad and Juryo debut Kimikaze to get his first win this basho) "I never faced him before so I had no idea how to go against him. But somehow he tripped over." "I am relieved. I can even say I am little bit happy. This means that I won't finish the basho with all loss record." "Obviously I won't rest easy just because I got a win now. I will go out as hard as I can every single bout." Takanoyama (0-2) losing to Kimurayama by oshidashi --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Blown away again, losing two straight) "I am experiencing much sharper powerful tachiai since I am up in Makuuchi." Kimurayama (2-0) over Takanoyama ----------------------------------------------------- (Pushing out 98 kg Takanoyama rather easily.) "While I was going through the shikiri, I was kind of amazed realizing how unbelievably skinny this guy really was." Tosayutaka (2-0) over Daido by uwatenage ------------------------------------------------------------------ (Withdrew from the last basho after injuring his left knee and now winning two straight to start the basho) "I am trying to go out trying not to worry so much about the injury. But by even winning two, I feel things have gotten a lot easier." Yoshiazuma (0-2) losing to Aminishiki by tsukiotoshi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Making his Makuuchi debut and losing to crafty veteran Aminishiki) "I realized after going against him, his skill level was far above mine." Kotoshogiku (2-0) over Yoshikaze by yorikiri ------------------------------------------------------------------- (Yoshikaze appeared to attempt luring Kotoshogiku into a quick tachiai and then stopped moving perhaps thinking it was a false start but Kotoshogiku kept pressing and won easily amid rather loud booing calls.) "Hey, I feel sorry about this too but you know a win is a win. As far as I was concerned the bout just ended before I knew what happened." Yoshikaze ----------- ---- (Repeatedly asked by reporters for a comment but declined to talk) "................" Nakamura oyakata, Chief dohyo judge (former Sekiwake Fujizakura) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- (On Yoshikaze) "Not sure what he was thinking but the gyoji already drew his gunbai and you gotta know if you are the initiator then you certainly can't let yourself unguarded." Shozaburo Kimura, the gyoji ------------------------------------------ (Asked if Kotoshogku actually put his hand on the ground.) "I judged them both to have touched the ground. I have not heard from any judge or rikishi for a matta." Wakanosato (1-1) over Kakuryu by okuridashi -------------------------------------------------------------------- (Beating Kakuryu in his ozeki promotion challenging basho) "I had nothing to spare, was desperately going after him. This basho I am occupying a rank in which I can face the yokozuna and ozeki, I want to enjoy it to the fullest." Kakuryu (1-1) losing to Wakanosato --------------------------------------------------- (Suffering a painful loss indeed) "I don't know but I may have gone out feeling I had too much of my own tachiai stance. You know when you start thinking you got your tachiai and you feel you can take everything for granted. Sometimes you want to win quickly then you rush yourself too much." "All I can do is for each and every bout I will try all my best." Kisenosato (2-0) over Takekaze by tsukidashi --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Focusing on speedier sumo and winning second straight) "I was really psyched up for this one. I want to establish a good flow before I start facing the top ranking rikishi." Okinoumi (2-0) over Harumafuji by tsukiotoshi ------------------------------------------------------------------ (Beating Harumafuji after downing another ozeki,Kotooshu and now slated to face Hakuho on Day 3) "Simply put I was losing the bout totally but the fact that I have beaten an ozeki, that itself I consider amazing." "I have no particular strategy to go against the yokozuna. Basically I will be facing him all on my instinct. For one thing, going against ozeki and yokozuna is easier as even if you lose the bout, no one says much but if you end up winning, a lot of folks can go home happy. If I beat the yokozuna, can't you guys make a DVD or something calling it Sensational Okinoumi?" (Hearing he was awarded the top star of the day by the fans attending the basho today.) "Actually I found my sumo today should have been rated only one point. If they are doing a survey like this, I hope they can come up with a category, like for Oshi-zumo or for Yotsu-zumo you know." (Been told many started thinking he would be the next Japanese hope to revive the dwindling ticket sales.) "Well you know we should do more to distribute tickets like to Sumo Kyokai members or even lowering ticket price. If we can get a sell out that way, people might think they want to come back again. Anyway that's what my oyakata (Hakkaku oyakata) often says after he has few drinks..." Harumafuji (1-1) losing to Okinoumi --------------------------------------------------- (Suffering the last second Tsukiotoshi by Okinoumi and one giant leap backwards to his yokozuna aspiration) "I sensed he was backing down so I wanted to take him out with one sweep. But..ah...it ended up as a quite wasted effort. You don't need to ask me about it at all." (With his last three basho record of basho withdrawal, 8 win and 10 win respectively, Yokozuna Deliberation Committee Chairman Takuhiko Tsuruta asking for 14 win or more, this loss at this stage is rather serious.) "I will have to come back here with a totally refreshed mind. We've just started the basho so nothing has settled yet." (On staring over the dohyo judges hard after the bout as if to say he was not happy with the decision, a conduct that can be taken as ungraceful.) "Well it's just that I felt his leg and my elbow touched the ground at the same time." (Reported as an injury to hip area but it's understood more like a pimple) "It's all fixed now. As I said I will do all my best from tomorrow." Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai chairman -------------------------------------------------------------- (On Harumafuji's loss today) "If we are looking at this from a perspective of yokozuna promotion, it is certainly a painful loss." Hakkaku oyakata, former Yokozuna Hokutoumi ----------------------------------------------------------------- (On Harumafuji) "It's as if he wanted to win so badly, he leaves no space for any mental mistakes. First he will need to realize he will have to go with his own sumo style." Takuhiko Tsuruta, YDC Chairman ----------------------------------------------------- (On Harumafuji) "This is just my personal observation but unless he wins all his remaining bouts, the promotion will be extremely difficult. Losing to a Hiramaku is totally unexpected. Somehow he lost what he had the last basho, a sense of calm and stability. Perhaps he is feeling he had to win so much that he is not able to relax and let his natural ability to shine through." Toyonoshima (1-1) over Kotooshu by shitatenage ----------------------------------------------------------------------- (Getting himself deep inside Kotooshu and executed a perfect nage) "It's been a long while since I was able to go that deep in him. When I did a throw, I felt I got it. Back when I was beating him (losing six straight in his last six encounters), it was exactly this way too." Homasho (1-1) losing to Hakuho by yorikiri -------------------------------------------------------------- (Losing every one of his eleven encounters against Hakuho) "I have been watching the video over and over and I am trying to come up with a different strategy but so far nothing has worked. Maybe because I am going along with his sumo style all the time." Hakuho (2-0) over Homasho ----------------------------------------- "It just turned into a good form for me. I saw he kind of floated so I just pushed him out." (On an injury he may have suffered the previous day) "I am OK. Winning bouts, that's the best medicine around." (On Harumafuji suffering his first loss already) "I saw the bout from the Hanamichi. I actually want to say this and that but you know he knows it better than anyone else." It's been reported that Maegashira West 14 Shotenro, 29, (from Mongolia) of Fujishima Beya married a 34 year old younger sister of Kyokutenho. "My oyakata was happy to hear the news actually," Shotenro said. "Apparently they have been seeing each other without my knowledge," Kyokutenho said. "But if my sister is getting married, I'd rather want someone I know as I feel more at ease that way," The details of wedding and receptions were not immediately known. Day 2 Makuuchi and Juryo Rikishi Rating by Fan Survey at the Kokugikan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Makuuchi: 1. Okinoumi - 480 2. Toyonoshima - 458 3. Wakanosato - 429 Hakkaku oyakata, Okionumi's shisho ------------------------------------------------------- (On Okinoumi winning the survey today) "I want him to display a sumo fitting to win the survey every day even if he ends up losing the bout." Juryo: 1. Takamisakari - 205 2. Tenkaiho - 204 3. Sotairyu - 188 (Scpre: Very Satisfied - 2, Satisfied - 1, Average - 0, Unsatisfied - -1) (Today's voting was based on 334 out of 1,000 survey sheets distributed.) Juryo East 6 Aoiyama, 25, of Tagonura Beya will be entering the Aki Basho from Day 3, September 13. He has been absent since Day 1 due to herniated disc. Aoiyama is scheduled to face Shironoryu. The Kyokai announced that there were 5,683 tickets unsold for Day 2, breaking the number of unsold tickets, 5.118, record set on Day 3 this Hatsu Basho, establishing the new record for the unsold tickets since the current Kokugikan opened in January 1985. The present capacity of Kokugikan is 11,000. Attendance: 5,300