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6th All Japan University Sumo Kanazawa Tournament (2016-7-17)

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Posted 21 July 2016 - 21:48

This tournament was held in Kanazawa City in Ishikawa last Sunday, and here are the main results:


Individual Competition:


1st: Shiroyama Seira (城山 聖羅), Toyo University

2nd: Miwa Hayato (三輪 隼斗), Nippon Sport Science University

3rd: Minami Yuta (南 友太), Nippon Sport Science University

3rd: Yago Taiki (矢後 太規), Chuo University



Shiroyama Seira (城山 聖羅):




Miwa Hayato (三輪 隼斗):




Team Competition:


1st: Nihon University

2nd: Toyo University


3rd: Nippon Sport Science University

3rd: Kanazawa Gakuin University


5th: Takushoku University

5th: Tokyo University of Agriculture

5th: Kindai University

5th: Chuo University



The winning team for Nihon University consisted of Turbold, Katamura Keiya (片村 敬也), Nakajima Nozomi (中島 望), Kizaki Shinnosuke (木崎 伸之助) and Osanai Riki (小山内 力樹):




The runners up, Toyo University, featured Shiroishi Masahito (白石 雅仁), Shiroyama Seira (城山 聖羅), Murata Ryo (村田 亮), Nishino Tomonori (西野 倫理) and Onami Atsushi (大波 渥):




Whilst Nihon University has always been a powerhouse in University Sumo, Toyo University have in recent years attracted some very talented rikishi to their ranks, not least the 2-time High School Yokozuna who's already made a name for himself at University level - Shiroyama Seira (城山 聖羅).

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Posted Yesterday, 21:15

Miwa Hayato seems to be at near the top in most tournaments although he does not (IMO) seem to have the size.  But this thread is the first time I've seen his face close up and I can be mistaken him with another rikish.


I am trying to put names & faces to college rikishi I see in youtube.    Thanks, Mikawa san for posting these.  

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